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  1. Warren swatted away almost every question. The only thing I wish she would do is call out the moderators on their right-wing -- will you raise taxes on the middle class to pay for healthcare -- questions. I know why she's not giving a yes/no answer, and that's because she doesn't want to give the Republicans that soundbite. But she's also right in that it will be a net cost reduction. So she needs to start hitting back at them. Beyond that, very strong night for her.
  2. First of all, this poll is taken of "swing" voters who went for Trump in 2016. That's a very narrow selection of people, and I think they are offset by the number of people who are excited and invigorated by AOC and the rest of the Squad. Also, to be honest, Congress is pretty much despised by *everyone*, so dislike of a representative does not necessarily translate to who will be chosen for President. The lesson here is NOT to shut up these brave congresswomen. The lesson is to promote POSITIVE news about progressives. In short, it doesn't matter squat if these swing
  3. Here's the thing. When it comes to the news media, the slant of the news is going to depend on what sells. A liberal news media and a conservative news media can actually seem quite similar, depending on what they are reporting. Much of the time, the difference can be quite subtle, especially when reporting local news. The more actual fact in a piece, the less slant there is room for. The news media goes through cycles of liberalism and conservatism, just as society does. With the ever-changing frontier of communications, traditional news media is still struggling to keep up. And in all honest
  4. Well, as my first pick was sadly wrong, here's my second pick: Since the One Ring was destroyed on the 25th March 3019 of the Third Age, it seems only right and just that Trump's presidency should fail on 25 March 2019 of whatever age this is, when he is finally ruled mentally incompetent. Pence will be impeached on the 6th June 2019, because that is my birthday. Unfortunately, that leaves us Nancy Pelosi as President, but she won't be able to cause too much harm, because she'll pander to the liberals, as by then we'll have gained momentum and she'll think if she panders to us we'l
  5. What I really love is how the Federalist is condemning Maxine Waters for allegedly calling for violence against members of the Trump regime, they follow up with metaphorically suggesting Trump supporters should be metaphorically(?) scalping people.....
  6. To be honest, I posit that one of the reasons it's harder to get the Democratic voters out in force is that the Democratic base tends to be to the left of their representatives and is tired of feeling that no one in office really cares about them. I would say that this is true in *most* places. That is why Bernie surged when people actually learned about him. Because they felt he actually would be progressive.
  7. Actually, if we *could* flip the House, yes, then the presidency would fall to the Speaker of the House should we get a twofer. So maybe if we can get rid of Trump and Pence in early 2019... that might actually be the best-case scenario..... Flipping the Senate is more likely, I think, but the President Pro Tempore of the Senate is still fourth, not third, in line of succession. So we need to flip the House.
  8. First off, this report is over 2 years old. Secondly, it has nothing to do with conspiracy theories. HAARP? LAPN? Chemtrail experimentation? The government has done and still does crappy things, but we don't need to add crazy conspiracy theories to the list. Here's the takeaway: Even under Obama, the US did not have a great Human Rights record. Under Trump, things are worse.
  9. Dick Durbin is a pretty damn decent guy. Of course, he's not a Republican, so that helps. He called out the Republicans before, too, once over comments made about Obama, and once criticizing the treatment and interrogation of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. It is sad that none of the Republicans who were in the meeting have come clean publicly about what the President said, though although Jeff Flake *has* apparently told ABC that people at the meeting told him the Bad wordhole comment did happen, and The Hill has reported that Graham apparently told Tim Scott that the reporting of the Bad wordho
  10. Yes, Tammy Duckworth was born in Thailand, but her father was a US citizen and a Marine Veteran. That makes her a natural born citizen, and so she would be able to run for the office.
  11. A pairing of Amy Klobuchar and Tammy Duckworth.
  12. I do *not* want Oprah to run for President. I would be hesitant electing *anyone* with zero experience in any political office as President, doubly so now. We need someone with at least *some* experience to clean up the colossal mess Trump will leave us. We will need a leader we can rely on. I would love to see Oprah have some very visible place in the next administration, because I think she has the charisma and capacity with people to un-ruffle a lot of feathers. Or heck, I'd love to have her take some office. But we need to take the office of President more seriously.
  13. I agree with standing up against fascists. THAT I share in common with antifa. However, they also incite violence during protests, and not just against Nazis or KKK or white supremacists or other hate groups. They incited violence during protests against that stupid Milo troll, where the PEACEFUL protests were being quite effective. Instead, they hurt the cause of the students who recognized the value of free speech and were using the protest to allow Milo-twit his free speech whilst expressing their own. Similarly, in Charlottesville, the peaceful people protesting sent a powerful
  14. Laripu, I generally agree with a lot that you say, but I have to take issue with a couple of things in your post here. First of all, I want to point out that the so-called "pro-life" movement isn't actually "pro-life". Generally it is filled with people who are pro-fetus-in-women, but who do not support birth control, prenatal care, post-natal aid, food for poor children, scientifically-informed sex-ed..... Let's call it what it is: anti-choice. Part of the reason they get support is that they pretend to be for life, and it helps, even here, to expose their true motives. Even if t
  15. No. Just no. No matter how much I hate this man, no. That isn't right. As a people, according to how our elections work, we elected this gibbering orange fucktwaffle. Do I think he was eligible to run? No. I think the investigation will show that he was committing (and still is!) crimes that would render him ineligible to run. But we have rule of law. Let it work. An assassination would tear this country wholly apart.
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