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  1. Sucks to be you, too. You are a sick cyber-stalker. Bill
  2. In "theory" they are not allowed in the LO room. In reality, leftists are free to spew hate and insults toward other members and towards liberal politicians, but call Bernie Sanders a "bum" and it is a break of civility. LOL. Bill
  3. SpyCar


    You are a lunatic who embraces mass murder. Whacko. Bill
  4. SpyCar


    BAC has this delusional dream that Trump will unleash a mass genocide on liberals. He calls this mass-murder fantasy The Big Ugly. He is a sicko. You chose a great team. Bill
  5. This president is incapable of making any kind of plan. He has the attention span (and intelligence) of a gnat. And no moral values. You hitched yourself to quite a pick. LOL. Shame on you. Bill
  6. By raking? And he lied about the president of Finland telling him that. Why does Trump always lie? And why do you lap it up? Bill
  7. You and Trump are Putin's poodles. Bill
  8. Sure you donated. You don't want to lose your platform for bringing on the revolution. LOL. Ain't gonna happen Comrade. Bill
  9. Big woop. I got a 7 day (or so) suspension for defending myself from smears and lies. teacher is a Cretan who doesn't know his ass from his elbow, and he's victimized by liars like you and Bludog who are more cunning than that simple-minded fellow. BFD. Bill
  10. Too late. I need to run now. Ta Ta! Bill
  11. It can't be located because it doesn't exist. You abused your powers, pure and simple thorough inventions that were never true. Bill
  12. Sure. I looked. if you think that a victory, then enjoy. But it just makes you look like the liar we all know you to be. Bill
  13. A link to 8.781 posts? LOL. That's evidence in my favor. No board violations in the bunch. Bill
  14. You are deflecting again. You lie and make false claims, but can't back them up. Must run. Bill