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  1. Nope, your moderate left Clinton/Kaine ticket lost to Donald Trump. Just as John Kerry lost to George W. Bush. Obama ran more liberal, but then went back to being more moderate sadly. Which also contributed to Trump's victory. But the far-left did not get you anything. You've only got yourselves to blame.
  2. Warren is unlikely, but mostly because Biden will pick another Centrist to put on the ticket that will do nothing to excite the left-wing of the party. Someone like Abrams or Klobuchar. Because Dems love to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
  3. Warren is polling better than Klobuchar in Wisconsin and Michigan.
  4. I disagree that moderates are the key to the election. They weren't in 2016, and they won't be in 2020. We need the people who decide NOT to vote. Get the excitement factor. It's what Obama had, and it's what Kaine and Hillary lacked. Like it or not, excitement is the key to winning elections now.
  5. You're doing a great job bringing the Democrats together! </s>
  6. Some of the questions are a bit... confusing. For example: My county, right or wrong? Should I take it as its typically taken these days: "I'll support my country no matter what it does." OR should I take it as the original intention: "My country, right or wrong. If right, to be kept right. If wrong, to be set right." They're two very different meanings.
  7. Sure, but a lot of abused people who do that, don't also supposedly file a complaint about it and mention it to other people, but then publicly support their abuser. Her story also keeps changing. Given that, I'm hesitant to believe her claims.
  8. You're ignoring evidence suggesting that Biden isn't guilty, though. Which includes Reade's continued support of Biden fairly recently.
  9. I was worried the MeToo movement would hit Biden. So far though, I'm not sure Tara Reade's accusations are credible. Her support of Biden in the years after the alleged incident at the very least raise questions about her account. Her story keeps changing, too. Biden's reaction to this has been pretty good. (Certainly better than "I like beer")
  10. Doesn't sound like that at all, if this story is even true and not made up. She literally said "He's going to give it to a boy OR a girl". If she were trying to push it one way or another, she would've said "He's going to give it to a BOY" It's usually parents trying to make their children be attracted to the opposite sex. I mean conversion therapy is literally a thing, and legal in many places. Even for minors. So I mostly suspect this story to be made-up.
  11. I can't be behind Joe Biden, I'm sorry. He has my vote, but that's it. It's clear that the DNC chooses winners and losers based on who they want to win. They wanted Joe Biden, so they got Joe Biden. A man on the wrong side of 70 who's wrong on far too many important issues. His VP pick will be another dull pick. (Hopefully not Cory Booker) and in 4 years that's who'll be running for President. I've become very disillusioned by this political process. Only reason I'll vote for him is the Supreme Court. If it weren't for that, I'd vote third party.
  12. Joe Biden is not a winner. I'll vote for him, because the alternative is spray-tan Hitler. But make no mistake. Joe Biden will not win the election in 2020. The moderates once again pick and choose the winner, and once again they pick someone who can't win.
  13. Voted for Warren. Real shame that our country is still too sexist to vote for a woman President. Now my oldest daughters will be old enough to vote before we have a female President. That's INSANE. It's unacceptable.
  14. My heart is with Warren. It's past time for a female President. She's brilliant, strong, and just the kind of person who'd make a great world leader.
  15. I believe Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie's credibility is the one taking a hit for me. Every time a woman's issue comes up with him, he handles it rather poorly. Like when it came out that he paid female staffers less he said "I was kind of you know busy trying to run for office!" Dismissing the issue as if he's too important for it.
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