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  1. My personal belief is that when he was in Russia in 2013 for the Miss Universe pageant, Russia created a situation they could video, and then used it to blackmail him. Maybe it's the 'pee tape'. Maybe it's something else. I believe that at that point they told him he had to run for President, and that they'd help. The carrot is the Presidency; the stick is the blackmail video. (That's not provable unless some high-level Russian defects, but I believe it.) Given everything we know about Trump, why did he buy the Miss Universe pageant? To have access to, and ultimately to have sex with beautiful women. Given that he was in Russia, what are the odds that the Russians didn't pay a beautiful prostitute to seduce him in a room that had hidden cameras in every possible hiding spot? I think the whole candidacy is a Russian creation. Trump thought he'd get out if it by losing, and now he thinks he may get out of it by serving a life sentence. This is like reading a Greek tragedy. I wonder at which juncture Melania will publicly leave him. Will he take his own life? Will he run to a country with no extradition? This website (among many) shows countries that have no extradition treaty with the US.
  2. And following up on that thought, consider this: https://www.rawstory.com/2018/02/us-chinese-officials-got-physical-scuffle-nuclear-football-november-report/
  3. It's not their presidency anyone should look forward to. It's the end of a presidency so toxic that we worry about a nuclear launch.
  4. Ya... but it will be too late. Be of good cheer: Mueller has interesting people on his team. He has people who "possess a vast array of experience investigating financial fraud, corruption, money laundering, foreign bribery, and organized crime". That's a quote from this reference: http://www.businessinsider.com/lawyers-robert-mueller-hired-for-the-trump-russia-investigation-2017-6. Mueller picked these people because he knew what he would find, but need hard documented evidence, incontrovertible evidence. These are really smart people, capable of following the money ... and you know it's about money, right? Collusion doesn't even matter anymore. They're going to follow the money right up Trump's enormous butt. And Trump is stupid. He won't realize until they'e got him and made the allegations public. After Manafort, Mueller will go after Trump family members, Jared and Don Jr. I'd bet that Bannon has already sold out son & son-in-law to Mueller, which is why he won't talk to the House investigation: so Trump won't know what Mueller knows. There's a weak point, which is the House, controlled by Republicans. As I've said before, if the House would vote to impeach, I'm pretty sure the Senate would convict. Trump doesn't have enough friends there to protect him from charges serious enough to cause the House to convict. But will the House convict? It depends. We'll see. Maybe after the 2018 elections, maybe before. I guess Trump would resign so Pence can pardon him, but what if Pence was also impeached simultaneously? Get used to the phrase "President Ryan". Just that gives Ryan motivation to push it through, if it's both of them. We may be hearing it for a few months, until 2020. Remember the phrase 'by hook or by crook'? Maybe Ryan becomes President by crook.
  5. I wish my phone keyboard had a 'does not equal' symbol. Trump is propagating two logical errors in the hope his ign'ant followers go with those errors. 1. He says that because the current indictments don't mention collusion, there's no collusion. But the indictments don't mention collision now. That doesn't mean that later indictments won't involve collusion. Now does not equal always. 2. He says that because these indictments don't mention collusion, there's no collusion But others still might, because this does not equal everything. Trump supporters are evidently not strong logicians.
  6. Adding fourputt's date to the list: 999azza: 3/25/2017 Jimjc: 7/4/2017 999azza: 7/19/2017 (2nd pick) Arris: 11/21/2017 RollingRock: 12/16/2017 Laripu: 3/23/2018 zkyllonen8: 5/13/2018 KingAirC90: 8/15/2018 EvilFerret: 9/2/2018 bigmike1256: 9/15/2018 Scottmon: 10/5/2018 Middl3: 10/25/2018 TheOldBarn: 1/15/2019 Fourputt: 8/20/2019 Bludog: 10/6/2020 Cecilia: 1/20/2021 SchollSpirit: 1/20/2021 Strootman: 1/20/2025 JeanMoulin: 1/20/2025
  7. Satirical website that made me laugh

    True. You can use it any way at all. To justify slavery, to justify not giving medical treatment to children with easily treatable disease, to justify the repression of women, to justify violence against consenting adults who love and have sex in non-approved ways, and to act cruelly toward innocents. All the above functions as a reductio ad absurdum for the claimed goals of religion.
  8. Satirical website that made me laugh

