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  1. Tiger for president. Hes a better Golfer and more of a player than Trump Dont you guys want the best of the best?
  2. I would take this video down. No one needs to see this. https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/new-zealand-mosque-shooting-attack-video-offence-1.5060739 "Man charged with distributing live stream of New Zealand mass shooting" The site owner could be charged.
  3. Affirmative action programs IS equal opportunity. Elitists paying out coaches or simply getting in due to status is NOT how is this the american dream??
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/radio/thecurrent/the-current-for-march-13-2019-1.5053541/a-mirror-on-america-how-the-u-s-college-admissions-scam-reveals-pervasive-inequality-in-society-1.5053550 Again no surprise here 'A mirror on America': How the U.S. college admissions scam reveals pervasive inequality in society America is a society that bends over backwards for the elites and punishes the hard workers. Yet republicans continue to cater to the elites. Infact you elect them into office
  5. Um anyways its apples to apples because US is also a country, it will take significant steps to turn US into a socialist country. But everything takes time and effort. I dont see why analyzing other countries and blaming immigrants make US not possible. Canada is very socialist in US terms and has a large immigrant population soo moot points "Another opportunity lost, thanks to Obama and the Democrats who caused the 2008 recession. Just saying " The hell? LOL
  6. again another con mixing up weather vs climate.. Ill let Ronnie explain it to you https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=309332266598773
  7. Quality of Life: Top Ten Ranking CanadaSwedenDenmarkNorwaySwitzerlandFinlandAustraliaNetherlandsNew ZealandGermany
  8. Yawn.. https://www.mtlblog.com/news/canada/canada-has-been-ranked-1-healthiest-country-in-the-world https://www.vancourier.com/news/study-ranks-canada-1-in-the-world-for-quality-of-life-1.23609916 Post more memes please. Because those are facts right?
  9. How about the many socialist countries existing today? There is nothing wrong with socialism. We have EXISTING countries that have very high standards of living that are more socialist. This isnt even a debate anymore. No point debating something you can see for yourself! This is like debating flat earthers... The only question should be how US would adopt socialism
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