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  1. It's hard to have any enthusiasm for Biden. He reminds me so much of John Kerry. Only older. (Biden actually IS older than John Kerry). Back during my conservative days, I never bothered to listen to people like Kerry or Biden. Obama, though, got my attention. I'm afraid the older generation, looking for the status quo (much like with Brexit) will doom us to a Biden candidacy. Unless the youth vote comes out strong in the primaries.
  2. https://fox17.com/news/local/bounty-hunters-who-shot-at-wrong-car-found-not-guilty-in-killing-of-clarksville-dad This is a story that should be getting WAY more traction than it is. Background: Jalen Johnson Milan was not wanted for any crime. Nor were any of the people in the car with him. They were also unarmed. Bounty Hunters chased them, thinking he was someone else, and shot at the car. They claimed self defense, and a jury let them walk. This is NOT justice. This is the opposite of Justice. And this is a story that should drawing more outrage than it is.
  3. I have the nagging feeling that Joe Biden will win because he's the guy people want to 'get a beer with'. And because people know who he is, because they don't follow politics. And I have this nagging feeling that Joe Biden will lose big time to Donald Trump. I'll vote for him, don't get me wrong. But I feel he's a losing horse.
  4. Anecdote Time: A couple of years ago I had an ABSOLUTELY brilliant student. Straight A's, valedictorian. She could've easily had her choice of schools. The problem was, she couldn't afford it. Even with scholarships that she qualified for, she couldn't afford to go to an ivy league college, even though she would've easily been accepted at any of them. Who knows what she could've done with an Ivy League education? She'd have had far more opportunities than she does today. Now, she's deep in debt and struggling significantly. But hey, we can't pay off her debt! Wouldn't be 'fair'! What about fair to her? What about fair to the thousands of other students JUST like her, drowning in debt just so they could get their education? But no! We can't do that! Some people might claw their way out of poverty, and we just can't let them do that! Better to let them stay down there with the rest of society. Keep the hierarchy the way it is. Much better than only the rich can afford to go to college.
  5. You do realize... that we offer housing assistance. Right? Like... that's a thing that exists.
  6. Delaney gets air time because CNN wants Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders out.
  7. By that same argument, we can't outlaw slavery. All those people worked hard to escape slavery through the underground railroad
  8. A well educated populace is the best defense against tyranny. You say "Well, what about the people who busted their butts to pay their way through college?" This same argument can be applied to healthcare. Usually by our Conservative friends. It's the policy of "Screw you, I've got mine" (to put it politely). We should help people because nobody should be in debt for getting a quality education, much like nobody should be in debt for a hospital visit. These are things that are vital to our survival as a nation.
  9. I wouldn't put it nearly that low. These signs are meant to be exclusionary toward Atheists, Hindu, Buddhists, and really anyone NOT of the Judeo-Christian Religion. It will embolden the religious to continue their culture of intolerance, which in turn lead to rates of teen suicide, teen homelessness, among other problems. And don't think for a second that these Christians will take an inch and be happy with it. If you give them an inch, they will take a mile. This is plain and simply unconstitutional, discriminatory, and wrong.
  10. https://www.npr.org/2019/07/25/744909500/south-dakota-public-schools-add-in-god-we-trust-signs-to-walls Does separation of church and state exist at all, anymore? Or are we just pretending it does, while letting Christianity take a stranglehold on this country? Keep religion out of public schools.
  11. Obviously this is just anecdotal, but of the people who consider themselves 'neither' (Not moderate, but not republican nor democrat) all of them have said they'd vote Bernie or Warren over Trump, and that's it. People ignore the 'neithers' in hopes of drawing in Republicans -- the same party that has Susan Collins and Mitt Romney who cannot condemn President Trump without taking pot shots at the Democrats. Those Republicans are NEVER voting Democrat. They're perfectly fine with Trump, they just hope the left chooses someone moderate so in the event Trump loses they still get what they want. Your wealthy journalists wringing their hands want to keep the status quo. But your average person wants the system to change. Trump (though obviously, 100% dishonest) is a 'threat' to the system. Those who want change will be far more likely to change their votes because they know Trump is a liar. But if we keep giving them people in the system, they're going to stick with Trump in hopes that something actually changes. Or out of spite.
  12. Zero? I'd say FDR was pretty far left, and he was so popular they elected him four times. But go on, put another John Kerry up for election and watch him lose. Give us four more years of Trump because the rest of us are 'impatient'. Don't blame us when you lose.
  13. Dear Modearate Hand-wringers: You had a chance in 2016 to vote a moderate in. Someone who would appeal to Republicans and moderates. Instead, you elected to give us four years of hell in Donald Trump. And you're now threatening once again to give us four more years of Donald Trump because you'd rather keep the status quo where only the wealthy have good health insurance, and where undocumented immigrants are treated like animals. Too damn bad. We're electing someone more progressive, and we're not backing down. Stop complaining about our party, and do something about your OWN damn party. Sincerely, EVERYONE.
  14. We'd be so lucky to have someone as smart and hard working as AOC leading our party. These polls, btw, are focused mainly on non-college educated white voters. They're hit pieces designed to tear down the progressive wing of the party. Time and again the establishment want us to tow the line, but fail to realize we are NOT the Republicans, we don't tow the line. If we want to keep the house, win the senate, and the presidency, we have to appeal to our base--NOT to the Republican base. It didn't work in 2016, and it won't work in 2020.
  15. It's not just for funding purposes. Kids who drop out of school are far more likely to end up in prison.
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