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    Beer and mead brewing. Making sausages, fresh cheese, lox, limoncello, Scotch eggs, Atholl Brose.

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  1. presidents

    This is only 30% true. If you give two groups identical natural resources and wait 100 years, their wealth will not be identical even if they work just as hard, identically, as each other. The difference will be intelligence. How do they marshal those resources? How much is wasted? How much wealth is added by how the resources are allocated? How are their wealth-producing societal bodies organized? One group cuts down trees and burns all the wood for heat. The other group cuts down trees and builds structures underground to allow for safe extraction of higher-energy coal. The excess trees go into boats that allow fishing, and books that record the knowhow that was developed, so it isn't wasted. One group places no restrictions on gender. The other group forces women to do only menial work, thereby losing half their genius. Only a small amount of wealth comes from land, resources, and physical work. Much more comes from the value added by human intelligence. If a society limits opportunities to people with above-average intelligence, that society will end up poor compared to societies that allow brainy people to thrive. Freedom and the wealth that freedom generates, isn't or at least shouldn't be for idiots who only want to shoot tin cans off a fence. It's mostly for people who want to do productive good things in society, thereby improving it. Whether that's organizing a community to fight poverty and deal effectively with government, or whether that's designing the next technological breakthrough that spreads intelligence further ... doesn't matter. Each has a place; raising the floor eventually raises the ceiling. Freedom is the freedom to improve our world.
  2. I'm smoking

    All questions are answered in detail above.
  3. I'm smoking

    Breakfast was bagels, goat cheese, and homemade lox. It was good. Now I'm relaxing with coffee, so here's how I cure salmon. For pictures, see the Cooking for Engineers gravlax page, which was the source of my recipe (I added a variation). Essentially it's this, you cover the salmon in salt/sugar/pepper, wrap that tightly in cling wrap, then stick it in a container (because it will leak disgusting liquid), in the fridge for three days. For 1 pound of salmon you mix: 2 tablespoon course salt (e.g. kosher salt or course sea salt) 2 tablespoon regular white sugar (brown sugar is also ok) 2 teaspoons ground black pepper 1 tablespoon gin (my variation, adds subtle aromatics and the alcohol inhibits bacteria) A big handfull of dill. (Optional, but really nice.... the Danes had something good here. Same reason as the gin: nice subtle aromatics.) With more salmon, use more of the cure, proportionately. Using a little too much won't hurt. Mix up the dry ingredients well. Add the gin, mix well until it's a wet mush, then spread on salmon. Put the dill on, and wrap tightly. It may take two or three layers of wrap. Try to push out air to get it tighter. (But don't obsess.) Once it's wrapped up tightly and refrigerated in a liquid-catcher, just leave it for three days. I usually start the cure Wednesday evening, cold smoke Saturday evening and eat Sunday morning. After the cure, you need to get rid of 99% of the salt. Unwrap, rinse the salmon really well with cold water, then put it into a container of ice water in the fridge for 15 minutes. Pour out, rinse, and repeat the ice water bath for another 15 minutes. Then rinse and pat dry with paper towels. It will still be salty, because the salt had entered the flesh of the fish. (Like with brining.) At that point you can either slice and eat the cured salmon, or you can cold-smoke it, then wrap, rerigerate and eat the next day. Pics are from the Cooking for Engineers website. Cling wrap, salmon, dry ingredients, dill: Ready for fridge:
  4. I'm smoking

    BTW, you can cold smoke cheese without other preparation, but salmon needs to be cured first. Recipe to follow after I eat breakfast.
  5. I'm smoking

    The trick (for cold-smoking) is to generate smoke with very little heat. Any enclosed thingie will do, like a metal grill, as long as it isn't air-tight. It needs to be cold outside, but above freezing. Then you need something that burns hardwood sawdust slowly for a number of hours. (I cold-smoke lox and cheese for 4 to 5 hours. The sawdust I use is red oak and maple. Red oak is a little better, IMO, but I've got LOTS of maple.) The search term is "cold smoke generaror". Here's the one I use, which came from the UK, when it was the only such thing in the market: https://www.macsbbq.com/cold-smokers/proQ-cold-smoke-generator They're are many others now. One caution: they tell you you can use wood chips, but it will only work consistently with fine sawdust. The larger the chip, the more likely the smolder will extinguish. (My red oak never goes out. My maple had to be put through a few cycles in an old blender to reduce size. YMMV. I now blend 80% reduced maple with 20% red oak and it never goes out.) Filled up like in the picture it gives 9 hours of smoke. I only fill to halfway into the second handle. Once lit, you remove the tea light. As to taste, well it gets smokey tasting. No surprise there.
  6. I'm smoking

