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  1. Kisses

    Thank You Harry Reid!

    Good old dirty Harry.
  2. Kisses

    A different kind of Ford

    I access my poker app through Facebook. Sit-N-Go's are my favorite. And yeah, I prefer the 5 player tables over the 9. More fun that way. Meh.
  3. Kisses

    A different kind of Ford

    I'm currently in a game on Zynga.
  4. Kisses

    A different kind of Ford

    You can always leave.
  5. If you would have said, "…what they mean is – blacks are stupid", then I would agree it wasn't racist but instead you called them, "stupid N*ggers". Now I will agree most Americans are as dumb as what you said.
  6. Who are you to talk? You post very racist things against blacks.
  7. No, it's not. Maybe those in the far corners, but to assume an entire group has those thoughts is quite foolish. Most of Americans are in a gray zone. IMO, anyways.
  8. Liberals panic when they see black Americans escaping the Democratic party shackles. Then they go on the attack and call them sellouts. Shaming those that rise above… Typical liberal mindset.
  9. Kisses

    Trumps Mysterious Hair

    Okay, I laughed a little bit. His hair reminds me of Bill Murray in the movie Kingpin.
  10. Not really. I've seen conservative only threads here before and they never last. Conservatives more prefer debating rather than circular pettings, but feel free to dig one up if you want. :-)
  11. The election was for president, not a new preacher at church.
  12. Kisses

    The Redneck Racial Slur

    People that use the term "redneck" don't care if it insults or is a derogatory terminology to call white people. They simply don't care.