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  1. So I was having a debate(more like a shouting match) but then he said that the democratic socialism that he states, is not democratic socialism. That, Bernie sanders only wants to get ahead of Hilary Clinton. That he is using the shock factor like Donald Trump and that this is not socialism what he is doing, because he does not want to nationalise industries. And the major point that my conservative brother made about Bernie Sanders(apart from saying that Bernie Sanders was a senile pedophile, purely in jest) was that he is doing what every other Democratic hopeful wants to do except he wants to do it, in a more loud way(what ever that means <--)
  2. You sir, know nothing about Muslims or religion. THIS ALSO GOES FOR YOU, JIMSOUTH.
  3. Lol you make this too easy. 52. The companions (of the Prophet) are hard against the disbelievers means that they are not such that the disbelievers may mold them as they like. They can neither be cowed nor purchased by any inducement. The disbelievers have no power to turn them away from the great objective for the sake of which they have joined and followed the Prophet (peace be upon him) even at the cost of their lives. Source (Click here Ibn Kathir.)
  4. Congo has 95% Christian population and has one of the highest female mutilation rates in the world. This is not an islamic problem, this is a African problem. You, paint with a brush too large.
  5. No offense, but the Holy Prophet's clan's name was Banu Hashim, but yes he belonged to the Quraish tribe. But no body, in their minds say they are superior then other because the Quraish tribe tortured mentally and physically, the Holy Prophet(phub). As far superiority goes here is a hadith of the Holy Prophet "All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action.
  6. This is the website that you want for translation Click it! Honestly, I don't know why you thought it was incomprehensible. I have always argued that the only way that minorities' rights can upheld and justice be provided to them, is to seperate the state and the church(or should I say Mosque). If you want then tell me what do you want to read in the quran.( What I mean by this is if you want to learn about jihad, then I can tell which surah, you should read.
  7. As the question states, when can I use the private messenger?
  8. No, I got the fact prosecuting your predecessor but I don't understand how it was bad for the country. By all means, Zia Ul Haq was the baddest president of pakistan. But that was not in any way connected to his prosecution of his predecessor. Actually people were happy, that the court was prosecuting some one who was thought to be out of the scope of the law. But this happiness was short lived, when Zia Ul Haq came and fu*** Pakistan's economy, social values and justice system. And actually Pakistani politics is pretty easy to understand.
  9. I think the Sharia law that is enforced in Saudi Arab, Iran etc is opposite of liberal views. But as Mahmoud Mohammad Taha wrote that there are two sharia laws in this world. One which is based on Meccan verses and Madinan verses. The early scholars abrogated the Meccan verses and used the verses revealed in Medina in creating traditional Islamic law that we all know as Sharia Law. But Taha stated that, the message of verses of the Qur'an revealed while The Holy Prophet(pbuh) was living in Mecca ("Mecca Qur'an"), take a different approach to religious freedom and equality between the sexes than do the verses of the Qur'an revealed after Muhammad had left Mecca and was living in Medina (the "Medina Qur'an"). Taha considered this "the first message of Islam". He believed that the "Medina Qur'an", and Sharia laws based on them, violated the values of equality, religious freedom and human dignity and were outdated for the 20th century. They were "subsidiary verses" – suitable for backward society of the 7th century, but "irrelevant for the new era, the twentieth century". Meccan verses, making up the "Second Message" of Islam, should form the "basis of the legislation" for modern society. True Shariah law, Taha believed, was not fixed, but had the ability "to evolve, assimilate the capabilities of individual and society, and guide such life up the ladder of continuous development". While the Medina Qur'an was appropriate in its time to form the essence of the Sharia, he believed the "original, uncorrupted form" of Islam was the Mecca Qur'an. It accorded, (among other things), equal status to people – whether women or men, Muslim or non-Muslim. Taha preached that the Sudanese constitution(I believe every muslim country's constitution) should be reformed to reconcile "the individual's need for absolute freedom with the community's need for total social justice."
  10. Actually I believe the very fact apostates should be killed is appaling. I have always thought that laws like apostasy and blasphemy are a way to attack the minorities. Some verses to support this. “Surely (as for) those WHO BELIEVE THEN DISBELIEVE, AGAIN BELIEVE AND AGAIN DISBELIEVE, then increase in disbelief, Allah will not forgive them nor guide them in the (right) path.” 4.137 In 3:85-89 apostates are reminded that if they return to the true religion they will be forgiven. If capital punishment were invoked, then how will the apostates be able to return to the true religion and gain forgiveness for their past actions? “Except those WHO REPENT AFTER THAT AND AMEND, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.” 3.89
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