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  1. About 2.8 million Americans die every year. If we include abortions, then that number is about 3.6 million Americans a year. The China virus is not having much of an impact on the rate of death in America. Even if we only look at black Americans, more blacks are aborted each year then all of the deaths due to the China virus in America.
  2. I don't know why photographs of Democrats are described as President Trump Supporters.
  3. Sounds like the China virus is killing mostly those with chronic diseases related to poor life choices, if this keeps up then the Affordable Care Act might actually become affordable.
  4. I think it likely that Xavier will always assert that resisting communism is useless.
  5. I still do not have enough information to make a final judgement, but the evidence does not appear to support the conclusion that Mr. Floyd was murdered, certainly not beyond a reasonable doubt. What I find rather dreadful was that a great many people felt compelled to render just that judgement from just a few minutes of video before waiting to have a more complete understanding of the circumstances of Mr. Floyd's death. When people make such judgments, judgement in the absence of a complete understanding of the events, what they are doing is displaying their bigotries and biases. This is equally true of both those who jumped to the conclusion of murder and also those who jumped to the defense of the police officers. Those whose hearts are filled with hate ignore facts that invalidate their prejudices.
  6. I was not asking for a debate, just some kind of indication that you are capable of exercising reasonable, rational judgement.
  7. If we are talking about dogs, is "bitch" ok? Example, "My GSD bitch is in heat." What if we are talking about an ass as apposed to a jenny?
  8. How can an opinion be a lie? That is well .... kind of stupid.
  9. Sen. Harris is never a pretty sight. Evil is always ugly.
  10. Don't be stupid, the objective reality is that Trump is President, the objective fact is that he did not loose the election, there was no margin of loss, only a 77 vote margin of victory.
  11. Now that it has been announced that Sen. Harris will be on the ticket, should President Trump just ignore Biden and debate Harris instead? It is not as if Biden has the mental capacity to actually run the executive branch.
  12. There was no defense of Trump, just an observation of how Democrats receive accolades they have done nothing to earn.
  13. Nonsense, President Trump's margin of victory was 304 to 227, his margin of victory was a decisive 77 votes. Learn how to count.
  14. Yes of course, but he will still be drooling on the shoes of the Swedish King.
  15. I think that it will be much faster then that as he is obviously in cognitive decline. Can't have Biden drooling on stage in Sweden.
  16. ... how long before he is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize participation trophy.
  17. Black individuals are black, their only experience with driving is "driving while black" whether or not they are having an interaction with a police officer. Likely. the vast majority of time a person is "driving while black" they have no negative experiences at all with police officers. Obviously, any time a black driver is pulled over they where "driving while black". Did you ever hear of observational bias? I am happy you had a girlfriend, a bit surprised, but congratulations. Perhaps because Karl and Vladimir where not Americans?
  18. I can not prove, but I think it likely, that there was, perhaps still is, video of Sec.Clinton watch the 2016 returns, such a historic event having a women elected president would be recorded for posterity. I bet that video would show a massive LOSER TANTRUM, such a massive tantrum that should could not even bother to talk with her supporters until the next day.
  19. I think those are among the most obvious racists who happen to be black, but I also think a significant majority of blacks are racists. On C-SPAN this morning a black feminist black studies professor stated that some 97% of black women voters vote democrats but black men are "slipping" a bit. I think that kind of monolithic behavior is symptomatic of racism.
  20. What rscism? Please be so kind as to illuminate your vile assertion. Unlike a great many Democrats, I don't make judgement about individuals based on their member ships in various groups, including race.
  21. I admit that I was somewhat naive about racism before Obama's candidacy. I was surprised at just how widespread and systemic racism is among blacks.
  22. That was 17 minutes I will never get back so that he could bribe people to vote for him with the public treasure.
  23. Xavier as God as he is most certain he knows the thoughts of another man. Let us admit the obvious, the thoughts of another man are not intersubjectivly verifiable. This is how stupid people continually conflate their personal opinions and bigotries with reality.
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