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  1. We all know there is basically a fixed number of positions that have no fixed income, and fixed income positions have a cap on their salaries, and that a certain percentage of people are going to occupy the bottom, middle and top no matter how the wealth gets distributed, and those numbers aren't hugely negotiable... Yet there is a seemingly unlimited demand for cheap labor, and I have no idea why. Even if you can assume that they are all literate and can do basic math, what are you going to use all those people for? Say you're a monarch, and you can consume all the labor you want to do "wh
  2. *Warning, Strong Langauge, not for the faint of heart* Can we generally assent to the fact that most liberals, most democrats, hate their own party? Can we further attest to the general lack of muster, courage, and general spinelessness amongst our party? Can we admit to ourselves that we are, for lack of a better term, a bunch of fucking faggots? Its sad but its true. But you know what? I'd rather be a fucking faggot than whatever the fuck they are. Those diseased, barbaric, muscle-brained, dimwitted wet farts down south of the bayou. Those ugly dim-witted slack jawed inbred
  3. As for my original point, US lawmakers control the purse-strings, its what they do. They must decide on a military budget and determine which projects get funded and which do not. That is there job. If you want to make some sort of point about money in politics, that seems to me like a serperate issue, but the reality (to me at least) is that the democrats do not spend enough time courting military contractors and are allowing republicans to make pork barrel projects like the X-35 fighter jet possible, which tallies up to nearly 1.5 trillion in investment by the US government, and to wit th
  4. An empire is like an organism, it is either expanding or receding, growing or aging. We expanded our spheres of influence into Western Europe in the 50's, establishing military bases throughout Germany, England, and many other places. Withdrawing our troops from overseas only puts us at a disadvantage, it leaves those western democracies easy pickings for soviet and chinese influence peddlers. I believe in the nuclear policy of non-retaliation, I still believe in it, but I still think we should fight tooth and nail against leaving any of our territories under the sway of communist natio
  5. Republicans have no problem giving trillion dollar pork barrel projects to the likes of lockheed-martin in exchange for lobbying money, and when they are finished we are often lucky if they can lift up off the ground. Democrats could build weapons and war machines as well, and I bet you they could do it for a lot cheaper. (They might actually work, too!) As much as we bitch about military spending, we are notoriously understaffed as well. Our military consists of an all volunteer army, we do not have enough personel to maintain our territorial holdings, much less wage war on foreign soi
  6. It really is an absurd proposition, but what galls me is that she blames the demise of the steel industry and freight rail on the incompetence of others, when it was technological progress spurred by capitalist innovation that caused the collapse of those industries. (i.e. polymer plastics, aluminum and freight trucking) I think most republicans who claim to have read the book tend to give each other a nod and a wink as they haven't actually read it or only skimmed through it. Jhon Galts speech is over 40 pages long in the paperback.
  7. Its a political as well as a philosophical premise. The idea is that we should all act out of self-interest, and that altruism is counter productive. Most people acting altruisticly actually are acting out of self interest, they make a conscious decision to sacrifice something for someone else for their own perceived benefit, because they are capable of empathy and do not wish to see others suffer and derive pleasure from bringing joy into the lives of others.
  8. Of course Stephen Hawking WOULD say that. Damn robot-lover. Didn't they try that in Vietnam?
  9. I think your crazy. Why else would anybody bother with backwater hellhole filled with hostile lunatic religious barbarians if there weren't some sort of profit motive? You think that Putin is just in a dick measuring contest with Obama? Or what, that his heart just can't stand the sight of seeing the terrible turbulence befalling Assads beleagured nation?
  10. I'm not following you. Why is natural gas not important?
  11. speaking of border patrol, how about this little gem? http://www.texasobserver.org/border-patrol-agents-assault-three-women-shakes-border-community/
  12. I really don't see the point of giving the conservative teenie-boopers a romper room. (ie NHB) If they came here to debate, thats fine, but I don't see why someone isn't waving the banhammer around, some of these posters have 25k+ posts and are basically just flooding the channel with inane nonsense. I was thinking about setting up my own chat forum, but it would only be online during certain times and would be a private invite.
  13. That makes a strange sort of sense. Higher taxes force you to invest in your business, not in yourself.
  14. Well, from what I understand, the president doesn't just point his finger and say, "That Guy" The CIA picks out targets and operations, and tries to get the president to sign off on them. If he doesn't, then the ball gets kicked back to congress or some senate sub committee or the joint cheifs until somebody, somewhere, gives them the greenlight to go ahead, with or without the presidents approval. If the president doesn't sign off on them, he gets called an "obstructionist" and he starts earning those grey hairs on his head. I sometimes forget that all the president can really do is
  15. I want to believe that raising taxes on the rich is the right thing to do. It sounds like the right thing to do, and it feels like the right thing to do, but I'm not sure. How does taxing the rich make me any less poor? Relative to the richest man on earth, it makes me less poor. But in an actual, realistic sense, am I any better off? Does a rich man have any less power over me than he did before?
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