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  1. You left out the part about how the Russian Troll Farm supported BS in addition to Trump. Bill
  2. SpyCar

    the nazis

    Boy, are you daft. Bill
  3. SpyCar

    the nazis

    Every time. It is the classic tool of the demagogue to claim he (and only he) embodies the "will of the people." Populism never turns out well. Bill
  4. SpyCar

    the nazis

    LOL. A sure pal. I knew you all would try to blame Trump on us. I didn't realize it would happen so soon. Too funny! Bill
  5. SpyCar

    the nazis

    Trump is definitely a populist. He's a rightwing populist. Populism is the ugliest and most bloodsoaked political position in the history of human civilization in both its rightwing and leftwing variants. Populism is a pox on humanity. Bill
  6. SpyCar

    the nazis

    Correct. Trump is more of a nationalist-fascist that is typical among American conservatives currently. There was a large segment of America Firsters in the 1930s and "Know-Nothings" in the 1850s who were proto-Trumpists. His is a curious mix of nationalism and isolationism. Not a unique phenomenon in American history, but still an odd ideology. Bill
  7. SpyCar


    Liberal. Bill
  8. Both extremes play this game. Both extremes have more in common with each other than they do with rational fair-minded people in what we might call (for lack of a better word) the political center. Populism and demagoguery are tools of the political extremes. I soundly reject both. Bill
  9. The far-right doesn't respect the rule of law or the shared values of morality of the Western tradition. Bill
  10. Correct about the seizures based on race and ideology. But that is a fascist/Nazi far rightwing response, not a leftwing one. Bill
  11. Nazism wan't anti-capitalist. Industrialists were not stripped of their property for not being party members. Your premise is false. The NAZIs were anti-socialist/anti-Marxist. Nazism is a far-right ideology. Arguing otherwise is koo-koo-lulu. Bill