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  1. I like the Jews because the can really dish out the beatings on America and Americans will always be thankful Like the lavonne affair incident and the USS Liberty affair as well as the proud delivery of living examples of the holocaust in the showroom of gaza and the West Bank really no where on earth or the heavens can this be found ANTI SEMITE not at all
  2. As usual the concept of inteligent thought and the natural minimum powers of deduction allude you, Let me give you a clue do the ku klux klan represent the average us citizen and yes they are American ,consider themselves good Christians and their patriotism cannot be questioned , Maybe you'll figure it out OR NOT lol
  3. You Americans are a laughing stock of the world here's why. I a country of free people the first thing is all evidence would be preserved 2 no government or private sector employee directly connected with the possible failures or interests would be allowed to participate in an independent inquiry 3 the president would be the first to ensure an independent inquiry that would unsure any failures by all involved would have consequence ie held responsible or even charged with gross negligence ( definitely not promoted) The question of how building 7 a 49 story steel structured building came down at free fall in a pulverised mass has never been recorded Before or after that fateful day The NIST report did not even the possibility of explosions yet claimed explosives were not responsible The cocksucking presidential incident had more funding than the worst nightmare in the history How is it possible that the American victims and public are of so little consequence that they are denied an independent investigation Without recourse . And prosecutions of the guilty parties is not carried out but others accused and persecuted with out evidence on hearsay. Why is it you have a whitewash of an investigation that does not follow the money trail nor take account of hundreds of eyewitness Reports . The world trade centre dust received no official investigation . Every other air crash in the history of aviation has had containment of evidence ,investigation of all possible causes and tracking of all contact,funding and forensic examination of money,paper and human trails. IT IS INCONCIEVABLE THAT THE MIGHTY U.S.A does non give its CITEZENS this set of basic rights . There lies the freedom and democracy in tatters A ragtag group can conceivably plan and execute so much from so far with so little are able to have performed the feat of three miracles (the collapse of three steel structured buildings collapsing in to their own footprint at free fall speed) Yet you are led to believe that so few with so much power and influence couldn't possibly have performed the feat of three miracles (of steel structured buildings collapsing in to their own footprint )On the one day ,never repeated before or after that fateful day. A scientific impossibility . Your thoughts please
  4. NO The American people are not and the whole of Islam is not The American military complex and Israel are . The fall out in a war with Islam would decimate the USA as without a single shot being fired you would be economically destroyed and completely overrun with Zionist who will destroy The USA and try to control the world economy but it has an upside you the American people will end up with masters who have manipulated you all through the centuries once and for all . IT WILL BE TOO LATE Ignorance now will not gain you back your freedom later . So go figure
  5. You sure pretend to know jackshit and you are right you are full of it Learn a little a out all religions and you will find good people with good practices and decent human beings You obviously belong with the terrorists an fearmongers with an armload of bad education as well as experiences Did you get bullied by a Mexican ,fucked by an Arab have your wife leave you for a good looking educated black man And rejected by a transexxual ,to top it all you lost your home to a Jew Yeah that is you ,as a man is a sum of his total experience and you've had em all A .45 should help ,got one then use it What ? You need instructions for that too Forget that you would be a waste of a valuable bullet ,a bullet to save a life worth saving ,( clue not you) Hey Johndnorth
  6. There you go again you bulshit machine, women in Iraq had security and family now they may have a vote : as widows as orphans as a mother grieving for her children as a mother grieving for her mother as a mother grieving for her father as a mother grieving for her dignity as a woman violated by the American soldier as a wife whose husband is tortured and waterboarded as a woman grieving for her family So mr teacher shut your cake hole ,ask your army to invade you privates whilst you are an uncooperative unwilling recipient You get the drift ,you self praising worthless piece,of an skunk excrement. Shove that up your bigger picture and and sub atomic sized brain
  7. oIt wold be wrong to assume "an American can post so many words that say nothing ,so much deceit and cry truth ,write up so much misinformation disguised as information " So to assume, because an American can be sooo alarmingly stupid,the truth must mean all Americans are stupid This ,were I to follow the flawed and equally STUPID logic of this stupid teacher (not all teachers) Therefore the vast majority of intelligent humans ( including the majority of Americans ) cannot and would not be agreeable to joining the ranks of the STUPID
  8. You can't find truth and won't find the truth even if killed you.Format that.
  9. Dick Rumsfeld and company played the American people like a finely tuned piano and got them to sing like canaries To support a finely orchestrated attack on its own people with the knowledge that they will write the final (bulshit filled) report The public should be feeling like"unwilling recipients of wiling sperm doners"curtesy of Mr Carling comedian extraordinaire .
