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  1. Hahaha.. hockey and real beer. That's how we roll.
  2. Haha... yeah I saw Obama making fun of him. Trudeau isn't as funny as Obama, though, or his father. Maybe he will be after he spends more time in office and has to deal with the rest of Parliament, and the public.
  3. Haha his speech was funny. I'll miss Obama
  4. Yeah it can cause fear of learning if you're so scared and believe liberals cozy up to terrorists and that education is a liberal indoctrination camp. That's populism in a nutshell though
  5. I agree with this. Except for #3. It's not just Americans. It's happening all over the Western world, and it has been caused by the proliferation of right-wing media and fearmongering about terrorism.
  6. Well extremism isn't as strong among liberals yet, but it's possible. And it exists, but I have only seen it in some corners of the Internet. Obama has stated his concerns, with the GOP as off the rails as it is (from extremism), that Democrats don't have anyone with a different worldview challenging blind-spots that they have from dogmas of their political view which could result in, at best, bad policy and at worst, epistemic closure like I had previously mentioned. If you look at my thread "Liberalism is in your genes", failure of both sides to engage with eachother could be looked
  7. Fear can make people more conservative. People with dementia and traumatic brain injuries remember when their brains were working properly and that can be scary and frustrating. Also, being reminded of one's own mortality can make someone support more conservative positions, even if you show an enthusiastic liberal an articke about a fatal car accident, then have them answer political questions, they may end up supporting more conservative positions, so maybe someone in old age close to death and not quite come to terms with it, may be more conservative. Conservatism rose across the world
  8. Yeah I remember Barbara Frum. But not well. And actually there are some conservatives I enjoy reading and it's to expose myself to different views, David Frum is one of them. He is a sane conservative. I love now that he is pointing out that what is happening to the GOP is what he warned was going to happen years ago. David Frum is a proponent of Obamacare and social programs in general. He is for single-payer health care, actually. He believes that conservatives should stop being so adverse to it. He also believes conservatives need to address income inequality, he supports a $15 minum
  9. Hillary does seem right-of-center. As Obama is. You can still be right-wing and progressive, just as you can be left-wing and conservative. They're completely different axes. Take the Political Compass. Left and right are left and right. They are economic policy. Up is conservative and down is liberal. Hillary is probably where Obama is. These are Canadian and US politicans mapped. Stephen Harper was probably the only Conservative PM we had who was right-wing. All of our other Conservative governments were left wing, but conservative... In the upper left hand quadrant of the
  10. I think the cause of extremism in politics worldwide is a result if epistemic closure. This article deals more with it among conservatives, but it is found among liberals as well: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2010/04/28/books/28conserv.html?referer=&_r=0
  11. Many countries have laws against collection of biometric data without permission or a charge. I gave up mine, it's public. I was given good money for it because I have "useful" genetics, I descend directly from the population at Port-Royal so my genetics display the ethnogenesis of French-Canadians. If you descend from the Mayflower people or slaves in plantations in the Carolinas you'll get good money too. But I didn't do it for money, of course, for science. It'd be easy for someone to find out my genotype in this gene that they theorize influences your politics and see I have the liberal ge
  12. They do. Many strict Muslim countries throw liberals in jail. Syria was a pretty liberal country at one time though. Until it descended into war. I bet learning that would make Islam sound more appealing to many American conservatives, who seem to have more in common with people like the Taliban than they wish to admit.
  13. Political parties already do that. Not genotype data but they collect data available that could get a hint at how you vote or think politically. In Canada there is a software called C-Vote and it can make connections on how you vote, for example, it figured out how people who own a snowmobile are more likely to vote Conservative. But, a prominent politician used this to suppress votes and went to jail for it. He used the software to robocall people who were calculated to most likely NOT vote Conservative and tell them their polling station has moved. As for candidates, well, I think judg
  14. I'd agree too. In Canada we have two left-leaning parties, one Liberal and one left-wing populists called the New Democrats and I doubt the party leaders have the same genotype. Although the New Democrat leader before him was not so angry and a very optimistic person. He passed away too young, tragically. And my mother was thinking of voting New Democrat (I think maybe she did, though she's normally conservative but the conservative guy in that election was not well-liked) she thinks the Liberal guy is too naive and it annoys her that he's optimistic all the time (why?). Personality-wise, he
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