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  1. No one is smearing Trump, he did that all on his own by stealing his ideas from the 3rd Reich. LOL, Trumps stupid followers fell all over themselves to agree with his NAZI statements, now they can own it.
  2. Apparently I was right all along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXyyJ4FOdng
  3. Reid is one of the elite. He has his uses, but I give not a single fuck that he lost an eye. Hopefully losing an eye will become a thing on Capitol Hill. In the end, fuck them all.
  4. Well conservatives, you're about to get your wish. If some group does manage to smuggle nuclear material to ISIS they will no doubt attack the homeland. I hope it's everything you ever wanted motherfuckers. We will not forget that it is you who did this to our nation.
  5. That's funny, Cause I was talking about illegals. You do know that most illegals are Hispanic, not black, right? Fucking KKK moron.
  6. Koking, So, you basically are a lazy person using the argument that there are no good choices as a way to make yourself feel better about being too lazy to go actually vote. You do know that America caters to lazy fucks like you, right. It's called an absentee ballot, they were begging lazy people like you to use them during the last mid-terms.
  7. Republican politicians only say that illegals are getting welfare to cover up for the fact that it's mostly white conservatives in red states who are actually getting most of the welfare. Illegals aren't getting much, if any benefits.
  8. The choice for 2016 is clear. Vote Republican if you want to live in a dystopian future where the government is done away with in favor of naked corporate rule by the rich. Vote Democrat if you want to fight back against the dark future in favor of freedom and prosperity for all humanity.
  9. at democrats.com they have been running a poll by emailing their 3 million plus subscribers. Bernie Sanders 50% Hillary Clinton 21% Joe Biden 6% http://www.democrats.com/2016-presidential-poll-1510 Go Bernie!
  10. Hmmm, this sounds wonderful. Crazed right-wing extremists kill abortionists, then government wipes out right-wing extremists. Two birds with one stone.
  11. Yep, read this same article this morning. Revilution has a documentary out about the same subject, very good watch.
  12. LOL, WW3 can't wait. Kinda funny, but if you think about it, all the world wars are just big white on white violence! Fuck Yeah!
  13. The shooter didn't MURDER anyone! He just performed a few extremely late term abortions all in a row. Big whoopity doo da
  14. Kobia2, Infowars, really? You would have more credible evidence getting your news from the Saturday morning cartoons!
  15. Here's the thing, You American's are weak and stupid. It would be easy and simple for the NSA and Army Intelligence to track criminal gangs just like they do terrorists, then soldiers can be sent to wipe them out. But nooooo, boo hoo my privacy! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! But noooooo, martial law, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Fucktards, it's your fault, so take some responsibility for your personal failings.
  16. Fuck Europe, who cares what happens to them. It's their problem, not ours.
  17. Evince, Assad and Putin are not dictators. They are leaders of sovereign countries. Of course the news is going to try and sell you the bullshit line of they need more freedom and that the rebels are just moderate good ole boys trying to overthrow an evil government, because the military-industrial complex needs some more profits to pad their bottom line. Only someone who is truly uninformed would believe that Assad or Putin are bad guys on the world stage. It's funny how everyone calls Assad a bad guy, but conveniently forget that it is Turkey who is murdering whole Kurdis
  18. It was inevitable that Russia would make a play for a higher position among the nations of the world. Did you Republitards think you would keep the Russian people cowed forever while you freely exploited and murdered people all over the world. Morons, it's not Obama's job to keep the Russian people in a state of perpetual poverty and powerlessness so you can get away with your sins without having to face the consequences.
  19. Jimmy, You keep trying to pin the creation of the KKK on liberals. But, FACT is, the democrats who founded the KKK were conservatives. It's a well known fact that the old Republican Party is the modern Democrat party while the old Democrat party is the modern Republican party. They switched places you simpering fucktard.
  20. LOL, Jimmy claims that all Muslims treat women badly, but then takes an out of context, and probably fake, quote from a FEMALE Muslim leader. Oh the irony!
  21. Five by Five, Agreed, NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND. However, we should also back out completely. No air strikes, no rebel funding or arming. We just need to quit getting drawn into the Syria mess. Russia should take care of this since Syria is their ally.
  22. Shaman, Our Justice system does not hand out death often enough, and when it does we waste it by trying to make it "humane". If you kill someone, or have a hand to play in their death, then you die, brutally and with much screaming and crying. Kindness and mercy are wasted on the condemned, they have no value to the rest of us except to serve as example of what happens when you commit crimes worthy of death. We should also be giving corporate criminals an automatic death penalty. The alter of vengeance requires the blood and pain of the guilty, the condemned are a proper sa
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