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  1. Trump"I am the most sought after individual with the highest value bigly and the only president in the history of the world valued at $10 MILLION "
  2. I like the Jews because the can really dish out the beatings on America and Americans will always be thankful Like the lavonne affair incident and the USS Liberty affair as well as the proud delivery of living examples of the holocaust in the showroom of gaza and the West Bank really no where on earth or the heavens can this be found ANTI SEMITE not at all
  3. Wow you are tough in like "slow like a banged zilla "do you feel totally fucked when you meet zilla or is it the slow way around A fine pair of pussies you make no inferred insult to the real pussy,maybe calling you pussies is too good for the obviously ignorant cowards you are ,scared shitless by anything and everything and can't tell what's happening .your fears will capture and captivate you as it has from your "cradle to your grave " Lol
  4. I have to admit the thrill of reading quotes of sheer ignorance ,combined with a sense of desperation dripping with fear are the tales and Lies of such cowards as jewsmouth jimcloud and jtzilla who Jogs to z the gorilla for his milkshake You pair of cowards who can't find any truth in your miserable lives ,You have my sympathy and my undying laughter as long as you continue to humor us with your ignorance and any semblance of sense he he he .
  5. Get an education and stop getting fucked mentally emotionally and physically And if it's cock you want take your dog ,maybe you will lose that anxiety but truthfully no matter how much cock you get your mouth and ass are too big to ever be fulfilled ,so in conclusion you are destined to to go on wanting more cock in ever increasing circles
  6. Yeah we know about your fascination with cocks jtzilla Jtzilla always wishing for a cock of a gorilla lol You poor piece of ignorant poop of an inbred dog sired by your grand ma with your fathers seed
  7. There is one very good purpose you do serve (doctor of no knowledge ) you get people curious enough to learn more about the Muslims and most find that the truth is far more pleasant than your b-----t
  8. How hilarious you can always tell the least educated and most ignorant ones are always full of insults and filth surely a reflection On their low self esteem ,high ignorance and the inability to tell the difference , How about showing a grain of inteligence by LEARNING a little bit about something rather than knowing a lot about nothing . Try Hey doctor let me challenge you to use your brain and answer one question . Do you think that since NIST have declared that a steel structured building will inevitably collapse by progressive failure due to office fires . That all steel structured
  9. Here are some of the minority of stupid ignorant Americans who do take the time and trouble to show their ignorance and inability to comprehend any logic ,but you must give them an a plus for successfully convincing the world they posess supreme ignorance ,ignorance beyond human comprehension Jimsouth in slomotion and slowmotion in Jims mouth says it all. You both prove to be a good yardstick in the measurement of ignorance.
  10. As usual the concept of inteligent thought and the natural minimum powers of deduction allude you, Let me give you a clue do the ku klux klan represent the average us citizen and yes they are American ,consider themselves good Christians and their patriotism cannot be questioned , Maybe you'll figure it out OR NOT lol
  11. You Americans are a laughing stock of the world here's why. I a country of free people the first thing is all evidence would be preserved 2 no government or private sector employee directly connected with the possible failures or interests would be allowed to participate in an independent inquiry 3 the president would be the first to ensure an independent inquiry that would unsure any failures by all involved would have consequence ie held responsible or even charged with gross negligence ( definitely not promoted) The question of how building 7 a 49 story steel structured building came d
  12. NO The American people are not and the whole of Islam is not The American military complex and Israel are . The fall out in a war with Islam would decimate the USA as without a single shot being fired you would be economically destroyed and completely overrun with Zionist who will destroy The USA and try to control the world economy but it has an upside you the American people will end up with masters who have manipulated you all through the centuries once and for all . IT WILL BE TOO LATE Ignorance now will not gain you back your freedom later . So go figure
  13. You sure pretend to know jackshit and you are right you are full of it Learn a little a out all religions and you will find good people with good practices and decent human beings You obviously belong with the terrorists an fearmongers with an armload of bad education as well as experiences Did you get bullied by a Mexican ,fucked by an Arab have your wife leave you for a good looking educated black man And rejected by a transexxual ,to top it all you lost your home to a Jew Yeah that is you ,as a man is a sum of his total experience and you've had em all A .45 should help ,got o
  14. Yes " Intelligent smart infinitely superior " compared to you The doctor in in too deep SHIT what's that awful stench Ahh you mean the stench of bigotry sandwiched between the racism and topped with a large helping of ignorance Sounds about right
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