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  1. Trump's idiocy will cause massive death and prolong this crisis. The man is insane and evil. Bill
  2. You didn't vote. Asshole. You and your god damned cult are responsible for this mess. Fuck off swine. Bill
  3. Did the botox destroy your mind, bimbo? Trumpist = Stupid. Bill
  4. Narcissism is not a beneficial pathology. We will pay very dearly for Donald J Trump's narcissistic personality disorder. Wrong man for the job. Bill
  5. LOL. Being on Oprah's show doesn't make someone a "progressive." Trump is a megalomanic who has always sought attention as a way to compensate for the disapproval he got from his cold father who make little Donny feel that he was never good enough. Textbook case. Trump is patological. Bill
  6. What the hell did you shoot into your lips? You look like a reptile. Is that you? Bill
  7. It says that on my profile? LOL. I've (unfortunately) read your posts. You are profoundly stupid and boring and arrogant. Bad combo. Bill
  8. She has no idea who Dorothy Parker is. Way over her head. Bill
  9. LOL. Your president Donald J Trump consumed more blow than almost anyone on earth. Total coke freak. His "personal doctor" is a notorious "Dr Feelgood" who doles out amphetamines to his clients like candy. I'd love to see Trump's list of current meds. LOL. Drug fiend. Bill
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