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  1. Trump will head to his private residence on the 20th Lawsuits and debt begin Which lawsuits do u think he will face? What debt has he yet to pay? Let me name a few Lawsuits on Dominion Voting Unpaid Rally Fees Sexual Harassments Lawsuits COVID Lawsuits What unpaid loans and fees does he have Unpaid Rally Fees 640million in debts to banks Lawyer fees LOL I have not seen such a sad any for any president to date.
  2. actually let me reprash Trump Protestors walk into Capitol Hill to trash it and all the while chanting hang Mike Pence while all the lawmakers are inside trying to fullfill the constitution.
  3. u will never be able to counter Trump protestors walk into capitol hill and trash it.
  4. there were thousands of observers Witnesses of a video online doesnt make u a witness Statistical anomalies like democrats choosing to vote more over mail because they BELIEVE in COVID isnt a surprise. Anyways u had your many lawsuits and many cases to all levels of the judicial system. All of them failed. Only 6 senators upheld their objections to the voting certification. Trump tells you its time for peace and an orderly transition of power Calm down, stop and move forward as a country.
  5. Duh duh dah dah! Im not willfranklin But i shall respond to fullfill you desires. Happy now duck615? Did u miss me?
  6. whats coming for us GOP is wreckkked THey want to hang mike pence and mitt romney How can this be one party I suggest GOP seperates from Trumpism u can form another party and split the right vote please
  7. no politicians are not more important that dozens murdered absolutely not But guess what They are the LAWMAKERS lol. Its not about respect buddy They are the ones that determine what policies and what rules to enforce LOL and you threatened them!! Thats like your protesting your guilty charge By threatening judges, lawyers and cops. LOL You are really clueless
  8. sorry i missed it next time im pacific time so i was out.
  9. honestly america is lucky If police werent so non chalant or a few unstable looters decide to start a fire it could of been way worse. As bad as it is already. Imagine if they the rioters found nancy pelosi or mike pence or some politician. What would they do....
  10. i really dont agree with this American media will sensationalize everything, THAT is a given. But make no mistake. The minute people ran into capitol hill and shouted things like hang mike pence or hang nancy pelosi is when they seriously crossed a line you can never cross. They invaded lawmakers homes. The privelaged politicians only see videos or pictures or protests and may or may not empathize with whats happening. BUT THEY CAME IN WHILE THEY WERE INSIDE. U MADE THEM SHAKE IN THEIR GOLDEN PLATED PENSIONS. Do you understand?
  11. U still havent answered my question. All of the "communist" policies you fear are in full effect in Canada. Infact Biden would be considered a conservative here in Canada. So do you think Canada is communist?
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