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  1. You are telling yourself fairy tales. Bill
  2. Because you failed after many months of requests to do so--I was always, I'll get to it this weekend--to provide us with other tools. I used the powers I had to prevent this website from going off the rails. You, in contrast, fanned the flames of insurrection. That failure is on you. Bill
  3. No allowed because I shut them down. You publicly announce the site was wide open to such post on the day of national shame. You fucked up, royally. Bill
  4. You know that is a lie, yet you keep repeating it. Bad on you. Bad faith. Bill
  5. Translated: This website will allow death threats and the incitement of political insurrection against the republic while it cracks down on the length of citations from serious news sources. Got it. Bill
  6. No. I'm focused on the serious matter. Our republic in under threat from violent political extremism. Bill
  7. The exact opposite of the truth. Bill
  8. Yeah. And my point is that focus on this miniscule rule change when we have serious problems here is an extreme failure of leadership that's surreal and mind-blowing given current circumstances. Bill
  9. The avatar that was chosen for you really suits you. Bill
  10. What happened here on 1/6 isn't "extraneous." FFS. But let's shift the focus to big problems, like quote lengths. That will get us somewhere. Bill
  11. Unsurprising, you fail to get the point. Bill
  12. Any website that allows death threats and calls to political violence opens themselves up to serious legal jeopardy. Civil and criminal. You are correct, it is dumb. Bill
  13. Off topic? Hardly think so. Serious shit went down here and we are focusing on quotation limits? FFS. Bill
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