    No, not tobacco, nothing in my lungs. I'm cold-smoking cheese and salmon. Florida doesn't get cool very often, but the forecast for today had temperatures dropping into the 40s, so I cured 2.7 pounds of salmon last Wednesday, and today I'm smoking it. (It's actually 46° right now.) Also smoking a pound each of muenster, cheddar and swiss. Tomorrow morning we'll be eating lox and goat cheese on bagels.
  7. I'll be away from work from Dec 21 to Jan 7. I plan to bottle beer, brew beer, make Scotch eggs, and drink some beer and whiskey. If it's cool enough, I'll cold-smoke salmon. (I'm smoking some lox tonight, because it's pretty cold for Florida.)
  8. It's insidious...

    I was reading a thread in NHB, and almost posted. Caught myself at the last second. Why would I want to have $h1t flung at me by the monkeys that live there? Phew! Dodged a poo-jectile.
  9. The link appears to be unsafe, but the contents you posted are true. The mechanism by which they get elected seem to be: 1. Promise very religious people that you will give them judges to oppose abortion and the rights of homosexuals. Then deliver on those promises. 2. Engage in the old standby racist dog-whistles, but also include Mexicans and Arabs and Iranians. 3. Sow distrust of government by denigrating the various arms of government. This is done by exaggerating any shortcomings, while ignoring the good they do; possibly also casting the good they do as unearned entitlements for despised racial groups. 4. Continue the strategy of "starving the beast", giving tax cuts and increasing debt, which will inevitably make Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance and Social Security untenable. 5. Gerrymandering to win elections where the above strategies haven't produced majorities. This has a predictable and planned result: rule by the rich, plutocracy that gives lip service to theocracy, while pretending democracy.
  10. Reasons

    1. Because he can't stop tweeting nonsense. 2. Because he lies in every sentence. 3. Because he has lost the United States the respect of allies. 4. Because he has won the respect of stupid foreign strongmen like Philippine president Duterte. 5. Because he has not educated himself about the parameters of his job. 6. Because he supports the rogue Judge Moore who has disobeyed the Supreme Court twice. 7. Because he fakes adherence to religion. 8. Because he has violated the emoluments clause. 9. Because every one of his appointees is as crooked as he is. 10. Because he does not respect the professional civilians people that work in the government. 11. Because he does not respect the military. 12. Because he supports policies that benefit himself and his family materially. 13. Because he speaks incoherently. 14. Because he has absolutely no class, as vulgar a man as there can be. 15. Because he makes me ashamed, daily, to have him as a president.
  11. There are rumors that he'll run in the 2020 Republican primary. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2017/11/a-bettors-guide-to-the-2020-republican-primary If there are challengers in the Republican 2020 primary, watch for Pence to be one of them.
  12. I worry personally, for myself, when white supremacists get screwed, and have trouble making ends meet. When they make enough to feed their families and pay their mortgages, they just talk hatefully about blacks and Jews. When they're screwed and poorer than normal, they blame Jews for it.They'll look at Jews living a middle class life and resent that. They don't blame themselves for their illogical contempt for education or their poor decisions. They blame Jews. Then the violence starts. Usually the violence is initially against blacks because they're more visible targets, but that's not satisfying enough for real racists. So before long it's Jews too. I start to worry when white supremacists can't make ends meet. Grassley's comments should be splashed on billboards all over Iowa: “I think not having the estate tax recognizes the people that are investing — as opposed to those that are just spending every darn penny they have, whether it’s on booze or women or movies.” Hey, I'm guilty of all that: I make my own beer and therefore spend nearly $10 a week on alcohol related items. My wife isn't working and I support us both, therefore I'm spending my money on a woman. I watch movies on TV, and have cable. Therefore I'm spending my money on movies. Senator Grassley, apparently I'm immoral and spending my money on booze and women and movies. If pot ever gets legalized at both the state and federal level, I might try eating a brownie... and then you can excoriate me for that too.
  13. This, and also the promise that the orange thing will appoint judges that go against gay rights and abortion rights. Religion and racism, back together again like they were never apart. How soon before some federal office holder burns a cross and says they're proud of it??
  14. I agree. The only question is whether Mueller has enough on Kushner to go after him immediately, or whether there is something to pressure Pence with to get more.