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  1. I don't believe the progressives have embraced China. China is too nakedly capitalist, too nakedly un-PC -- look what they're doing to their own Muslims, putting them into concentration camps, A lot of people on the Right have a very over-simplified view of the people on the Left. It's basically how we were taught to think when we were read nursery tales, and then Hollywood just carried on: there are Good Guys, pure, unselfish, brave. In the old TV movies they always were clean-shaven and if they were cowboys, they wore nicely-pressed silk suits and their revolvers were plated wi
  2. Well, we will have to disagree here. Although I think you mean by "Communism" things like votes for women, equal rights for Blacks, free speech, social security, trade unions ... in which case, then Robert Welch of the John Birch Society was right: Eisenhower was a "conscious agent of the Communist conspriacy". However, consider another view: if you look at the history of the growth of capitalism in the West, it's not a pretty picture. No human history is, of course, going right back to our hominid ancestors. About the middle of the 19th Century, a movement arose
  3. On my friend. I don't now if he is still alive. After being released from prison, he resigned from the Communist Party, as many people were doing at that time, not because of the Smith Act persecutions, but because of two events that took place in 1956: Khrushchev's "Secret Speech" to the 20th Congress of the CPSU which denounced Stalin [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On_the_Cult_of_Personality_and_Its_Consequences ] -- it was distributed to the Communist Party Central Committees of the East European satellite statees -- still supposed to be secret -- but one of them was a CIA agent, and it
  4. Here is why this is such an acrimonious debate and why neither side really cares about playing "by the rules". From the conservative side, it appears that liberals have moved a LONG way from being the more pro-civil liberties, anti-government supervision of beliefs, side. Sixty-five years ago, conservatives would have approved of, say, outlawing the Communist Party. (And so would all the liberals in Congress, but not the rank and file of the liberal movement.) They would have approved of loyalty oaths for college professors. (And so did many elected liberals, but not
  5. I got six months in military prison and a 2/3 reduction in pay, when I was in the Army. In fact, my icon is my mugshot.
  6. Anyone who is interested in this nomination, ought to look at this guy's take on it: https://www.twilightpatriot.com/2020/09/ I think he's pretty interesting, with some unconventional views ... and I'd be interested in everyone's take on him.
  7. Yes, this used to be true. But beware of linear extrapolation: the view that the future will be like the past. [By the way, for patriots viewing ... a test: the boys at each end of this group are doing something wrong with respect to their weapons ... the ones in the middle have got it right. What is it?]
  8. Whoa ... talk about giving hostages to fortune! As for dealing with rioters and looters .... this needs to be undertaken in a sober, serious, systematic and above all legal way. Patriots should not rely on being able to deal with whatever is coming, by themselves. We must organize. Come to CivilianDefenseForce dot Org to see what some of us are doing.
  9. I must respectfully disagree. Of course we should repudiate all who seek to divide our country along the lines of race or religion. But we should do that, regardless of what the Democrats do. In fact, just between you and me, I hope they do exactly the opposite: I hope they come out and say, "AntiFa and BLM are mighty fine people, and if we get elected, we'll do everything we can to encourage their growth." Also ... and this is really just a technical argument and not one I'd want to get into at length -- AntiFa and the KKK are not moral equivalents. In th
  10. Really, this is advice for all genuine (not temporary, instrumental) patriots. But the intersection of the sets 'Loves America' and 'Is a serious Leftist' is pretty sparse, if not empty. First, some quick background: no one knows the future, but we tend to think it won't be very different from the past and present. That's because, on a day to day basis, it isn't. Today will be pretty much like yesterday, and tomorrow will be pretty much like today. But beware the fallacy of linear progression! So... looking at the profound changes in America -- how many of its elite yo
  11. I hope they win it. How would liberals feel, if they held a peaceful demonstration in favor of, let's say, reproductive rights (ie the right to abortion), and the mainstream media said, "A group of anti-American communists and pro-Islamic state traitors demonstrated today...." It's this sort of naked partisanship and dishonest that has made half of America no longer trust what used to be seen as relatively neutral news sources.
  12. Why do you think this? I would vote for Trump, so according to you, that makes me, by definition, a 'racist'. And the 5% or so of Blacks who voted for Trump and will again are, by your definition, 'racists'. But surely by 'racist' you mean more than 'someone who votes for Trump'. Surely you mean some who, even if they did not vote for some reason, holds a set of ideas, or exhibits a collection of behaviors, that would also allow you to say, "That's a racist." So ... why do you think that everyone who votes for Trump, even if in every ot
  13. This report is probably talking about individual acts of terrorism, and in that case, given recent (last four decades) history, it wouldn't be wrong. However, I believe that there is a much more dangerous threat, which is the opening up of the racial fracture lines in America. The broad mass of white people in America, including the Republican base, are not in any substantial sense racists. They do not see the world as 'my race' vs others. But that could change. If the Left succeeds in making 'race' the defining issue, with whites seen as guilty no matter what they really be
  14. Could someone who believes that the Proud Boys are white surpremacists, give me some evidence to support that claim? Some links, perhaps?
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