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  1. Why do you always ignore the Mueller indictments against the Russians that say there were “operations primarily intended to communicate derogatory information about Hillary Clinton, to denigrate other candidates such as Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and to support Bernie Sanders and then-candidate Donald Trump?” Trump was elected because Putin got idiots like YOU not to vote. Bill
  2. Too? LOL. Trump loves the poorly educated. Bill
  3. Cali is a city in Colombia. Not an accepted nickname for California. Bill
  4. Calls for a banning. What is the delay? He's already had three strikes. Remove this creepy stalker. Bill
  5.  "The fact that he brought family members into the conversation should be enough. I have seen teacher hand down punishment for what jimjc has said."-Duck615 Here is you with Mainmann. nope I am positive it was you... you even had someone banned for a while...-Ducky615 "LMFAO if you say so... so that lawyer that works in the DA's office is a fake, never existed?"- Ducky615 -Reference to daughter and obvious one....ONE WE KNOW GB GOT BANNED FOR! NOW I have warned you on this and you are pissing me off! You just did it again today. "AHHHH LOOK AT THE POS BEING TRIGGERED... HE IS SO ASHAMED OF THE WAY HE RAISED HIS SKANK WHORE"-ducky615 AZZHOLE! You are not clever. Now you got the gall to make a post taunting the guy you phucking hypocrite. You are done azzhole! I am going to eat your soul! I'm starting to warm up to your moderating style. Bill
  6. American Political Science Association 2018. LOL. Dumb bunny. Bill
  7. Nah. Even when selected for Republicans-only, Trump ends out in the very bottom tier. Not dead-last, but very near the bottom. Trump is an embarrassment to our nation's history. Shameful. Bill
  8. LOL. The Russian Orthodox Church is as dirty as they come. The Patriarch is controlled by Putin. Gimme a break! Bill
  9. Not really. I just won't sit around the way you Republicans did and allow my party to be taken over by lunatic-fringe fanatics. TrollingRock is a Green Tea Party menace. Bill
  10. Notice how the cult-of-BS hates money in politics until it comes to the first-day fundraising numbers of their candidate? When Beto did better than their guy heads exploded in the cult. The BS cult, like every cult, worships money and their regular love-offerings in multiples of $27 is the pathway to salvation. The grifter promises free stuff for life. Knuckleheads. Bill
  11. TrollingRock has a sick imagination. Very disturbed person. Bill
  12. SpyCar

    Gun powder in the morning

    ^^^lard on parade. Bill
  13. SpyCar

    Gun powder in the morning

    Sure 4x4. Your belly is showing. Learn to have some discipline. Bill