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  1. I think all the war mongers who want us to invade Iran should be the ones to do it. Let them spend their' money and sacrifice their' lives, not my son's. Oh yeah... they don't get to use the U.S. flag. Perhaps they'd rather use the Confederate flag. Most of these pin heads seem to prefer it anyways.
  2. While I agree that Kasich is a much more reasonable Republican, I wonder if the Right wing extremists will warm up to him. But trying to say that Trump, Keyes, and Cruz are anything but Crazy ass nut bags is a bit of a stretch.
  3. What does it say about the Republicans that Donald Trump is leading the most recent polls among the GOP field of presidential candidates according the most recent FOX News poll . Well, as far as I'm concerned it confirms the idea that the Republican Party is as batsh*t crazy as it's ever been. Donald Trump? This guy that spewed some of the most insulting comments about illegal Mexican immigrants ever heard and then proclaimed he would win the Latino vote. Who says he'll construct an impenetrable wall along the Mexican border and will make Mexico pay for it. Who proclaims to be the smartest businessman in history, yet filed for bankruptcy so many times even he has lost count. To be honest, I doubt it tells us anything about how things will shake out by the summer of 2016. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict Bush will finally get the nomination and will tap Rubio for VP. But for now, I'll have to admit the Republican dog and pony show is hilarious.
  4. Every time I turn on some political news I keep hearing about how well Bernie Sanders is doing in his bid to become the Democratic nominee for president. I'll admit his numbers have marginally improved over the last month. But he still lags behind Clinton by a mile. Of course the media would prefer a closer race, but reporting it as if there is any kind of real challenge is just plain deceptive. Don't get me wrong, I like Bernie. But the bottom line is that if by some kind of bizarre set of circumstances, Sanders did' become the Democratic nominee, it was most likely insure we would get a Republican president in 2016. Sanders is just to far to the Left to get elected. It must be admitted that a big reason Obama defeated McCain and Romney was because they were too far to the Right. Until the GOP comes to it's senses and moves back towards the center, they have very little chance of ever regaining the White House.

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