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  1. First of all, this poll is taken of "swing" voters who went for Trump in 2016. That's a very narrow selection of people, and I think they are offset by the number of people who are excited and invigorated by AOC and the rest of the Squad. Also, to be honest, Congress is pretty much despised by *everyone*, so dislike of a representative does not necessarily translate to who will be chosen for President. The lesson here is NOT to shut up these brave congresswomen. The lesson is to promote POSITIVE news about progressives. In short, it doesn't matter squat if these swing voters vote Democratic if the base is apathetic because we have the same tepid dishwater candidates as before. Also, neither Warren NOR Sanders are far left. We need to really re-educate Americans on that. Political Compass
  2. I am more inspired by Elizabeth Warren every day. She exudes confidence and supreme competence. She's not flashy, but she comes across as reliable, dependable, a steady rock. That and her plans, oh the plans. That she has a vision beyond platitudes and can back ideals with ways to implement them, that speaks volumes. So she's my pick for President. As far as VP, there are a lot of options. Castro, Gabbard, and Buttegieg are the three options I am thinking of that might be nice pairings.
  3. Here's the thing. When it comes to the news media, the slant of the news is going to depend on what sells. A liberal news media and a conservative news media can actually seem quite similar, depending on what they are reporting. Much of the time, the difference can be quite subtle, especially when reporting local news. The more actual fact in a piece, the less slant there is room for. The news media goes through cycles of liberalism and conservatism, just as society does. With the ever-changing frontier of communications, traditional news media is still struggling to keep up. And in all honesty, what is considered Liberal in the US is often quite centrist many other places. So. As far as most people in the media, they might tend towards being liberal, but the news itself trends towards making money for the owners of said media companies.
  4. Well, as my first pick was sadly wrong, here's my second pick: Since the One Ring was destroyed on the 25th March 3019 of the Third Age, it seems only right and just that Trump's presidency should fail on 25 March 2019 of whatever age this is, when he is finally ruled mentally incompetent. Pence will be impeached on the 6th June 2019, because that is my birthday. Unfortunately, that leaves us Nancy Pelosi as President, but she won't be able to cause too much harm, because she'll pander to the liberals, as by then we'll have gained momentum and she'll think if she panders to us we'll elect her in 2020.
  5. Actually, if we *could* flip the House, yes, then the presidency would fall to the Speaker of the House should we get a twofer. So maybe if we can get rid of Trump and Pence in early 2019... that might actually be the best-case scenario..... Flipping the Senate is more likely, I think, but the President Pro Tempore of the Senate is still fourth, not third, in line of succession. So we need to flip the House.
  6. When one is in a group that has been denied social justice, it becomes equally important to us. Being financially well-off but living under tyranny and injustice is, in many ways, worse than being poor but having those rights.
  7. I think we definitely need a true progressive. And when I say that, I don't mean some gibbering radical fool. Thing is, politics in general have shifted so far to the right that people who seem extremely leftist here are considered more center-left in comparison to the rest of the world. We need that leftward shift to re-balance our government. Also, to be honest, it was progressive politics that really got people excited when voting for Bernie. It wasn't just him, but what he stood for. Unfortunately too many of the more 'centrist' Democrats are also corporatists, and that is one of the last things we need right now: more politicians beholden to corporations instead of working for the people.
  8. He will die at Mar-a-Lago on September 2nd, 2018. As Hurricane Kirk passes by offshore on its way to a Washington D.C. landfall, Trump, calling reports of global-warming-enhanced beach erosion and high tide as "fake news" and "conspiracy science", refuses to evacuate and dies in a roof collapse. Two days later, his body is recovered, though not much is left, as the remainder has been consumed by the alligators who have reclaimed this land. Sadly, little more than his hair remains. Is that May 10th or October 5th? Not sure which numbering system you're using.
  9. I personally liked, "And Jake Tapper left journalism to join CNN."
  10. Here's the thing, though. Most people aren't asking for 100% of what they want. Most people would like to get a good majority of it, though.
  11. At this point, the only thing that will heal the divide will be her *actually* moving to the left. If she will end fracking and lay down her war-hawk stance, if she will put people before corporations, and if she will work for single-payer healthcare and for the environment, if she will promise to at least make the attempt and be sincere about it, I might be willing to vote for her. But I don't see any of that happening.
  12. The problems in our education system are too many for a simple thread. No Child Left Behind and Common Core are wonderful concepts, but the implementation has been terrible. Unfortunately, a lot has been pushed out of schools in order to 'teach to the test' and improve scores, but higher scores alone don't improve quality of education. In fact, they seem to be detrimental. Funding is interconnected from the local to the federal level, and if one party fails in its funding obligations, then the schools are in trouble. When playing politics is valued over fixing funding problems, then the schools are in trouble. But it isn't just funding that makes the schools fail. It's teachers who have given up, or teachers who have their hands figuratively tied and can't initiate change. It's parents who don't value education and those who knowingly or not teach their kids to not value education. It's parents who expect the school to take over the responsibility of raising their children. It is a society which calls the educated 'elitists' and other derogatory names. It's a culture that values money over intelligence, that teaches one set of kids they're only good for this, another set of kids they're only good for that. It's the kids too worried about food or shelter or earning enough money to live on to care about education. It's the kids who have been brainwashed by gangs or peers or media that education isn't their best future. It's the economically crippling or economically unobtainable reality of higher education and the lack of viable alternatives. How, precisely, is private, for-profit, education going to solve this, exactly?
  13. First off, I am not a Constitutional literalist. That said, I think it is pretty clear that corporations are not protected under the Constitutions, which is why Citizens United is such a big deal and so very VERY wrong. As for how it would be interpreted after a huge attack, action in primal fear does not mean the action or interpretation is correct. It does not mean the rationalization is correct. I don't think the Supreme Court is anything other than human. However, I think the Supreme Court is increasingly polarized and partisan, caring more about ideology than actually ruling on Constitutionality based on the law and legal precedent. What I find strange about literalists is that when they argue for their weapons rights, they seem to forget about the well-regulated militia part of the Second Amendment.
  14. I'll also note that regulation of businesses is not equivalent to loss of individual freedom, because businesses =/= people. Also, last time I checked, regulating businesses was permissible under the constitution. The Patriot Act? Not so much.
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