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    Beer, mead, and kvass brewing. Making sausages, fresh cheese, lox, limoncello, Scotch eggs.

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  1.  pass on to fb,twitter,here,etc..its time for us all to take to the streets[march and townhouses and whitehouse against trump threating to go against Mueller investigation,we the people must stop him from interferring with this special investigation,he's getting very scare like Comey firing cause investigation getting into his tax returns and his aids and family, he's digging up dirt on Mueller and his aids to stop the investiation and possibly fire him,I see it coming,won't be long breaking news will be sessions is fired so trump can place someone in his place to do his dirt,its getting serious.stay tuned in to MSNBC only especially Rachel,Hardball,11th hour,in with Chris,etc [something is going down thisweekend cause trump always flip on weekends[pattern.he has nerve to say companies got to make their products only in America but he and his family is all over the globe.he knows when those tax returns on all of them is released he is doomed,its time for everyone to make plans here and fb,twitter etc and organize march's,townhalls,WH anthere   and contact every republician.let him know we want to know the truth,follow the $$$$$  there there.its high time repub's impeach him,he and his family is not above the law,this dude is dictator and dangerous,google trump connections to mobs.petition against trump trying to stop mueller investigation   please create ur on and pass em on [google this [create your own petition.thanks

    1. laripu


      I'm interested in whether the pattern you may have uncovered is real. I'll be watching to see whether something happens this weekend.

      You're right that Trump is all about money and he say anything to reach that end. Or deal with anyone, even mafia, to reach that end. And manufacture anywhere (while preaching America!) to reach that end.

      I certainly see that Republicans are getting fed up with him. The worse that gets, the worse he'll get.  I think he reacts to pressure badly; unlike cool, calm, collected Obama who took it all with a smile..

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