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  1. 6 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

    Not really, but I DID make you look.😄

    You intentionally posted something you knew was not true, that is a lie, the primary tool of the propagandist except most are not so stupidly obvious.


    Since I was about 10, I have always been aware of both the relative size and population of Canada and the United States as our family has had property in both countries.  I also stated this obvious fact in my first response.  You did not make me look at anything, all I did was post the data for all to witness you obvious dishonesty.


    I would assert that almost no one is surprised when you lie Xavier.

  2. Xavier,

    LoL  what a stupid propagandist.


    Land area of the US is  3.797 million mi² or 9.834 million km².

    Land area of Canada is 3.855 million mi² or 9.985 million km².


    Anyone can verify these numbers.  The two countries are very similar in size but the population of Canada is only 1/10 that of these United States.


    Population density has a profound impact on the rate of infection which is why we social distance.  A mostly empty country is obviously going to have a lower rate of infection, far more so then whether or not a country a universal welfare system for the delivery of medical services.


  3. 15 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:


    NOTE: Global map projections used to flatten a curved globe surface to a plane greatly distorts the size of Canada in relation to these United States.  Canada and these United States are very close in size.  More importantly, the population density of Canada is only 1/10th the population of these United States which has a profound impact on epidemiology, far more profound then socialized medicine.


    Who is surprised that a mostly empty country should be mostly empty of China virus infections?


    What about the comparative rate of testing between the these United States and Canada?


    What is the source of the image, what does the red represent, how are the data processed and normalized? 


    This type of post is exactly the typical work product of intellectually dishonest propagandists.

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  4. 11 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

    So perhaps hungry people in NYC are aware that even better than boycotting Goya, stealing Goya products is an even better idea.


    People who have no money shoplift stuff more often than people who have money.

    People with no integrity shoplift more then people with character.


    The assertion is that a lack of money causes shoplifting, but I think the relationship is more likely to be that lazy people with no character are more likely to have no money and they certainly have no problem at all stealing from others, either by direct action or by the proxy of government.



  5. 3 minutes ago, Wallco1 said:

    The will call me racist no matter what. Might as well live up to it.  Let's not talk about anything.  The Left don't want free speech.

    Being called a racist is not a rational reason to be  a racist.  Why give that much power to other people.  You can make the choice not to be a bigot without regard to public pressure, it is a personal choice, a personal responsibility unless you let the mob make your character choices for you.

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  6. 17 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

    Officer harassment is often the cause of police killing Black people. Walter Scott was harassed for a broken taillight and he tried to escape the cop, who shot him in the back. There was that woman in Texas who was pulled over for driving slightly erratically who was brutally pulled out of her car and jailed, where she died mysteriously.

    And no, you would not join ANY such organization. You are happy as  a clam that Black people are harassed and delighted that they do not pull YOU over.

    Walter Scott (2015) was murdered.


    Sandra Bland (2015) was being issued a warning for failure to signal a lane change.  She went into a rage and refused to comply with lawful orders and greatly escalated the situation.  Now, I agree with much of what Sandra Bland said during her arrest, we have rights and the officer would not answer her question as to why she was being arrested, likely he had not decided on an excuse.


    It is stupid to argue with a cop on the side of the road.

    It is stupid to escalate a confrontation with a cop.

    It is profoundly stupid to resist arrest.


    She was found dead from hanging in her jail cell.


    Personally, I just would not do a job where I had to suck up the kind of verbal abuse Sandra Bland dished out to the police officer, but we expect our police officers to be saints and continually turn the other cheek.   Who taught Sandra Bland to hate the police, to be an anti-police bigot?


    In 2015, there where more then 50 million police interactions with the public, the number of those interactions that go bad are an extraordinarily tiny percentage.  There is no evidence at all to support the assertion that officer harassment of black people is widespread, but even if this was true their would still be no evidence of causality of police killing black people.


    Most decent people are sympathetic to the victims of the extraordinarily rare events of the abuse of police power.

    Most decent people do not stupidly think that these anecdotal events are indicative of relationship between the police and the public.  Those that can't help themselves and blame all police for the actions of an extraordinarily tiny minority of police officers, those people are bigots. 


    The fact that these events are so extraordinarily rare and that in the end police officers are still just imperfect humans that make mistakes, is a testimony to the training and professionalism of the vast majority of police officers in the daily performance of a dangerous, difficult job that obviously involves confrontational situation.




  7. 2 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

    Like you had ever darkened the door of any of them. You are just another selfish annoying idiot.

    You do not present a rational counter to his statement, you only attack the person making the statement.


    This is a characteristic of the intellectually dishonest.  You could have just ignored his comment, but I thank you for letting everyone know you are a lazy ass.

