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  1. LOL. The BS cult has clearly NOT taken over the Democratic Party. We rejected populist extremism and a wannabe dictator. Too bad the GOP can’t make the same claim. You became the party of unprincipled Trumpism and surrendered without a fight. Shame on you. Bill
  2. LOL. More gaslighting from the Trump-enabling cult of rage. You attack liberalism and the liberal Democratic Party full time, yet when you are called out for your divisive BS you pathetically try to turn the tables away from your own sins. Your lack of integrity repulses me. Bill
  3. Masks slip. They always do. Personality cults like Trump's are dangerous. And there is little difference between Trump's personality cult and the one run by Sanders. Both examples of populist demagoguery. If you have an issue with cult of personalities coming up in a thread, I'd suhggest you take it up with bludog. OK? Bill
  4. Sanders is a regressive. He slams civil rights issues as "identity politics," he owes his political career in Congress to a sweetheart deal he make with the NRA that gave gun manufacturers immunity from liability, he's engaged in environmental racism in championing for nuclear waste from Maine and Vermont to be sent to a poor Latino community in Texas, he has voted against (or been absent) from every Russian sanctions measure (while the Russian Troll Farm actively supports him, he has a long record of being against immigration and trade, and he's a socialist--while is a regressive and (frankly) evil ideology. Sanders has never met a dictator he didn't like. To be a "progressive." Sanders has failed. He is a lazy and ineffective legislator who alienates those who might be in alliance (which is why he had no support from any other Democratic candidate). And his vindictive actions in 2016 set the nation back by enabling the election of Donald J Trump. Sanders is a regressive. Bill
  5. I never suggested you are not a liberal. In fact, you have been called a Republican (or something to that effect) in the LO room by those on the far-left for supporting Joe Biden. Remember? Your response here is decidedly odd. I will not help enable those who stabbed us in the back and enabled the election of Donald J Trump, while claiming to be a "liberal." I think you are making a huge mistake. Bill
  6. As to the first, point out the inaccuracy (at the minimum) and ideally offer up evidence for the charge. As to the second point, BD said "Truly, the Republican Party is now largely a Cult of Personality." To which I responded that I'm glad we Democrats rejected going in the same path. Personality Cults are dangerous to liberal democracy. Bill
  7. To accuse someone of inaccuracies without offering up the specific "inaccuracies" is not respectful posting. Everything I stated is true. We had Cornel West on the damn platform, FFS. Then he, like many others, stabbed our party in the back. Bill
  8. LOL. The whole world understands the nature of democratic socialism. You fool some (perhaps?) with your tactic of pretending that well-established political science terms have no meaning, but not me. You are intellectually dishonest. There certainly are "stalking horse issues." LOL. BS/Our Revolution has very consciously developed a strategy to divert people away from the underlying socialist ideology of the movement and on to some well-polled "issues": including healthcare and free college. It is a tactic of pure deflection. I said that BS has never claimed to be a "liberal." Thank you for confirming what I said. LOL. Sanders is not a "liberal." He attempts to appropriate the term "progressive" (despite his having set the county back by decades and his embrage of a failed regressive ideology) as a euphemism for "socialist." The BS movement is all about a tactic that is called "re-framing." It is one of the prime tactics of the cult. I'm not fooled for a minute. LOL. Our Revolution is a criminal organization. The illegal activities of Our Revolution are very well outlined in the complaint filed by Common Cause (the most respected independent campaign finance watchdog in existence). You are playing word games. You are a shameless cultist. Bill
  9. Sorry, but this is a manifest falsehood. Were I in the mood, I could most dozens of repulsive attacks that Sanders has made on the Democratic Party over the years. Are you being for real here??? Another falsehood. The Democratic Party and our legitimate nominee bent over backwards to accommodate Bernie Sanders (just look at the platform committee) but he and his supporters acted vindictively and with malice to subvert the election and aid Donald J Trump. Liberal Democrats will NEVER forget the perfidy of Our Revolution. That no Democrats endorsed BS was not an accident. The man is utterly despised in our party. Sanders has done this country great harm due to his megalomania and extremism. He will go down in history as an anti-liberal villain. Bill
  10. Liberals (like myself) will soon figure out that this is a website where liberals get trolled from the right and the far-left. Not much of a liberal fly trap. LOL. Bill
  11. LOL. You democratic socialists have adopted a strategy of trying to cover up your socialist ideology by trying to turn attention away from the deeply problematic anti-liberal/anti-capitalist political ideology by urging people to look at a few "stalking horse" issues. You have illustrated this marvelously in this post. Democratic socialism is socialism. Socialism is an anti-liberal ideology. Being "anti-war" as a way to give left-wing (and right-wing) dictators free reign to expand tyranny is not a "liberal impulse," but one more case where DemSoks are indifferent to human freedom and are more than willing to accept (and support) dictatorships that crush human liberty and cause economic misery. Look at democratic socialist dictatorships like Venezuela and Bolivia, which have/had the full throated support of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) and of Bernie Sanders. My definition of "liberal" is not remotely "rigid." It is just intellectually honest. Those who reject "liberalism" as a political philosophy are not "liberals." Please point be to a single instance where the self-described "Socialist" Bernie Sanders has ever claimed to be a "liberal." I'll wait. Even BS, whose relationship with the truth is tenuous at best, would never tell such a whopper. It is the ultimate in gaslighting to come to this forum as a far-left/far-right troll who has spread hate and division and to fund the criminal Our Revolution (that won the election for Trump), and to sit out the vote in 2016 and claim that I'm the divisive one here. LOL. You are shameless. Bill
  12. I applaud your optimism, but the vote is way off and things are far less certain than you make out, as I'm analyzing the situation. No one would be more thrilled to see a landslide where Moscow Mitch gets the boot and we have a big win in the EC. But the last poll I saw has Trump up by 16 in Kentucky. Wisconsin is razor thin. So it defies reality to claim "nothing that can be tight and no red states that need to be flipped." If we lose WI we'd have to flip a traditionally red state (and hold all the states HRC won in 2016) to win. We need to remain reality-based about this election. Bill
  13. Trump is running scared. Prison is in his future. Traitors. Bill
  14. Nah. Liberals embrace a political philosophy called "liberalism." Members of the far-left do not embrace liberalism, they embrace socialism, a political philosophy that seeks to erase the capitalist system that is one of the hallmarks of liberalism. Far-leftists despise liberalism, as the prime "democratic" socialist figure Bernie Sanders has made clear. I'm astounded that you could miss such a critical aspect of modern political philosophy and the clear ideological differences between liberals and the far-left. Bill
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