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  1. laripu


  2. Off by a factor of 1000. America has a population of about 328 million, not billion. World population is 7.7 billion, roughly. I wouldn't, for more than one reason: The most important one is that government isn't responsible for your emotional state. It doesn't matter what government does, if my wife dies I can't be made happy. Tax is a function of government's obligations. If the government would decide to tax enough to pay off the entire US debt in 10 years it would have to double everyone's taxes at least. (Ideally more than double rich people's taxes and leave poor people taxes where they are.) While the debt would shrink, not one penny of those extra taxes would make you any happier. Money doesn't buy happiness. There is much wisdom in this. Intelligence too, but I really intend to say wisdom.
  3. "The US dropped one spot from 2018, and five since 2017, which shows a steep decline in overall happiness. We can’t imagine why." Sarcasm. 😃
  4. Good idea. It should be done. But there will nevertheless still be people who are unhappy. Allow me to call your attention to Norwegian Anders Breivik. Where there's one who commits terrible acts, there are thousands who seethe in silence and wait for a bombastic populist. You can fix a government in a couple of elections, a culture in a three or four generations, but human nature takes centuries. Human nature is only nature, red in fang and claw. Evolution can't be beat by custom, faith, or law.
  5. laripu

    Dunder Mifflin and Biden

    Imgreatagain, your member page says Republican. This is the Liberals Only forum. You're not allowed here by the rules.
  6. Trump continues in his long march toward ignorance: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/danvergano/trump-cuts-advisory-panels This is another sign that he's working for an enemy.
  7. laripu

    Biden is the only hope for beating THE PIG

    Not only inadequate. It would be a failing candidacy. It would re-elect Trump.
  8. laripu

    Biden is the only hope for beating THE PIG

    Obama doesn't decide, true. But it tells you a heck of a lot. Obama worked closely with Biden for eight years, and therefore has the best insight into Biden's abilities. If Obama does not endorse Biden, that tells you Biden is not necessarily the best candidate. If Obama endorses someone else, that tells you that Biden is 100% certainly the wrong person for the job.
  9. laripu

    Stand behind Biden

    The logic behind supporting Biden is that he had the best chance of beating Trump. We don't know this to be a fact. The primaries are the forum during which we establish which candidate we feel is the best: best to represent us, best to advance our interests, best to beat Trump. At present, Biden's name recognition and money give him the lead. That may change after the debates. Biden is known for gaffes. He's already had a Hyde Amendment problem. He's sure to have more. At the same time, we have a slew of other good younger candidates: Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, and Corey Booker. Let's see how it goes.
  10. laripu

    Biden is the only hope for beating THE PIG

    Let's see whether Barack Obama will endorse Biden over the other candidates, before it is a fait accompli. If Obama does not, that will tell you plenty.
  11. It wouldn't be difficult to enforce. The law would ban the in-county production of such items (after a given date), and also the importation of such items (probably immediately). Any that are currently on the market could still be sold so no retailer would be caught with unsold stock. I was in Montreal a few weeks ago, shopped at a Walmart. They make you pay 10¢ for plastic bags, so most locals bring cloth shopping bags. They've been doing that in France and Germany for over 15 years. When I was a kid there were no plastic bags. Grocery bags were paper. This won't be a problem to implement.
  12. laripu

    Stand behind Biden

    Great post! But do you mean Howard Schultz? Executive Chairman of Starbucks, possibly running for president as an independent? Because the only information I could find on Howard Schwartz is that he's a writer writing mostly on Jewish themes.
  13. laripu

    Stand behind Biden

    You're likely right about this. I'd like fresh ideas too.
  14. laripu

    What Makes America Great?

    Ironically, if people had a living wage, and if education was free for good students, and training was free and available for others that wanted it, then wealth in this country would explode, and the rich who own businesses, even taxed at much higher rates, would gain immeasurably in the long run. It's exactly like investing. If you invest in the working people of the country, that investment will pay back in huge games in productivity. And on the contrary, not investing in our people will make us a nation of meth and opiate addicts.
  15. laripu

    Stand behind Biden

    You can't know this. I don't particularly want Biden to be the nominee. He's too old. For the same reasons I don't want Sanders or Warren. But of course I'll vote for any Democrat over any Republican at this juncture. Republicans have shown moral bankruptcy, for the most part. But you can't know that Biden will lose. Every current poll shows him beating Trump by double digits. Biden could win by presenting himself as a calm middle of the road alternative to an incompetent, corrupt, and wrong-headed failure. After Trump, people might really not want fresh and exciting, and instead go for competent and steady.