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  1. I believe Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie's credibility is the one taking a hit for me. Every time a woman's issue comes up with him, he handles it rather poorly. Like when it came out that he paid female staffers less he said "I was kind of you know busy trying to run for office!" Dismissing the issue as if he's too important for it.
  2. Wouldn't Trump just go to Russia?
  3. I mean when Joe Walsh, who's views I cannot agree with, says "I'd vote for a socialist over Donald Trump", while a self-proclaimed liberal says "I'd vote for third party if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination" it makes me shake my head.
  4. Also, Moderate voters aren't the ones we should be appealing to. Moderate voters are poor allies and cannot be counted on. It's the non-voters we need to be going for. And they are a different set entirely.
  5. I don't think most people have disqualified candidates because of their age, but age is a legitimate concern. Which is in part why I prefer Elizabeth Warren over Bernie Sanders. Would I vote for Bernie in the general election? Absolutely. Will I vote for Joe Biden in the general election? I would, though not enthusiastically.
  6. It's not that you can't be my ally, it's that you aren't. You care more about your 401k than about my reproductive rights, or the rights of gay couples, or the human rights of children being locked away in cages. It's obvious that you are privileged when you can ignore those things and say that we're still doing okay. YOU are doing okay. A lot of us are NOT doing okay, and that you can ignore that makes you privileged. Bernie Sanders is not poor, Elizabeth Warren is not poor. But they are my allies because they do not ignore the issues that they do not personally face. They do not get up there and say that we're doing okay because they have social security and they have health insurance. They see the plight of the people, and they do not dismiss it. And that's why I support them. You don't get to sit up there on your high horse and demand my support for your candidate because you are afraid of change, while saying you'll vote Third Party if Bernie gets the nomination. THAT shows your privilege. Because you can afford to vote 3rd party, and let Trump win. Because if he wins, your life won't be any different. You won't lose your reproductive rights. You won't have to worry about being locked up, despite being an American citizen like so many American citizens already have been simply for being latinx. You'll get to go on with your life. The rest of us, won't. Our lives will be ruined. And you want to hold that over our heads? I simply can't count you as an ally when you're willing to do that. You might as well be a Republican.
  7. Cut and bolded for emphasis. You've said we're still doing okay. That he hasn't done any personal harm to you. I mean it's great that you're a member of the privileged class. But don't expect us to count you as an ally when you say things like this.
  8. Aren't you the one who threatened not to vote for one of the progressive candidates? So why exactly should we listen to someone who's okay giving Trump the Presidency talk about what others are or aren't going to do?
  9. Tulsi does not support medicare for all. Tulsi supports Assad, Trump, and Republicans. I'm awaiting the day she announces she's changing parties.
  10. Yang is pretty low on my list, since his healthcare plan sucks. And his education plan sucks.
  11. Yes, even in this very topic. Or at least not the 'progressive candidates'.
  12. Everyone underestimates the importance of the Supreme Court. You know who doesn't? Republicans. RBG isn't going to live forever.
  13. Our party can't help itself, they have to fight each other instead of Republicans. Moderates don't want a PROGRESSIVE candidate because they like where they are. They're privileged and aren't affected by Donald Trump's worst policies. So they don't care if he wins re-election. So they think they can hold their vote over the heads of progressives. They think "We need conservative swing voters! So you better nominate OUR candidate!" "Who cares if abortion rights are threatened? Who cares if kids are being held in cages? Who cares if OTHER people are without insurance! I"m doing fine!" On the other side Progressives don't want a MODERATE candidate because the moderate candidate doesn't go far enough. They too fail to realize the importance of the Supreme Court. I prefer a progressive candidate, but I'm willing to vote whoever gets the nomination. (as long as it's not Tulsi. She's basically a Trump kissass) I don't like Joe Biden very much. He's not progressive enough, and he's boring. He doesn't excite any voters, and I think he'll ultimately lose it. He won't be getting the swing voters we need -- which moderates fail to realize aren't the conservatives on the fence. Conservatives on the fence aren't really on the fence. They're just embarrassed. They'll vote for Trump, and always were going to. What we need are the non-voters. And Joe Biden doesn't get those. I think Obama realizes that, which is why he's been sort of trending toward Elizabeth Warren (without officially doing so). Unfortunately he won't endorse her. And ultimately it'll come down to two white males once again. If we can't come together, we're going to lose. Donald Trump wins, and then we REALLY lose. The moderates will be fine, because they're in a place of privilege where they don't need to worry about anything more than their 401K. The rest of us will suffer for it. They expected us to accept Hillary, and many of us did. Now, they refuse to accept whoever the candidate is, while we do the same. That's not going to work.
  14. Biden is a boring candidate. He doesn't promise much change, and he's an old white guy. That's not a great combination for getting non-voters to vote. And those are the swing voters we need more than the 'centrists' who don't really care about issues as long as it doesn't affect them.
  15. I'll vote for whoever the Dem candidate is. But please don't let it be Tulsi or Yang. Not thrilled with Pete either, and extremely Lukewarm on Biden. But I'll still vote for them over the most corrupt party on the planet.
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