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  1. Pricelesspagan

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    liberalism versus conservatism you thought was an intriguing title so you joined this forum .... coocoo... coocoo... coocoo
  2. all the forum losers netted in one thread great public service
  3. Pricelesspagan

    Make American great again

    deafening silence from the right wingers
  4. Pricelesspagan

    israel holds "Death to the Arabs" rally

    https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20160424-israel-to-confiscate-1250-acres-of-west-bank-land/ Israel to confiscate 1,250 acres of West Bank land April 24, 2016 at 11:49 am Israeli authorities have notified Palestinians living in the northern occupied West Bank that they plan to confiscate 1,250 acres of land for more illegal settlements. Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported that the confiscations, which were announced on Saturday, apparently applied to settler outposts to be retroactively legalised under Israeli law, as much of the land being confiscated had already been built on. Under international law, all Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank are illegal, but unlike official settlements, outposts have been built without authorisation from the Israeli government and on land usually occupied by hardline right-wing Israelis. ================================================ thieves be thieving
  5. Pricelesspagan

    Why would anyone be a liberal?

    no headcase thats not liberalism
  6. Pricelesspagan

    45% of Americans Pay no Federal Income Tax

    no he just has a cold you lyin again pedo
  7. too big to punish maybe an unfortunate stray bullet while out duck hunting would do the trick
  8. still living in the 1950s sad but true
  9. theyre being paid to produce counter arguments its an industry predicated on unravelling real research
  10. not from canada its right wingers lying about canada yes correct
  11. Pricelesspagan

    Constitutionalists Only Thread

    darn you had to go and mention constitutional law the ignorance was strong in here once what a cry baby in your own thread
  12. Pricelesspagan

    Menstruation man- responsible ambition

    nice full spectrum advanced microscopy in folded paper for 50cents
  13. Pricelesspagan

    Suprised At Jeb

    big oil and big bank are weathering a few storms atm careful what you wish for
  14. Pricelesspagan

    $50 billion for 4 prisoners, uh huh

    trevithick is also dubious look him up