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  1. Pie-in-the-sky folks are NOT "progressives" if they are selling siren songs and pure BS. You know better than that. Losing elections due to insane policy proposals sets back progress. That's "regressive" by definition. Your mistake is thinking I'm the one who desires a civil war. Far from it. That will not stop the loons in Our Revolution/The BS cult or the so0called "Justice Democrats" from making war on the Democratic Party. You are being blind to war being waged by subversives in the far-left/far-right alliance. That "revolution" didn't end in 2016. Wake up to reality. We have a Green Tea Party that is deeply anti-liberal acting as 5th columnists who plan on sabotaging our party once again. They suck. Bill
  2. We have you Greens to thank for W and Trump. FU a-hole. Bill
  3. You are an unethical POS who changes people's words and who votes in a party of which you are not a member. You are a Trump-enabling scumbag, just like your wife. That's the truth. FU! Bill
  4. Not voting and funding an anti-Democratic Party vote suppression group is offering support for Trump. That's what you did, Trump-enabler. You are as dishonest as the day is long. Bill
  5. Bawahaha. You funded a dark money group that led the vote suppression effort that got Trump elected. You are so full of sh*t. FU! Bill
  6. Merrill is a notorious ratf*cker who helped Trump win the last time and who will surely do the same this time. A Trump-enabling scumbag of the worst kind. Bill
  7. Unsustainable leftwing proposals that have zero chance of becoming legislation are not "progressive" solutions. Progressive solutions are those which move the ball forward and which actually advance progress. Liberals support progressive solutions, like those offered by Joe Biden, because they are realizable policies that can be passed and sustained. The pie-in-the-sky folks who'd rather howl at the moon that to better our society are regressives, not progressives. You seem constantly confused on this point. Bill
  8. I'm supposedly on "ignore" but keep getting quoted by a POS Trump-enabler who voted for Republican Senators who voted in anti-choice SC Justices and who now hypocritically complains about his very poor choices. What an a-hole! This is on YOU. Bill
  9. Accurately reporting your voting record is a personal attack??? You are a f*cking loon. You enable Trump and vote in a Republican Senate Majority. You are a fool and a anti-liberal fascist enabler. FU! Bill
  10. ^^^voted for two Republican Senators who confirmed 4 anti-choice SC Justices between them. TrollingRock is a hypocritical scaumbag. Bill
  11. The GOP has gone full-on populist-fascist-nativist. It is a dying party that is heaped for the ash-bin of history. A Know Nothing party is an anachronism in the 21st Century. Bill
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