    Someone should remind religious Mike Pence about Exodus 23:1.
  9. http://www.officialmikepence.com For a second, I thought it was real.
  10. I don't trust anything Omarosa says. She's a snake. I think we must rid ourselves of one abomination at a time. And also, we don't know what Mueller has on Pence. Maybe we'll get a twofer. (You know how mafia works: you get a henchman to prove loyalty by having him do something terrible for you, and then you know you have dirt on him forever. Well, Trump is all about loyalty, and had many contacts with mafia in his time as a builder. I'll bet he's learned that trick.) This is true. Justice is slow. But politics can be quicker. Right about now every one of the Congressional politishnins (sic ) are evaluating their position against the facts. When reality overwhelms ambition, they'll be offering the leader of the executive branch their thoughts and prayers. How many will refuse to be chained to a sinking ship? How much loyalty do they have for Trumpelstiltskin? Practically, though you're right. It's too soon, my date won't win. But I do think that before this time next year, we'll have to say "President Ryan". If we elect a Democrat House and Senate, then OldBarney had a good chance.
  11. Ok, I'm next in line. I'm all excited by where Mueller is at, Russians indicted and an American playing guilty to abetting Russian identity theft. Since I'm next, I hope I win. 999azza: 3/25/2017 Jimjc: 7/4/2017 999azza: 7/19/2017 (2nd pick) Arris: 11/21/2017 RollingRock: 12/16/2017 Laripu: 3/23/2018 zkyllonen8: 5/13/2018 KingAirC90: 8/15/2018 EvilFerret: 9/2/2018 bigmike1256: 9/15/2018 Scottmon: 10/5/2018 Middl3: 10/25/2018 TheOldBarn: 1/15/2019 Bludog: 10/6/2020 Cecilia: 1/20/2021 SchollSpirit: 1/20/2021 Strootman: 1/20/2025 JeanMoulin: 1/20/2025
  12. The problem of Venezuela

    OK. I think you have a valid point.
  13. I've seen talk about this on the Interwebs lately. Some of it seems stupid, some not. Some things clearly should not happen: taking intellectual property from others without compensation, for example. (What complicates this is that things become intellectual property when they're patented or have copyright, and not everyone does that.) blackface Some things seem like ridiculous complaints: Justin Bieber's dreadlocks ... isn't there enough to say about his bad behavior without getting upset about his hair? Israelis making, eating or selling hummus ... is being called theft from Palestinians. But hummus is not uniquely Palestinian, it's common in the entire Middle East, and you really can't enforce what someone likes to eat. Rather than theft, I'd characterize it as "hey, that was good, I liked that, I'll make it too". (Personally I dislike hummus. But watch out, my fellow Americans... if you eat lasagna, the Italians might come after us. Then the Chinese can come after them for 'appropriating' noodles.) I think if there is a cultural element in a group that's widely expressed and not property, there really should be anything wrong with others using that cultural element. Jazz was invented by black people, but it doesn't belong to black people. Saxophone was invented by a Belgian named Adolphe Sax, but it isn't owned by white Europeans. European classical music is widely played, including by Asians... no problem. You can eat bagels: Bagels are not the property of Jews .... and neither is the Volkswagen Beetle.
  14. The problem of Venezuela

    That's not corruption. That was policy. Secret policy, stupid policy, but still policy. It wasn't for government officials to secretly profit. It was designed (stupidly) to promote American interests by defeating other countries interests. The reason I think that's stupid is that it assumes a zero-sum game: that the only way X gains is if Y loses. That's never been the case. The way for a person or a country to improve and advance is to do great things, not to prevent others from doing great things. Moreover, the world advances together. As China rises they will do great things. Those great things will benefit us too. Chinese discoveries will spur American research. To put it another way: "I'm taller because you're shorter" is a false and dangerous attitude. If we can defeat that attitude, we'll have gone a long way to making the world better.
  15. The problem of Venezuela

    On the subject of corruption, I note that Benjamin Netanyahu, hard-right prime minister of Israel, is being looked at for possible corruption by Israeli police. He denies it, but 1) it's not the first time, 2) he doesn't deny receiving gifts, and 3) the corruption involves an Israeli newspaper owned by Sheldon Adelson (who also donated to the Trump campaign). The details of #3 are inept and laughable in the way that the Trump corruption is inept and laughable. Before it's over, I'm guessing we'll see that there's some sort of connection to Trump. Moreover, the Israelis aren't shy when it comes to indicting and jailing a prime minister: they jailed former PM Ehud Olmert for taking money. Israel could use a left wing government again. So could we.