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  1. There is a lot of hatred for Sen. Cruz. Why is the left so scared of him? Lots of Cruzaphobia on the left for someone they continually denigrate.
  2. This is a sad day for Dr. Ben Carson. To complain about this is just so childish an undignified. To claim harm and victim status over a tweet that was clearly based on a CNN news report that Carson was talking a break after Iowa is to act like a irresponsible Democrat and not at all like a strong, conservative, principled Republican.
  3. You do understand that Sen. Cruz did in fact win a general election, not just a primary. Sen. Cruz is in fact a member of Congress. So either, there are enough "extremeist cruz-bots" for him to win, or a lot of people who are not "extremeist cruz-bots" voted for Sen. Cruz.
  4. As a liberal, I am continually concerned about the abuse of government power, including such items as socialism and most certainly police misconduct. The race of the victim(s) of police violence, or of the officer(s) involved is of no consequence to my perceptions of an event. The value of a human life is not predicated on their pigmentation. All lives matter. I reject clearly racists memes, such as "Black lives matter".
  5. Did Finicum ever shoot at anyone? No, he did not. Did Finicum assault anyone? No, he did not. The cops are trigger happy and will use deadly force at the drop of a hat. The socialist left will cry and complain when the victim of police violence is one of their own, but when it is a white protester on the political right, then he is just a domestic terrorist who deserved to die. Hypocrisy. All lives matter.
  6. Sen. Cruz has done amazing well by boldly taking strong conservative positions on many policy issues. Many power players, such as Sen. McCain, just hate him and he is a true threat to the establishment in washing, both Democrat and Republican members of congress. Look at all the posts that attack him for nothing more than his rather ugly face, and yet he wins, not because he is one of the beautiful people, but because he speaks truth to power and a great many people know it. Imaging going to Iowa and standing firmly against ethanol mandates and subsidies, the only significant candidate to do so in the very heart of the ethanol country, and Sen. Cruz still wins. The socialist left, the establishment Republicans, they best all hope he does not get elected President because if he does things will actually change in Washington. Imagine budgets that actually shrink in size. Imagine the end of the Affordable Care Act. Imagine that our immigration laws will actually be enforced. All this will be reality with a President Cruz.
  7. First, I am a liberal and I am not accusing liberals of hypocrisy, socialists on the left ... you bet, but not liberals. Michael Brown was not a peaceful protester, instead he was a criminal who had just robbed a store and who had just physically assaulted the police officer and tried to kill the police officer by trying to take away his service pistol. Whom had Finicum assaulted? All he tried to do was escape police brutality and the popo shot him down like an animal. Michael Brown's fully rational and justified killing resulted in a violent social movement that has killed many people and resulted in many property crimes including widespread looting and arson. Finicum's murder ... not so much. The contrast is amazing. The left just assumed that Brown was a victim of white racist police brutality, the facts did not have any impact on their biased views, but when a bunch of cops shoot down a white protester from the right end of the political spectrum, that man just deserved to die. I think that hypocrisy.
  8. I am just amazed at how fast the socialist left is to condemn peaceful protesters, to send them to their graves, while at the same time they excuse the violent riots of major cities where many people are killed, looting is widespread, and arson is a nightly event.
  9. The government, using the violence of law, is forcing people to pay for the abortions of others. How is seeking relief from this oppression or personal religious liberty forcing anyone else to comply with their religious views? I am for freedom of choice instead of a government dictating our actions.
  10. I thought that was the standard answer the leftists gave whenever a black gangster is shot by the police.
  11. As an objective point of law, an unborn American Bald Eagle enjoys far more significant legal protections than does an unborn American Human.
  12. America has a long history of people illegally occupying federal property while protecting against government oppression and injustice. Many great American's have publicly pledge their lives and property in the cause of liberty, their sacred honor. People have a natural, god given right, to keep and bear arms. Many great Americans have had been arrested for the political views. All people have a right to go as they please without being harassed by the police. Hi speed? Hardly. Lot's of great American's enjoy going off road. The police should not block our roads. His pants where falling down. A man has a right to hitch up his pants. When did it become a death sentence to pull up your pants? Seriously, the Police gunned him down, he never had a chance, he never fired a shot, he never cleared leather. Murder.
