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  1. Cecelia

    Biden is the only hope for beating THE PIG

    No thanks to Joe Biden. None of his policies will actually inspire people. All he wants is to keep the status quo. Obama won because he didn't want to keep the status Quo. His whole slogan was "Hope and Change". Biden's whole slogan is "Let's work with Republicans to make sure they can implement their worst policies while not improving things for anyone so credit card companies in Deleware can get rich." (Okay, that's not his actual slogan, but it might as well be)
  2. Cecelia

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    I've yet to see any reason I should support Joe Biden other than "He's not Donald Trump!" which is a quality shared by all the other Democratic Candidates, and they have more going for them than that. He's a corporate stooge who supports Republicans over Democrats. If America were anything like the rest of the world, he'd be a right-wing candidate. I'd really have to hold my nose to vote for him, and I voted for Hillary with no problem.
  3. Cecelia

    Joe Biden is in the race

    Oh and (sorry for the doublepost) let's not forget he's against Medicare For All. Why? "It lets Employers off the hook!" Which makes... absolutely no sense. Makes it really hard to support him.
  4. Cecelia

    Joe Biden is in the race

    I'll vote for him in the general, but I really hope he doesn't win the primaries. He's way too far rightwing. Defended Dick Cheney, supported a Republican running for office, and generally is on the wrong side of a lot of issues. Better than Trump? Sure. My pitbulls would be better than Trump, but I wouldn't vote for them in the primary either.
  5. Cecelia


    I'll take President Warren any day. (Well, President Elizabeth Warren, not Warren G. Harding for example) But I'm afraid that some people will just never look past the fact she took her parents claims of their native heritage so seriously. They'll knock her for taking some perceived advantage, while at the same time ignoring all of Trump taking advantage of young people seeking education and of bankruptcy laws.
  6. Cecelia

    Next test question for you guys

    The news media isn't liberal in the slightest. It's Corporate. Which leans conservative. While they appear to support Democrats in some cases, that's an instance of them trying to get the best ratings. There's no major news media outlet that's as liberal as Fox News is conservative. If there were a Liberal version of FOX News, you'd have endless stories of how poor people are forced into prison because they can't afford bail while Roger Stone is released on his own recognizance. You'd have stories about ALEC, and constant stories about gun violence and how bad it really is. You'd never hear someone on the network say something along the lines of "This is the day Trump became President". You'd also have stories about how bad wealth inequality has gotten daily. Most media outlets are fairly moderate -- not liberal. They fiscally lean conservative, but socially lean liberal. When people say the media is LIBERAL what they are doing is attempting to move the scale to the right even more. They're taking the proverbial line in the sand and moving 'left-wing' from "Everybody left of George W. Bush" and moving it to "George W. Bush and Leftward". When really Hillary Clinton should be a moderate, but with Conservatives drawing the scales she's far left wing (Making Bernie and AOC really far left wing). This plays to their advantage and allows further right-wing people to claim moderate (which gives them a lot more influence with other moderates) while not allowing moderate dems to claim moderate at all. By dismissing the Moderate Corporate News as liberal, we're letting them draw that line in the sand. Moderate = Liberal. This has, in some ways, backfired as moderate leftists have become more loyal to the Democratic Party (though should we go too far left, they may jump ship). But moderates have moved themselves into the conservative category (despite being on the other side of the line as far as conservatives are concerned) because many moderates prefer 'balance' (Both sides are bad!) to actual issues. That's why conservatives are constantly moving that line back. And the idea that the media is liberal is a big part of how they're doing it. They're defining anything not PURE CONSERVATIVE as Liberal.
  7. I really like the new Congresswoman from New York. She's got charisma, she's progressive, and she gives me hope for my generation. I'd love to see her as President one day. (Obviously she's not eligible for 2020, or I'd be calling for AOC2020). I know she's got Republicans and Fox News already trying to attack her. And establishment Dems seem a little worried about her. But I really think she's got a chance to be President one day. I hope that day comes, because she's the President we need and deserve.
  8. Cecelia

