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  1. Go back to the 8th grade and learn a bit more reproductive science. No need to go wacko religious on the topic.
  2. Anyone with an actual education understand that no one looks good with a 400 billion deficit. Yes, it would have been much worse if Republicans had funded President Obama's budget requests, but 400 billion is far from acceptable.
  3. I think race is of no relevance, as is gender or faith. What matters is the lack of character of so many Americans who are willing to use the violence of government to steal from other people for their own subsistence. This is the primary defect in the democratic form of government, all democracies eventually embrace the evils of socialism.
  4. So President Bush added about 6 trillion and President Obama has already added about 7 trillion and you think that is somehow good or that conservatives are happy with the massive spending of the Bush administration? Did the entire tea party movement just fail to impinge upon your rather dim perception of reality? Have you not noticed the massive grass-roots rejection of establishment Republicans? I suppose that if Sen. Sanders gets into office and increases the national debt by only another 20 trillions or so you will return to courageously inform us once again that it is only the pe
  5. Sen. Sanders is attracting a lot of young people with his socialist promises of bread and circus. I don't think the public should pay to educate these young "adults", rather I think they all deserve refunds as it is clear that they did not get much value for the education dollars and that they failed to learn basic critical thinking skills.
  6. Increasing the minimum wage is not going to encourage welfare recipients to work, it is only going to make it harder for honest people to find entry level jobs. Minimum wage cuts the lowest steps off the ladder of opportunity. The only thing that will encourage the chronic welfare recipient to actually go get a job is hunger. We don't need to increase the minimum wage tax, we need to decrease welfare benefits.
  7. A few facts about people who are not on welfare: 1. The majority are white. 2. The majority are urban. 3. The majority are Uneducated. 4. The majority are Religious, and they are solidly protestant. 5. The majority have previous work experience in entry level jobs. Most of your facts are rather without import. Tell us, please, if whites are over represented or under represented in the population of welfare recipients compared to their proportion in the general population. How about blacks, Hispanics, Red-Indians, Asians, Jews, or atheists? Perhaps your are simply a racist, a gen
  8. The unborn human does not magically become alive at birth. She is just as much a living human a day before birth, a week before birth, a month before birth, and even a small fraction of a second after a human egg is fertilized by a human sperm, as she is the day after birth. Who is or is not a human is not determined by geography, that is whether a person is inside or outside the womb. Who is or is not a human is determined by science, even 8th grade reproductive science. It is not science that allows for abortion, it is only poorly formulated law that allows some humans to intentionally t
  9. The Senate will have no problem staying in session so that President Obama can not attempt another end-around by making a temporary recess appointment. Your hatred of Sen. Cruz is obvious, I am not a great fan of Sen. Sanders, but that does not give rise to the telling of lies. Even the self-absorbed bloviating asshat, Mr. Trump, does not put forth the falsehood that Sen. Cruz is not a U.S. Citizen and however likely it is that you disagree with Sen. Cruz's opinions on constitutional law, I think it quite likely that his knowledge of the subject matter is far more commanding than is your
  10. It has been a long time since I was in eighth grade, but I suspect with the sex education government welfare school cram into our children heads at an ever earlier age, that even most government educated 8th graders understand enough basic biological science to know that a new life begins when the egg is fertilized by the sperm.
  11. I voted for President Obama, and one could hardly call his victories a landslide. The last true Presidential landslide these United States have experienced is when the man, President Reagan, who nominated Justice Antonin Scalia was elected to the office of President. It is true that President Obama can nominate anyone he likes, no need at all to wait, other than basic human decency, but we have a system of checks and balances within our government and the Senate has the constitutional responsibility to advise the Presidents on his nominations, and it has the power to refuse the President
  12. It is true that these past few Congresses did not give President Obama everything he wanted, but that does not excuse their tremendous overspending. Who exactly was to blame when President Bush was in office and Republicans held majorities in both branches of Congress? Also, objectively, the four years with the most horrendous deficits in all of American History occurred during Rep. Nancy Pelosi's tenure as speaker, two years of Democrat domination of the House under President Bush followed by two more disastrous years under President Obama.
  13. It is the House of Representatives that is primarily responsible for the public debt as it is the House from which all appropriation bills must originate. President Obama, and other socialists on the left might be more then willing to tax and spend us into hell, but the fact is that over most recent years it is House Republicans that have had the power to curtail these excess, it is House Republicans who primarily responsible for the recent growth of the public debt.
  14. The Senate should be happy to consent to an appointment by President Obama so long as he adheres to their advice on whom he should pick. If not, just reject each unexceptionable appointee. Simple, constitutional, and a reflection of the fact that the people of these United States elected a majority of Republicans to the Senate. I am quite certain that Sen. Cruz can provide the President with a list of appointees that would be acceptable to people who actually care about upholding the Constitution.
  15. Each unique human life starts when a human egg is fertilized by a human sperm. This fact has been know to science for a long time and true for a great variety of species that reproduce asexually. There are certainly a rather small number of abortionists that are so committed to preserving the legality of abortion on demand that they are willing to ignore the reality of science. Isabel is a great example of this type of behavior and she will attack anyone who expresses the basic truth that life begins at fertilization, and not at birth. One of the most predictable and consistent be
  16. It is not about the bible, it is about science, and each unique human life starts when the egg is fertilized. Religious views based on interpreting the scriptures are irrelevant.
  17. Thanks skews13 for letting everyone know just how much hatred and bigotry you have in your heart for men and women and Christians and liberty and guns, but mostly Christians and men. It was a well write confession of many of you personal torments.
  18. It is Democrat party that derives the bulk of it's political power from low income / no income subsistence Americans, not Republicans. The Republican party would be happy if everyone was productive, self-sufficient, and affluent. Only a moron would believe that it is Republicans who want to keep people poor and dependent on social welfare programs. William1444 easily qualifies as an example of this stupidity.
  19. Yes it is an outrage. If the people responsible for that disaster would just stand up and take it like a woman, then we would not need to spend a dime on trying to bring the truth to the public.
  20. What a fantastic article that admit that a great many Democrat voters are so lazy and ignorant that they do not go to the polls except when there is an opportunity to vote for a President. A very few places in America are so poorly run as to be economic disaster areas, third world enclaves within the territory of these United States, areas exclusively controlled by Democrats; I have no idea at all how to prevent another Flint so long as Democrats destroy the viability of local communities with gross mismanagement.
  21. Please don't burn any money, let us use that money to reduce the public debt or to reduce the massive federal tax burden heaped on productive Americans.
  22. I am just amazed at how much money people are willing to spend to lock someone up for a fake ID. That is a massive level of irrational hate for a journalist.
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