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  1. The simplistic view of an American would equate being a citizen to being an American, as if the words describe the same thing, but I think you are closer to the mark. What is the essential character of an American? If you hate America you can still be a citizen but are you truly an American?
  2. I have spent the bulk of my life as an atheist also, an atheist need not be ignorant of the impact of faith on peoples lives. I agree with your statement.
  3. You have clearly stated your position, I understand what you are communicating, I just don't agree. Civility is also important.
  4. God either exists or He does not exist, a true statement, but what people believe is also very important even if what they believe in is not true. The general belief of a great many people that God does exist, and that God has bestowed basic human rights on the people has long sustained the willingness of the people to fight for and sustain those rights. Sometimes you are a profoundly ignorant and offensive man.
  5. The public statement is not that important at all, but the actual type of separation has legal considerations. I think this topic a good discriminator of bias. People who hate the AG and or Trump will characterize this as deception when likely it was only public decency.
  6. Saying "stepping down" is a polite way of saying "your fired" and allows the prosecutor to removed from office with some pubic dignity.
  7. I am a native born American, a native American and it is highly likely that every American is a descendant of immigrants, immigrants from Africa where humanity is thought to have evolved from other primates.
  8. I am not an immigrant. I was born in Vermont. If you think clearly about it, the vast majority of Americans are not immigrates
  9. Do you not comprehend the difference between hiring and firing?
  10. It is absurd to say that bad apple police officers should never be hired without a means of detecting bad apples. We do the best we can and we deal appropriately with the extraordinarily small number of police officer that are abusive. The perfect should never be the enemy of the good, and yet many BLM mostly peaceful protesters blame all the good police officers for the actions of a very tiny minority of bad apples, so much so that there is a movement to defund the police.
  11. ALL THE TIME is at best a subjective perception and not a quantitative measure of shit happening. As an example, I likely spend no more then 0.7% of my day shitting but my wife's perception might be that I am shitting ALL THE TIME. With respect to the police, George Floyd type abuse is extraordinarily rare, so rare that you would die of constipation for a lack of shitting. Bad apples happen all as there is no way of determining accurately before offering employment. A police officer has been accused of murdering Floyd. There are an amazing number of bad apple mostly peaceful BLM protester vigilantes killing and attacking police officers. It never costs anything except our liberty and our rights not to hire police officer.
  12. There is no data that supports the idea that their is more then anecdotal undue violence from the police or suppression of black people. There is nothing to fix except to deal appropriately with the very few isolated incidents of abuse which are certainly not isolated to abuse of just black people. The call for Stoical Justice or Racial Justice are transparently just calls for more socialism, more money.
  13. The idea that black people deserve reparations from the United States, the Union, that expended massive treasure and blood to set them free is just horrible offensive.
  14. Fair is often just a subjective opinion of an individual, but God imposed two types of taxes, flat taxes, and capitation taxes. I would respectfully posit that any type of tax the God imposes is axiomatically fair else one is proclaiming that God is not fair.
  15. Nothing wrong with paying racial reparations so long as they are paid in Confederate currency.
  16. What is wrong with transracism. A person should be free to choose their own racial identity and the rest of us should respect that choice. Think of Michael Jackson and all of his racial reassignment medical care.
  17. That is a capitation tax, and nothing at all wrong with that in some circumstances. As an example a capitation tax would be perfectly appropriate for Medicare where the benefit is essentially flat across income groups.
  18. This is all true, but then the BLM movement is not about black lives, it is about widespread irrational black bigotry against the police and racism directed at white people. Even then, I don't think the ongoing protests are exclusively about these issues and contain a mix of people with a range of objectives.
  19. I think it unlikely that Tom Petty is going to book any venue.
  20. It depends on the circumstances. Self defense, in defense of property, to protect someone else, all good reasons to give anyone a free pass, regardless of race. If murder, not so much without regard to the pigmentation of the individuals involved. Not all homicides are crimes. What I don't understand is how you can make such statements about "you white folks" and not understand that such statements are clearly racist.
  21. K ... so what. They have asserted their intellectual property rights and I bet those rights will be respected. If not, they can bring a civil action against the Trump campaign. This was just another chance for someone on the left to publicly call President Trump a lot of nasty names.
  22. A super majority is not monolithic, but yes, if we look at the voting patterns of racial groups, then black voter patterns are the most race oriented. The fact remains that there are some blacks that care about black lives and the vast majority of blacks never murder anyone, about 99994 out of 100000 don't kill anyone in any given year.
  23. If they say it enough, it must be true, just like President Trump's "Muslim Ban".
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