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  1. No. I'm supporting a model Joe Biden and I have always supported--as it is the model that makes sense. The military model is terrible. Doesn't work. Dangerous for police and communities. Why do you double-down on stupid? Bill
  2. No, that's stupid. Policing works best when the community and the police work together--and don't feel they are adversaries. Community policing makes everyone more safe. The "military model" is dangerous for both law enforcement and those who are being policed. You are dead wrong. Bill
  3. Community policing isn't a "joke," nor is it a new idea. Biden didn't talk about "reducing" the dollars for policing, but rather in "redirecting" money from military-style weapons and tactics to spending money on community policing. Are you daft? Bill
  4. Yeah, your denial of the obvious truth. Biden doesn't want to defund the police and ner has. Instead he wants to encourage community policing. Bill
  5. Your character is revealed for what it is...big surprise. Please stop the unwarranted attacks. Trump-enabling sucks!!! Bill
  6. I do believe that calling me an "inflated beseecher" is a personal attack and and it is an absolutely disrespectful way to converse. Please stop violating the norms of this subforum. And stop making attacks on my party. Thank you. Bill
  7. I will not rest when my party is subject to attacks from the left on the eve of an election. You have the wrong guy if you think otherwise. And who the hell are you to tell me to "shut up?" Talk about "self-aggrandizement." Good grief! Please give the attacks on my party (and on me personally) a rest. Bill
  8. Their whole death-cult is build on a foundation of lies. It is indecent. Americans are tired of this shit. Bill
  9. It's not "bait." I'm asking nicely that you don't attack the Democratic Party on the eve of the election, even if the attack seems "stealthful" in your mind. We have an election to win. Bill
  10. You are still engaging in making false equivalencies between the parties--and you have a long history of attacking leading Democrats as "plutocrats"--so I suggest you stow away the attacks on Democrats for another day. Please. Bill
  11. What bullshit. Biden agreed about "redirecting" some of the police funding away from military vehicles--as he supports community policing rater than treating neighborhoods like occupied territories. That's smart. Why do you Trumpists lie so much? Bill
  12. Not the best moment to launch stealth attacks on the Democratic Party IMO. Bill
  13. Biden has NEVER said he'd defund the police. You are a moron AND a bald faced liar, you damned Trumpist scumbag. Bill
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