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    On the potential candidates listed: The No's: Michael Avenatti (Calif.) 47 Big no from me. Not Avenatti, not ever. Joe Biden (Delaware) 75 Another big no from me. I'd hold my nose and vote for him over Donald, but I'd have a hard time voting for him in 2024 unless the Republicans put up someone equally despicable. Michael Bloomberg (NYC) 76 Another big no. He shouldn't run. Especially after he said that legalizing marijuana was the dumbest thing he ever heard. Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio): 66 We don't want to lose the only Ohio seat we'll have. So another no. Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.) 49 His lack of support for public education makes this a No for me. He was friends with Betsy DeVos on her campaign to privatize education. Hillary Clinton (NYC) 76 No. Too much baggage. She shouldn't run again. Mark Cuban (Tx) 60 Not even a Democrat. So NEVER. Andrew Cuomo (NY) 60 No thanks. He's quick to pick fights with other liberals. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (Hawaii) 37 Nope. Never. She blames 'both sides' for the shutdown. That should immediately disqualify her. Her past statements concerning LGBT are also very concerning. Frmr AG Eric Holder 67 I'd walk away from this one fast and furiously. Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) 60 No, even though I'll vote for him for Senator every time it comes up. He's not progressive enough. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Va) 61 No thanks. he's a pretty good governor, but I wouldn't want him as President. Frmr Gov. Martin O’Malley (MD) 55 No thanks. Not after his performance in 2016. Frmr Gov. Martin O’Malley (MD) 55 No thanks. Not after his performance in 2016. CEO Howard Schultz 65 Not a billionaire, thanks. Sen Mark Warner (Va.) 63 No. I barely like him as a senator. I'd prefer someone more progressive. Both in that senate seat and in the white house. ===================================================================================================== The Yes's: Julián Castro (Texas) 44 I'd support him. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.) 51 Sure, I'd support her. Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) 54 She gets a yes from me, but I'd be careful of her because a lot of people I know don't like her much because she's a 'cop'. Rep. Beto O’Rourke (Tex.) 46 He'd get my support probably. Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) 77 I'd support him, but he's not my preferred choice. He's just getting up there in age. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) 69 Yes, but I'm worried about the whole "Pocahontas" stuff with her in regards to the primaries. ===================================================================================================== The Maybe's: Gov. Steve Bullock (Montana) 52 Never heard of him. Myr. Pete Buttigieg (IN) 36 I like him, but I don't think he's well known enough. Rep. John Delaney (Md.) 55 No idea who that is. Myr. Eric Garcetti (Los Angeles) 47 No clue who it is. Gov. John Hickenlooper (Colo.) 66 Don't now much about him. Gov. Jay Inslee (Wash.) 67 Another one I don't know much about. Jason Kander (Missouri) 37 Don't really know much about him. Rep. Joe Kennedy (Mass.) 38 Another one I don't know much about. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minn.) 58 She gets a 'Maybe' from me. Not sure sh'es who I'd want. Myr. Mitch Landrieu (New Orl.) 58 Know very little about him. Sen. Jeff Merkley (Oregon) 62 No idea who that is. Rep. Seth Moulton (Mass) 40 No idea. Sen. Chris Murphy (Conn.) 45 No idea. Deval Patrick (Mass) 62 Don't know enough about him. Rep. Tim Ryan (Ohio) 45 Don't know enough about him. Tom Steyer 61 Don't know enough about him. Rep. Eric Swalwell (Calif.) 37 Don't know enough about him. Oprah Winfrey 64 I don't know where she stands on most of the issues. Andrew Yang Adding him in since he announced. I'm not sure he has the name to succeed. But at least he supports UBI so yay!
  9. Cecelia

    Is it time to legalize prostitution?

    I'm in favor of legalizing sex work (Let's not call it prostitution. Sex workers prefer the term sex work) Especially so we can cut down on abuses in the industry that's currently illegal.
  10. Humans have not evolved since their origin.  We've simply decorated ourselves while still   fighting                                for  'HEAD OF THE HERD.'

  11. Cecelia

    So Who Are We Going To Support In 2020?

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) - Would love to see it happen, but doubt it does. former VP Joe Biden (Delaware) - No thanks. He'll be 78 in 2020. former Sec. State Hillary Clinton (New York) - She shouldn't even consider running again at this point. Sen. Sherrod Brown (Ohio) - Can't say I know much about him. Sen. Cory Booker (New Jersey) - I really hope not, I'd have real trouble voting for him. Even against the likes of Donald Trump. And if I have trouble voting for him, you know the hardcore Sanders supporters probably will too. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota) - Don't know much about her.. but if she can make a name for herself in the next 4 years she might be a good choice. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (New York) - Another one I wouldn't mind seeing, though she has a bit of a conservative record during her time in the state govt iirc. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (New York) - No thanks. Gov. Jerry Brown (California) - Too old. Gov. Jay Inslee (Washington) - Never heard of him. Gov. John Hickenlooper(Colorado) - Way too moderate. Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Virginia) - As a Virginian... no thanks. Sen. Mark Warner (Virginia) - See: Terry McAuliffe Sen. Al Franken (Minnesota) - I like him a lot, but I'd rather see someone a little younger run. I don't think he's interested anyway. Sen. Kamala Harris (California)- Doesn't have much of a record. Might hurt her that she doesn't think cops should have to wear body cameras. Sen. Chris Murphy (Connecticut) - Know nothing about him. Joseph Kennedy III (Massachusetts)- Who? Gov. Steve Bullock (Montana)- Who? Mark Cuban - Billionaire vs Billionaire. No thanks. Bernie Sanders - Will be too old. Katy Perry - Cause I'm coming at you like a dark horse Are you ready for? Ready for? A perfect storm? Perfect storm? Cause once you're mine Once you're mine There's no going back