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  1. The fact is that whether or not a terrorist plot is from right wing extremists is an opinion as what is or is not "extreme" which necessarily involves a qualitative judgement. The fact is that you are not offering any facts, only the opinions of others with whom you happen to agree.
  2. This is not true. The Republicans only have a majority in the Senate, and that is not the same as having control. If the Republicans did in fact have control, then they would simply ignore Democrats and pass wherever they wanted and there would be no government slowdown assuming only that Republicans would not continually stab each other in the back.
  3. DNC employees likely have a hard time understanding that they do not work for the government.
  4. Everything right of benson13 is the extreme right which is just the same as saying that everything is extreme right as there is nothing left of benson13.
  5. As metal errors are no more then manifestations of defects expressed in the social DNA of a physical community of organisms the answer is obvious so why ask the question?
  6. Happy Shutdown Day!

    Now that Sen. Schumer has orchestrated a shutdown, we should just go back to regular order and start passing appropriation bills. We can fund the department of defense and other legitimate functions of the federal government and just let welfare programs languish until Democrats come to heal. At a minimum, we should require a public apology and resignation from Sen. Schumer before dealing with DACA. While we are waiting, just start deporting DACA recipients as their delayed actions expire. Warmest Regards, Richard
  7. If abortion were illegal

    There are no safe abortions and more then half of all abortions result in the death of at least one woman.
  8. What is the NFL and bowl you write about? Not worth my time much less the Presidents.
  9. The worst ever was FDR, the imperial president who just ignored the constitution, perhaps as often as President Lincoln. He was incredible powerful and at the same time started us down the path of socialism, economic totalitarianism. In comparison, President Obama was only an impotent dilettante, not even worth despising.
  10. I bought 3 cars in 2017, remodeled two bathrooms, purchased 400 bottles of wine and two massive wine refrigerators, new bedroom furniture, put up a new fence around the back yard and we replaced every TV in the house. I also bought a German Shepard dog which will be born in February and I am researching how to teach him to bite socialists. Socialist stink so it should not be difficult. 2017 was a great year for the Hanson family. We have been putting off major purchases for eight years.
  11. Democrats most certainly do not represent my views. Neither do many Republicans.
  12. What a waste of $38 billions. Better to just burn it then to let the government take it. Imagine what it would be like if the government no longer forced corporations to collect taxes. How prosperous would we be if the corporate tax rate was 0% and corporations made decisions that where not distorted by a desire to minimize tax liability.
  13. NFL Playoff Season Is Here!

    What does NFL stand for?