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  1. Not a lack of testicular fortitude.. just that you are competing with dirty people who cannot be convinced with facts. So be just as dirty.
  2. I know a lot of good Conservatives. Although most of them voted Liberal in the 2015 Canadian election (while presumably throwing up in their mouths a little bit) because our Cons went so far off the rails in the right-wing populism direction. And they are even worse now.
  3. And this is why liberals lose to the far-right. I don't advocate violence all the time, but there is a time when it is necessary. Punch a Nazi? I'm a Canadian Liberal.. Imma Shawinigan Handshake a Nazi!
  4. Populism is the antithesis of liberalism. It is mob rule/tyranny of the majority. It does not acknowledge pluralism and it is not the way to go
  5. This. The problem is, because of the way politics have gone in the past couple decades, people conflate right-wing populism with conservatism. This is wrong. Normalizing racist, sexist, exclusionary, and reactionary ideologies by calling it "conservatism" should cease to continue. We did it for too long and it's what got us into this mess. Reading this book right now, which advocates calling this out: https://www.amazon.com/Not-My-Party-Canadian-Stanfield/dp/1771084235
  6. One thing I have noticed since Donald Trump first announced that he was running for president is that his supporters love to pride themselves on being “politically incorrect.” I’m not talking about being politically incorrect in terms of refusing to use preferred pronouns for transgender people or saying “the blacks” as he has often done. Instead, Trump supporters enjoy using dog whistle racism, sexism, and otherwise hateful speech, and then claiming that they’re “just telling it like it is” while mocking anyone who calls them out on their shit. It is true that the left can be overly sensi
  7. No, they don't care about their situation. They are sitting in joy watching liberals be outraged. I have studied the alt-right for years. They do not care about the economy. They care about white male supremacy and will bring down the economy to achieve it. And pissing off liberals.They love seeing liberals upset. One thing they have advocated for years too was pretending to be liberals and infiltrating liberal institutions in order to change them. This is what liberals need to do now that the alt-right is on top... infiltrate and destroy from within.
  8. I'm not getting my hopes up. Apparently there is Article 25 of the Constitution that says that you can deny somebody the Presidency if they are mentally unfit?
  9. Came across this excellent personal story article: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/nov/28/alt-right-online-poison-racist-bigot-sam-harris-milo-yiannopoulos-islamophobia This is a great piece. This is something I have observed in other people as well. I have seen people I know radicalized to these kinds of beliefs, an once it happened, I could not longer get through to them and had to cut off friendship because they were attacking (and even threatening) me. I have seen otherwise rational people get sucked in. I have even heard members of my own family, who would sla
  10. My father actually met Castro when he was an MP (a Conservative MP), and spoke with people who knew him. He grew up a rich kid and felt sorry for the other kids in his community who had nothing. This is how he became a revolutionary. When he got power, he seemed to have gotten corrupt and lost his way. He then became corrupt, cynical, and mean. I guess he is proof that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  11. Castro was a far left revolt against an old corrupt far-right regime. I think people who praise him and walk around with Che shirts on are a bit naive, but I also do not believe he was the devil incarnate, either. Shared this picture of Justin Trudeau and Fidel Castro on my Facebook to mess with people though. lol
  12. The left is fragmented, this is true. But with the far-right (I mean far right, not even tolerable conservative right) rising all over the world, we need to be united. The problem is, what happened that caused the Occupy movement to split was a very deep scar. Also, the right is impervious to facts, and they recruit new followers, by playing to fears, How can we combat this? Suggestions (At this point, being in the only Western country left with a liberal government and no immediate right-wing populist threats makes me want to stalk up on guns and be ready to fight... which
  13. I have been advocating this for a while. Being from the country that is now being viewed as the last outpost of liberalism, I feel it has to be defended. And liberals elsewhere need to fight back. The right has been very aggressive, and sometimes liberals have not been aggressive enough.
  14. Did you read my blog entry about why I don't buy the economic anxiety excuse? I specifically said I still live close to where I grew up. One hour drive (not a big province). I still visit regularly. I have talked to them about Trump (all they can talk about now, because they are scared).
  15. Protests at Trump Tower in Vancouver
  16. I have the book just for you: https://www.amazon.ca/Fight-Right-Surviving-Conservative-Apocalypse/dp/0307361659 This author is a Canadian Liberal strategist, and he advocates what I did: Liberals need to be as mean, nasty, and gross as the right. We have to understand the Conservative mindset, and use their quirks against them. Another good one, though it's Canada-centric: https://www.amazon.ca/Kicking-Canadian-Politics-Warren-Kinsella/dp/0679310851/ref=pd_sim_14_1?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=F7D4EBC6GWW60AQM5S1A This guy is often referred to as the "Karl Rove of t
  17. Yes, I wrote reflections on this and the bullshit "economic anxiety" excuse in my blog here: https://medium.com/@RDHalifax/a-response-to-tim-wise-i-also-have-no-sympathy-for-angry-white-men-689b513117d1#.3pdquw8pj
  18. Here is one from Nigeria. It's about hard times under shitty governments, but it doesn't last forever.
  19. Joe Biden's reaction to the words "Donald Trump will be out next President" is what I think everybody is thinking:
  20. Trump wants to invest in infrastructure. I think that can be a good thing.
  21. The right-wing scored a victory and they have been fighting for years with Brexit and Trump. Now they want revenge. We liberals have been too soft, too compromising... while the right fights dirty. Keeping the moral high ground is no longer the best option. We need to fight as dirty as the right does. Our safety and our countries depends on it.
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