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  1. Okay, now you claim it won't let you sign in. Why is that? Your account of 3 posts is still active. There is another reason, so you are lying. I am not black. I'm talking about you going out and saying it to black people. Say ANYTHING you spout on this forum. You are too cowardly to do it.
  2. Oh I will be leaving. And you are better than this forum. I did actually learn something from you.
  3. So at first you don't know. Then you magically remember the "details" regarding your "4th" post. Now, you don't know again. You're right about nobody caring. Because all you can do is run your big mouth on forums. Why don't you go out in public and call people [African-American slur]s? You are both a coward and a liar.
  4. The owl being wise is personification or mythology. You can look that up too. No, I am not figuring out anything. Sells your narcissism somewhere else.
  5. You and I already had a couple of go-arounds, and you have not done it so far. Your bragging that you "could" do it but have not done it does not say much for you at all. The sky "could" fall tomorrow, but it probably won't.
  6. I asked the details from the Stormfront moderator. I created a thread on www.stormfront.org. Here is the thread and the response from the moderator: Me: Stormfront moderator: Your Stormfront account shows 3 posts, not 4. Your user status is also NOT "account inactive." Your status shows you as active. I also checked by sending you a PM. It went through. Here is the thread regarding the conversation above: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t1112077/ Here is your account with your active status: https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t693218/ So,
  7. That is an insult to people who've experienced head trauma. No, I really think you're just that way.
  8. New York already has rent control and rent stabilization. I lived in NYC, and it does not work. I had several rent controlled places. What the landlords do is largely ignore basic maintenance and repairs. You'll get your apartment for your fixed price, but your carpet will be from the 1980s. Your paint will be so old it will look like someone colored it with crayons. The grout on your kitchen floor will be so loose that you'll swear you have a gravel driveway in your house. Try to get your super to do anything. He'll give you a million excuses and it still won't get done. The other
  9. Possibly, but he hates himself even more. His self-loathing is very, very evident.
  10. Jesus probably never met a narcissistic Nazi savage in his travels.
  11. He's actually quite horrible at it. He has no creativity. He uses profanities like a high schooler, probably thinking he's funny. He's parrots people on TV. On top of that--he can't construct a coherent sentence.
  12. Why do I need to start a thread to have a serious debate? I participate in threads already started.
  13. Yeah, I'm supposed to do your work, including typing your sentences. And you talk about welfare and people who don't work?!
  14. Go back to fourth grade. Come back when you can construct a coherent sentence.
  15. I don't even know what that means. You know there are these things called punctuation, grammar, and syntax. And you're telling me to go back to school? I don't think he even works. He sort of sounds like a criminal.
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