  8. 37 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

    Why not the slogan STOP LYNCHING BILLIONAIRES!  ?

    Because no one is actually lynching billionaires, right?


    The purpose of the slogan Black Lives Matter is because some police pull over Black drivers more often than it does White people. It is clearly about unequal treatment.


    We see no videos of any cop kneeling on any White guy's neck until he dies gasping for breath.

    The Black Lives Matter slogan is the result of widespread black  bigotry directed at police officer where the actions of a very tiny number of individual officers gives rise to a generalized hatred of all officers..


    There is no data that support the idea that their is any widespread disparity in how black offenders are treated when compared to white offenders.  There are, however, great disparities in the rate of black offenders compared to the rate of white offenders just as their is a tremendous disparity between the rates of criminality between men and women.  Xavier, we have talked about this any number of times, so you are not ignorant of the facts that you insist on ignoring.  Any rational man is compelled to conclude that you are just one more bigot.



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  9. 37 minutes ago, XavierOnassis said:

    Why not the slogan STOP LYNCHING BILLIONAIRES!  ?

    Because no one is actually lynching billionaires, right?


    The purpose of the slogan Black Lives Matter is because some police pull over Black drivers more often than it does White people. It is clearly about unequal treatment.


    We see no videos of any cop kneeling on any White guy's neck until he dies gasping for breath.


  10. 10 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

    Best of luck in organizing a union. It is next to impossible when the people that the Republicans have appointed to the NLRB are all right wing union busters. The labor laws were written in the 1940's, and union busting is a lucrative profession for lawyers. They have had the most favorable parts of the labor laws nullified and corporations have a lot of money to pay to prevent any workers from unionizing anywhere.

    I have eleven years experience at trying to get a union contract for a college faculty. Again, good luck.

    It might just be that no one wants to be in an association that would allow you to be a member.

  11. 9 hours ago, XavierOnassis said:

    BLACK LIVES MATTER is not a racist slur.

    BLM is a bigoted organization directing hated towards the police and white people.


    You might as well let the KKK paint "murals" all over public property.  KU KLUX KLAN is not a racist slur either, but it is clearly an organization the continually vomits racist ideology.  BLM is no different.

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  12. 9 minutes ago, impartialobserver said:

    Or more accurately.. its society. one side claims to not act like this and yet they do.. why? Because it is ubiquitous to all of society and no one wants to admit to it. 

    I would say far less accurately. Groups do not act, only individuals act, are animate.  Individuals can choose to coordinate their actions with each other, this is why we form associations, but in the end actions are atomic with respect to individuals.


    A society, in the common usage, has no sides, it is inclusive of the diverse range of views that exist in the body politic.  We the people, a society, is inclusive of both Republicans and Democrats and together, along with a wide range of other groups and institutions, together we are a society.


    Consider the term "race relations", I would point out that races do not have relationships, only individual people have relationships, and one  of the root causes of widespread racism is individuals thinking of themselves in terms of groups, us v. them, tribalism. This does not mean that the term "race relations" conveys no useful meaning, but rather I think it important to understand that the term itself communicates a view that helps create and sustain divisions between people based on their race.


    In a primate society people acting in groups rather then as individuals likely provides an evolutionary advantage.  Tribalism is likely a naturally selected behavior and we still see this with respect to nation states.  I would note that we do not now live in a primitive, savage condition, but rather in a modern civilization and the instinct to tribalism within the body politic, internal to our society, is a destructive force.


  13. 19 minutes ago, impartialobserver said:

    Someone says, "X percentage  

    Politico (either side) says, " This is evidence of ___ism and it is all the fault of R or D". 

    Someone says, " Hmmm... but that is not what is being said"

    Politico says, "But that is the point and you are just shrouding it in abstract nonsense"


    That is why debate with most politicos is pointless

    Argument is pointless for those who are unwilling to learn.


    I am happy to debate and happier still to lose a debate as every time I suffer a loss I have learned something knew, I have corrected an error in my thinking.  If an impasse happens between two intellectually honest and rational men, then this is a result in a disparity in axiomatic assumptions or values.  This also is useful to learn and understand.


    If, however, you are only interested in preserving your own self inflicted delusions, maintaining your bigotries, your bias, if you have no interest at all in the fulfillment of your epistemic duty., then by all means remain silent.

  14. 20 minutes ago, Dagosa said:

    Wow, Fix news who’d have thought. Wow, Thomas Sowell is famous ? Let’s ask reverend Al, he’s more famous. What a joke. You still have that SS cap on ? Yup. Fascism .

    oh, you claimed fascism was not a right wing ideology. So every dictionary is wrong ?, just like Thomas...yuck 

    I think this demonstrates the point that the few, perhaps a very tiny few, on the left can present a rational, cogent, logical argument in defense of their ideology

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