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  1. Says a guy who believes she's a Buddhist. You are deeply uninformed. Tulsi Gabbard is a Republican in all but name. She was the first "Democrat" who ran to Trump Tower to congratulate Trump in the wake of the election (where she angled for the job of Sec. of State). Only due to the abysmal state of the Republican party in Hawaii are Tulsi and her father no longer Republicans in name. They are in spirit. Bill
  2. Bawahaha. Boy are you misinformed. Tulsi Gabbard IS NOT a Buddhist. She was raised (and is still a member) of a mind-control cult called "Science of Identity," which is lead by a guy named Chris Butler (aka "Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa"). This Krishna cult was spun off from the Hare Krishna cult. The cult runs many businesses in Hawaii, including health food stores, where young acolytes perform essentially slave labor. Tulsi married her first husband on orders from Butler to get a foreign cult member a green card. Her current husband is also a cult member (one in charge of the cult's propaganda video department). All the slick videos of Tulsi surfing (etc) are cult productions. The cult is virulently anti-gay. Her father, a Hawaii politician, led the anti-gay rights campaign in Hawaii with Tulsi's aid. She styles herself as a "Hindu," but in reality she's a Krishna cultist. Her cult hates Muslims and Sunni Muslims in particular. For this reason, she is a strong supporter of the near-fascist RSS/BJP Indian party of PM Modi, a guy who rose to power by encouraging anti-Muslim violence. Tulsi is NOT a pacifist. She always stands against Sunni Muslims. Her father was a Republican. She would be too if Republicans had a shot at winning in Hawaii anymore. Her party affiliation is only one of convenience. She is a right-winger. Bill
  3. He (or his dad, really) hired a doctor to lie about the "bone spurs" that kept him out of Vietnam. Trump lies about everything. Bill
  4. I vote based on facts gathered from several sources thus as I see it I DO NOT vote the party line nor the way I'm told! You do what Putin/Sanders/Stein tell you do do. Fuck off Merrill. You are truly evil. Bill
  5. As in 2016, Merrill is waging war on liberal Democrats and helping Donald J Trump. The far-right/far-left alliance sucks. Fuck off!!! Bill
  6. Moscow Mitch and Donald J Trump have delegitimized the Supreme Court, the Senate, and the White House. Time to rescue our nation from traitors. Bill
  7. Trumpists live in upside-down world. Trump is the most unfit person to hold the presidency in modern times. And the most criminal. He will be replaced. Bye bye. Bill
  8. No. That's you and Trump. The man is a disaster and you don't give a damn. Keep ignoring the obvious. Bill
  9. LOL. Wait till we roll the tapes and republish the tweets of "the stable genus." Definitely do run on your candidate's mental state. LOL. Comedy gold. Bill
  10. Funny, since Biden is clearly more sane, more fit, more principled, and more qualified that Donald J Trump. You are backing the worst human being to run for the office in the modern era. Run on that. Please! Bill
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