  13. I have no problem at all with women, all women including unborn women, exercising control over their own bodies. All women should make their own choices about their own bodies and no man or woman should have the power to kill another.
  14. So some nutcase shoots a congressman and that is exactly why we need guns. When American's no longer have the ability to shoot their own congressmen we will have lost the final safeguard of our liberty. The fact that we can still shoot our congressmen should gladden the heart of every freedom loving American.
  15. It is more simple than that. Socialists, that is economic parasites, need access to productive Americans, that is they obtain their economic life blood from steeling from the labors of productive Americans. Democrats are like bloated ticks on the backs of hard working American men and women. Their very lives depend on "bring the country together". Obviously, what is best for hard working, productive, American men and women is to get rid of the Democrat parasites.
  16. The socialists on the left love social security, and indeed it is a popular program. Why then is nearly everyone forced to participate? If Social Security is such a great program, why must people be forced to participate? As a liberal, I believe in freedom of choice, the right of each person to choose their own path. I think participation in Social Security should be a choice that each person should make for themselves rather than everyone being forced into the program by an oppressive and violent government. If Social Security is such a great program, the most popular program in the history of the United States government, then the government should have no need to force participation. Those who make the choice to option into the program could decide exactly how the program operates, the level of taxation for participates, the age of retirement, and the methodology for distributing benefits.
  17. I am not a conservative and I certainly have no responsibility to explain anything to conservatives. Tell me why a woman should be able to make life and death plans for her children? I am pro choice, that is each individual, including the unborn, should be free to make their own life and death decisions. It will, however, be obvious that children, including unborn children, lack the experience and judgement to make many choices for themselves, but parents have a moral duty to make such choices for their children in a manner that will be beneficial for their children. This is why it is a crime for parents to kill their children. Just as I have no plan for you, no moral right to have a plan for you, you have no right to have a plan for any other human individual, including an unborn child.
  18. When the police shoot dead a person for no good reason, that is murder. Did you watch the FBI video? Is it not obvious that LaVoy was surrounded by armed men who shot him dead for no good reason?
  19. Freedom and equality have an inverse relationship. We can not have both. People are not equal, we are diverse, with a wide range of talents, skills, backgrounds, motivations, and values. In a free and liberal society, there will be little equality in outcomes as people will make their own choices in their own lives and then reap either the benefits or the consequences of their decisions. The more free are the people, the more diverse will be the outcomes and inequality, most economic inequality, is a natural and desirable consequence of liberty. If we where to take all of the wealth of America, private and government, and do a one time equal distribution of that wealth among the people of these United States, in a few months, perhaps only a few days, we would once again have both very wealth people and those who are destitute. Inequality is an obvious consequence of freedom. The only way to maintain a state of general economic equality within a body of people is for a government to actively, aggressively, and continually invade every aspect of our economic lives, dictating the distribution of the outputs of our labors. North Korea is a good example of how this is accomplished. Economic equality is only accomplished by servitude to the political state, but the violence of government.
  20. I will wait for more facts to see the light of day before making a final judgement. It certainly appears that the family Finicum has good reason to think the killing of LaVoy to be murder.
  21. Conservatives are not monolithic, and I do not know any conservatives who want to tell women what to do with their bodies. I do know quite a few consciousness people who believe that an unborn child deserves the full and equal protection of the law just like every other unique human, including all women, even those who are unborn. What is your plan ... What is your plan ... What is your plan ... As a general principle, I believe in freedom, liberty, and that every woman and man should govern their own lives in whatever manner their own good judgement should dictate as best to facilitate their own happiness and prosperity. I am no tyrant such that I make plans for the lives of other people. Instead, I choose freedom, the freedom to make plans for my own life and the freedom for you to make a plan for your own life.
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