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  1. Marginal rate on very high income. Why are you so dishonest all the time. You kill your own credibility. Bill
  2. Wrong. She advocates for higher marginal tax rates at the very high end of income. You can either play stupid or just go right on lying. Just make you look bad to be so dishonest. Bill
  3. Correct. So why didn't you lead with the truth? You lie until you are cornered. Bill
  4. Smart enough to know the difference between tax rates and marginal tax rates. You're kinda stupid. Trumpist = Stupid. Bill
  5. BS. You are trying to make a 70% marginal rate appear as a 70% rate across the board. Why are you so dishonest all the time? Bill
  6. Why do you claim she's for a 70% tax rate when you know you are lying by omission? You know the difference between tax rates and marginal tax rates, but you can't help being dishonest. Bill
  7. I can stand AOC, but ZO9 is a dishonest sack who doesn't seem to understand marginal tax rates or just does care about the truth. Why do you ALWAYS lie? Bill
  8. The Consitution gutted. American values gutted. Honor, decency, and hard work...gutted. Worst president ever. Bill
  9. Nah. The fascists that supported Trump are the RINOs. The GOP is dead. Bill
  10. Right. A far-right/far-left alliance. Putin/Bernie/Stein/Trump Bill
  11. What percentage of illegal alien Slovenian prostitutes and their Communist party chain-migration parents are still here? Deport Melania and the Knaus family as a start. Bill
  12. SpyCar

    Kamala Harris to run for president in 2020

    What qualifications does President Bone-spurs have? He's owned by Putin. Worst president ever! Bill
  13. ^^^ extremist liar. Your cult leader lost. He will lose again. That scumbag Bernie Sanders will never be the president. You helped Trump win. You suck. Bill