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  1. He'd be allowed to wear it at a normal seat, but he'll be at the sidelines, which seems to be the difference. The Bears team may have an ownership stake somehow in how their team is represented on TV. I don't know, but I'm interested in how the legal wrangling plays out.
  2. laripu


    I think she'll wait for him to die. By then she'll have fixed his will in her favor. Then the older Trump spawn will contest it. Anyway, I'd bet that most of Trump's money is hidden overseas. Probably only Melanoma and DiJiT know where and how to access it.
  3. laripu


    When I see any of them on TV, what stands out to me is the arrogance that just pours off them. By any of them, I mean all the adult Trumps and Kushner. I have no doubt that in a few years, when he speaks in public, that will be shared by Barron. It won't help any of them in federal prison.
  4. laripu


    Well everyone has their own medicine. If you like it, there's no arguing with that. "De gustibus non est disputandum." That phrase wasn't picked at random. Is anyone more vile and lawless than the a$$h01e that's in office? He trades on lies and fear and race and yet he's someone's white trash taste.
  5. laripu


    Yes, I know what you mean. It's Wild Turkey 101 and water. Whiskey and water is my go-to pissed-off drink. Sometimes Canadian whisky. Sometimes Scotch. But a truly pissed-off whiskey is Wild Turkey 101. At least my team is in first place overall. I mean the Tampa Bay Lightning, NHL hockey team. And my other team, the Democrats, will do better in the new year.
  6. laripu


    ... oops, I mean Melania. Melania said she's the most bullied person in the world. Others have been bullied to death, but she's an even bigger victim. Now she says that she doesn't like opportunists using her name to advance themselves. She ignores that she has an opportunist sugar daddy who used Obama's name and promulgated birther lies to advance himself into a criminal presidency. I am livid about these people. 😠 The only thing I can do about it is have a second drink. Which isn't normal for me, I typically have only one. But I'm pissed tonight. We have a white trash first family.
  7. The problem I see with this is that there will be an "official" campaign start time, but the unofficial one will be exactly what it is now. Candidates will do everything they do now, unofficially, and "No, there's no particular reason I'm kissing this baby, while eating that bagel and slice of pizza." I'd like to make every primary occur on the same day, with uniform rules nationwide. Same with all voting: uniform rules.
  8. Well then you win twice as much money as was originally offered for the money-less pool.
  9. I think Craig is right on this one. Trump will put someone there that let's him get away with anything, even if it's illegal or immoral. Expect bad things. OK, that's redundant, since it's Trump in office.
  10. laripu

    Back in the civilized world

    Almost always, the answer to nearly every human quandary is stupidity on someone's part. People often don't behave rationally, they behave emotionally. I suppose that's not their fault; they use what their DNA and education allow them. Moreover, most of the time, if you hand someone the perfect customized solution to whatever problem is hurting them, they might reject it for reasons that aren't logical, but rather esthetic, emotional or traditional... or just dumb. I've run into this many times. An offered solution may even be met with hostility. That's happened to me enough times that I mostly don't bother to offer solutions. (Sometimes I still do, because it may be interesting to see what form rejection will take.) I offer you that knowledge, arrived at following years of good intentions. I had to learn it myself, instead of just taking the advice of my mother, who liked to say "you can't install your head on someone else's shoulders"... and then stopped. She knew enough to apply that understanding to me, and knew I'd have to figure it out myself.
  11. laripu


    A kid can learn both. And probably should. I grew up with three languages. English, my main school language, French, my second school language, and Yiddish at home and in "after-school" school. The after-school school was 4 days a week, 90 minutes/day for 5 years. After that they sent me to a Sunday morning school for another three years. That one was a socialist-run school, called "Arbeter Ring" meaning Workman's Circle. The organization still exists, see here! Among other things like Jewish culture, they pursue social and economic justice and their summer camps (open to everyone) are a part of the reason Jews are still mostly left of center. At the time I went (up to age 13), school and camp fees depended on parental income, so being poor we paid almost nothing. Rich kids' parents got soaked. I don't think that exists nowadays. Every kid in the US should have English, Spanish and maybe even a third language.
  12. laripu

    Rams vs Chiefs

    The word of god is that whenever Tom Brady throws an interception, an angel gets its wings. OK, maybe not god, maybe that was Victoria's Secret.
  13. I know about all these. They're really hard to sanitize in a kitchen, on a counter. That's where I brew. They're also a lot heavier than glass. I've met people that bought one, then sold it and went back to glass. Companies that sell brewing stuff send me catalogs. I've also seen this in my local homebrew shop. Plus I hear of new developments in the UK via some internet sources. Also, I get Zymurgy, a magazine devoted to homebrew since 1991. I've been homebrewing this since late 1990... The best thing I ever bought was the lift table. It makes everything less heavy and less dangerous.
  14. They go on the counter when I sanitize them, and whenever water goes out they're on their side. They're filled standing on a lift table (see below) with which I move them to a fridge. From the lift table to the fridge (almost the same height, about 6" off the ground) I transfer by hand, in my knees, about 1 foot over. At bottling or siphoning, a carboy goes from the lift table to the counter, again almost the same height, again almost a foot over, by hand. I bought the lift table on sale about 10 years ago, and it's saved my back over and over. I've gotten really good at doing this, but I've often thought about getting something less dangerous. Money isn't the issue. How easy they are to sanitize will be one deciding factor. Another is whether they can be made airtight except for an airlock. Airlocks allow CO2 out, but make it nearly impossible for bacteria to get in. The 10 gallon ones for $169 would be good if they can fit in my small fermenting fridge, and if they can be made airtight (maybe with a gasket). I can always drill a hole to accommodate an airlock. I like the handles. They'd be good for primary fermentation, but I'd still need glass carboys for aging. I'll look into it some more. Thanks for the info.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean by the question. But it would be insanely horrible, to the point where I don't like to think about it. Beside the glass, there'd be 6 gallons of sticky liquid everywhere. The cleanup would take hours and might cause injury. I would make my wife and dogs leave the house and scream at the cats if they came close. The question would be how to sop up the liquid without hurting myself on the glass. Or how to get rid of the glass before sopping up the liquid. I think I'd get a shovel from the garage and dump as much as I could into an old plastic bucket I keep around for emergencies. It holds 7.5 gallons. Someone's horror story: http://wouldbebrewmaster.blogspot.com/2017/05/dont-carboy-unprotected.html