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  1. You err, Detroit is not the brown eye of the US, it is the brown orifice of the US. I apologize for so harshly correcting your error.
  2. No respect at all for the liberty of speech. I do not have, have not had, never will have a confederate flag, but there must be limits on the powers of government if the liberty of the people is to be preserved.
  3. I would love to have the opportunity to get that close to an eagle. There are people who practice falconry with eagles and not just smaller birds. We also have a raptor rehabilitation center in North Texas. One of my sons spent quite some time as a volunteer mucking out mews.
  4. Incompleteness is not the same as bias. I reject your assertion that all histories are biased just because of incompleteness. All writings are necessarily incomplete, not just histories. Do you assert that everything CNN or MSNBC reports is biased because it is incomplete? How about Das Kapital? Your are not a very proficient logician.
  5. How do you count white nationalists to make a quantitative statement that white nationalism is on the rise? Is it on the rise as a percentage of the population, on the rise as just a raw increase in numbers, on the rise because the method of identifying who is or is not a white nationalist has changed. Is their a white nationalist member ship club with an increasing number of members? You might actually be correct, but you might not be correct, and in truth I don't truly care that much. A man stands before me and I will observe his words and actions and make my own judgement as to his character.
  6. I am claiming that I do not care what any group of people, including elderly Jewish women, do with their money. I am claiming that I don't care if people spend their own money on custom cigarettes. I am claiming that what Ayn Rand chose to do in her personal life is her own business and not germane to her arguments. To think otherwise is a logical fallacy, the ad hominem fallacy. I am claiming that I do not care how much money Ayn Rand had or how she disposed of her estate. You continue to attack the person of Ayn Rand instead of presenting a cogent rational argument in opposition to her ideas.
  7. Why do you even label a politician black. I voted for President Obama, not because he was black but because I found Sen. McCain to be despicable. People who voted against candidate Obama because he happens to be black are bigots, but also are the people who voted for him because he is black. I think it likely that more racists voted for Obama then against Obama. We will have largely accomplished the goad of expunging racism from our society when we no longer care if a politician is black, that is when no one bothers to talk about black politiaitons or white politicians instead of just politicians in general.
  8. You should never be trusted with the minds of our children.
  9. We are all equal except some are more equal then others.
  10. I was thinking a pair of M134, one in pink, would be the cat's meow.
  11. We do not all have these stereotypes about these people, this is how we determine who is or who is not a bigot. I would think most people, hopefully almost all people, reject your stereotypes. I would also observe that you continue with your personal attacks against Ayn Rand, rather then arguing against her views and objectivism.
  12. Why not just express your own views in a cogent manner instead of posting links. My goggle fu is more then adequate to find as much other material on the subject as I desire. If you want to engage in a conversation, then I am happy to do so, timer permitting, but I am not going to have a conversation with any of your links.
  13. My preference would be to use the term socialism as a substitute for liberalism. The word liberal has taken on a rather negative connotations from it's long and unfortunate association with the Democratic party. The views of many, likely almost all, Democrats are the antithesis of classical liberalism which is why we need to use "classical liberal" instead of just liberal. Socialist are illiberal and the vast majority of Democrats do not deserve to be called liberal when their actions and word continually demonstrate how illiberal they are.
  14. Opinions vary. I think everyone is already aware of your personal animosity for President Trump.
  15. Demonstrators can also be terrorist depending on their individual actions. The two sets are not mutual exclusive. Any individual that utilizes intimidation or violence to achieve a political end is a terrorist and this most certainly includes many BLM protesters.
  16. Taipan did not assert that Ayn Rand loved Jesus, rather that Jesus loved Ayn. Note how Xavier constantly assigned people to groups, she was an atheist, she was a Jew, she was a woman, she was elderly, all true and all of no significant consequence. However, this allows Xavier to dismiss her instead of dealing with her as an individual with views and passions and arguments. What Xavier is doing serves as an excellent example of how bigotry arises, this is the very birth of bigotry and hatred. Watch and you will see him do exactly this over and over again to members on this forum who do not share his views.
  17. There is no need to segregate people by race, there is no need to look at a man and see a black man instead of an individual. They are my beloved countrymen, and yet it is obvious that many of my countrymen are racists that hate me. The first step, perhaps the only practice step, is for each person to change themselves, to make a personal commitment to do their best to expunge bigotry from their hearts. I have no power to compel another, such as Xavier, to give up their cherished hatreds and bigotries, I can only change my own behavior, just as you can change yours. I think this a lot easier for Republicans who tend to emphasize individual rights and individual responsibilities and much harder for most Democrats who are forever down in the sewage drowning in identity politics, but experience demonstrates that anyone can improve themselves.
  18. Xavier is far down the left side of the spectrum, perhaps a true believing Marxist, not that I care, but such people find Ayn Rand to be the antithesis of their views. Their assumptions about society are just incompatible with a system erected on the ideals of personal liberty and individual responsibility. Without shared responsibility, there exists no justification for the redistribution of wealth. Xavier is compelled by his own distorted views of reality to reject a model of humanity that values individuals instead of groups.
  19. There are already many countries which are heavily populated by blacks as well as many American cities that are heavily populated by black. This experiment in black self government has already been performed with consistent outcomes.
  20. I am not an Any Rand objectivest, but thanks for once again demonstrating your propensity to divide people into groups. I almost never bother clicking on links and reading hundreds of pages of material from either the right or the left. We all apply a filter to what we consume. Oh ... I need to spel semthing wrong so dat you can object to my grammer.
  21. I have no positive duty to fact check the sources you choose to utilize, not even to expend my time reading from sources that are well known for their bias and bigotry. What I can consume is limited as is my time and it is objective reality that the volume of material available easily exceeds any individuals ability to consume. We must all make choices and I have no problem at all placing the SPLC on my not worth reading list.
  22. Are you oblivious to the obvious bias of the Southern Poverty Law Center?
  23. If you look at a group of people and only see their racial commonality instead and do not know them as individuals, that is exactly what a racist does even if those people are white and you are black, even if those people are white and you are also white. You can chose not to be a racist. Give up your hatred.
  24. If you believe you are oppressed, then that necessitates an oppression. As Democrats have segregated almost every possible group of people into an oppressed group, this leaves only white men as a possible oppressor, pale males, especially affluent pale males. There is widespread and system bigotry in the Democratic party against pale males excusing only those white men. This includes even most pale male Democrats who continually confess their guilt and culpability.
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