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  1. https://www.businessinsider.com/white-house-blocked-usps-from-sending-face-masks-to-all-households-2020-9 The White House blocked the US Postal Service from sending face masks to every US household in April
  2. haha your really know trumps motive eh, He must of told you personally that he wanted to threaten tariffs on Canadian aluminum to make the left in CANADA realize that we can fight back? Err umm yeah. Because he is a gennniiuuuusss lol oh man You must pray to him at night dont u
  3. https://vancouversun.com/news/economy/u-s-removes-canada-aluminum-tariffs-amid-retaliation-threat/wcm/d7a7e2d0-6e78-43d7-bd30-95dbf98783b8?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1tDF-E-T0xOwdSt__aVcfKDV0OaT6thLy6FM-14XZgi9sGr0umcgMGmNg#Echobox=1600193015 U.S. yanks tariffs on Canadian aluminum amid retaliation threat
  4. There is also no such think as smart cons in the United States of America. Chirp Chiro. Anyways until you provide some proof (ignore) or u can keep talking to the wall
  5. yawn racism may be bad for a supposed developed nation or even leading country of the free world (so they say) Its obvious living conditions and opportunities are better in America than those places you listed even with Racism. Like they cant even get safe drinking water in some of those places you listed, or the country has been ravaged by war.. America should do better as there are plenty of countries where systemic racism doesnt exist or is atleast less apparent. So they still want to come to America. But to really answer you question, t
  6. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-53892856?xtor=AL-72-[partner]-[bbc.news.twitter]-[headline]-[news]-[bizdev]-[isapi]&at_medium=custom7&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom3=%40BBCNorthAmerica&at_custom2=twitter&at_custom4=2AB6CE0A-E62D-11EA-90E7-ECB94744363C&at_campaign=64 So sad, Americans Conspiracy theorists and Flat Earthers also seem to flourish in America
  7. he tweeted it himself... Arent u his follower? Hes worried about voting safely, but not worried about the coronavirus hmmmm
  8. So its Trump spewing nonsense as usual? I guess we ALL agree right?
  9. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/freeland-aluminum-imports-tariffs-trump-1.5677757 Canada to impose $3.6B in tariffs in response to Trump's move against Canadian aluminum
  10. with how u guys respond to wearing masks I cant imagine how you would respond if someone tried to take away your guns....
  11. So you dont support it? Good But you dont take everything he says as literal? What do you take it as? Fools speech? ^.^ U know why he wants to delay the election Slipping in the polls and he doesnt want to lose
  12. Like seriously? I mean most of you dont even take COVID seriously Do you support him wanting to delay the election? And if you do why?
  13. if its democrats Then why are they the ones asking for people to be socially distance and wear masks Its the Repukes who are denial saying this is just the flu and etc. etc.
  14. wheres the rights and freedoms of the elders? Or are you only concerned about your own freedom? typical.
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