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  1. The illegal we do now....... the un-Constitutional..... that takes a while !!!!!!! The Globalist MO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am going with JR Myers of the Constitution Party. Republicans and Democrats are too much Globalist puppets. www.constitutionparty.com No matter who the media puts in the spotlight.
  3. Hillary will be yet another Globalist President..... Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, Obama, <Globalist Puppet 2016>
  4. Yes cuz the Globalists want to turn America into a ruined 3rd world socialist nation. That's why they send Obama there.
  5. Well if Ventura gets serious.... He'll derail the Trump bandwagon for sure...
  6. They are globalist turncoats.... Support the Constitution Party...
  7. Hey look I just badmouthed conservative type corporate subsidies.... Still banned from the Liberals Only forum. I thought liberals were against discrimination?
  8. Yeah but it's not socialism when corporations and conservatives get government money.... Just poor people who lost their jobs due to globalism. Contard logic 101 !
  9. Hello... The Federal Governemt does this anyway.... What do you think OSHA, EPA, Dept of Labor, Fire Marshal and. Better Business Bureau are..... The only good capitalism is disciplined capitalism.
  10. They realy are the poverty plantation party. Of course black people screwing over black people is nothing new.
  11. No one can take away your gun rights. No state can restrict your rights and charge a fee.... Murdock vs. Pennsylvania If a state tries to you can ignore the un-constitutional law and exercise the right. Shuttlesworth vs. City of Birmingham.
  12. Sarah Palin's daughter just lost custody of her kid too. Putting the Con in Conservative !
  13. Fortunately there are some enlightened Constitutionists here providing a sensible alternative. Welcome to the forum. Go to www.politicalcompass.org and see how you really stand. Good website. Good insight.
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