  10. Jimsouth sorry jizzmouth you seem to have deviated from the single track Quick go see a quack
  11. Be impartial for a moment whilst you watch the link below unless you are a Zionist puppet http://iamthewitness.com/doc/Bunche.Report.on.Zionist.Terrorism.in.the.Near.East.htm
  12. Quit your incessant moaning at the consequences of interference ,arms supplies,corruption in those very Arab nations which will in turn Stop slaughter and create refugees who will come home to roost by your very actions
  13. I would say go about your life and Do no harm to others Cause no injury to others Cause no loss to others Protect what is yours in the process What say you
  14. Let us have a closer look at this stupid poster whith his pea for a brain excuse ,trying to pass himself of as remotely inteligent. Militarily powerful but economically broke and corrupt Incapable of responsibility You are just jealous you can't get a bj on demand and with being the pussy whipped coward that you are it's no wonder You would do well to start freeing your population from the ravages of the few visited upon the masses The Iraqui women were not until you fucked up their country. You would be standing at the very end of the queue to become a Muslim or to put it bluntly "you have as much chance of becoming a Muslim as a snowball has of keeping shape on a hot stove" As for the Holy Koran you don't posses the inteligence nor ability so that question is beyond you. Only Muslims who do bad things will suffer and you will be their example of low down stupid ignorance Arabs (by that you mean Palestinians )can only have the courage to have a hands on courage to fight American supplied tanks,Apache helicopters and white prosperous to defend an otherwise unarmed ravaged people (,no marine could match that level of courage) I just did stupid ( defend their actions) Why would you deny there was a dildo up your ass when we all know it's there Not WMD stupid but chemical weapons supplied to saddam by the United States of a...holes and used by a hate filled moron like you by the nick name chemical ali. Because the strawman argument posed by the likes of the warmongers like you. Saddam was kept in power by the USA and chemical weapons supplied curtesy of USA were used against the Iranian army killing Nearly a million soldiers . Two weeks prior to the invasion saddam Hussain informed the USA who kept silent ,thus giving saddam the impression of approval, Little did he know the Americans wanted him to attack Kuwait ,thus allowing USA to come and be hailed the good guys and disposing a dictator who got too big for his boots. WMD s he did not destroy what he never had or did the MIGHTY USA send in the blind to look for them. Look stupid I could go on and on proving you to be stupid beyond comprehension but out of pity for your sorry ass I will refrain From annihilating you .you could be cannon fodder in reserve. But one point I will leave you to ponder How did a stupid Arab as you put it be smarter than the CIA FBI MOSSAD THE MIGHTY US ARMY /NAVY and AIRFORCE Attack and defeat you from A cave in the mountains and to what end (I suppose he could have calculated the American public would lose more of their freedoms) And simultaneously give the American people three miracles in the space of a couple of hours wouldn't that in your poor judgement Make him the smartest man you poor depraved lost soul. The three miracles I guess I will have to explain ,now are you relaxed and ready to obsorb digest and understand a very complex explanation made easy to understand by a very stupid person ?here it is On the day three steel structured buildings collapsed into their own footprint ,one of which did NOT get hit by a plane. This phenomena has never before or after been heard of ,repeated or scientifically been proved but occurred , Thus the conclusion would be bin laden not only smarter but also performed miracles OR you got done by a tiny number of your own with the only other criminal element capable of carrying out such an atrocity .Clue ( plans drawn to bomb British Houses of Parliament circa 1947/8 ) I dare you to find this info on your own And look out for your allies here http://iamthewitness.com/doc/Bunche.Report.on.Zionist.Terrorism.in.the.Near.East.htm
  15. You are right but the hate is for those who do the bad things of which the list is endless It is not the American people that are the subject of hate but it is the atrocities that a few Americans are committing upon the rest of the world !pro porting to represent the American people that the world over hates .
  16. You sound soooo insecure those who shout death to America ,that terrorist state those Muslims BUT aren't you the same people who actually mete out actual Aren't you the same people who used agent orange defending YOUR freedom thousands of miles from home or any actual threat Aren't you the very nation who actually used the atomic bomb The same people who own an arsenal of nuclear booms a hundredfold larger But YOU ARE SCARED SHITLESS WITH WORDS OF THE WORLD vocalising their treatment of your atrocities A man of real strength and courage doesn't have to beat the shit out of a weaker person because he knows he is strong A weak man with no courage has to constantly beat down and bully weaker people often saying he will defeat some one he Says is tough as nails (knowing full well the person is weak) to boast of his strength . STFUP you coward and stop scaring your already scared people (through no fault of their own) It's just a bunch of so called democratic terrorist gangsters jostling for supremacy with another bunch of equally undemocratic Terrorist gangsters vying for supremacy. A bit like your local criminal gangs fighting for their territory amongst themselves whilst the innocent civilians suffer the consequences
  17. Simple minds cannot comprehend complex matters Your ignorance has been noted and categorised as such. But await the dregs of said ignorance to surface shortly due to lack of new cerebral medication Go pop a pill any will be better than none
  18. Damn you are slow YOU ARE proverbial dog belonging to the United STATE of Israel Get with the program Your intolerance for their intolerance is a total sum of 0Making you both evil on the same par I thought you might have been capable of more Guess I was misguided There is still hope that you have not succumbed to the dark side
  19. The whole point is you are assuming the threat is real But it is already present and real You just don't recognise it,because of your blind patriotic misaligned red herring infested outlook
  20. Oh yeah you must have red Indian blood Tell me so If so why you ain't bitching about the white immigrants My assumption was correct huh
  21. Bad politicians are elected by good people with bad judgement as well as people who have good judgement whit holding their votes So if people get the government they deserve You end up with a two headed coin toss where you are only allowed to call tails Voting is a ticket for the corrupt, wealthy and powerful Laws that apply equally to all in every sphere of life which do the most good to the most people without harm or loss to everyone Remains to be tried
  22. A spot placed in an immigrant in the right place at the wrong time produced a drip like you a long time ago Now you have the gall to oppose the refugees created by your own kind,the same sanctuary your forefathers who were economic migrants enjoyed and allowed to drip

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