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  1. He CLAIMS to believe this, but Trump does not actually have beliefs so much as he has excuses, false narratives and lies.
  2. This is a thread about Lindsey Graham and his claiming that Trump is both a hateful racist and not a racist at all. South Carolina is a racist disaster and has been forever. How could "Taipan" figure out a better game plan for anyone? He is a fool that thinks that Texas will secede from the union. Then he threatens to impose his game plan on some other poster who he is utterly incapable of imposing anything on anyone.
  3. I like great actors better than lying, hateful ignorant thugs,.
  4. No. not at all: the people of Hong Kong get plenty of possibility and if they won (which is quite unlikely) it would affect only some of the world's people. Global Climate Change affects damn near everything and everyone.
  5. I watched this awful show about 15 minutes only once. I would prefer homelessness to being his apprentice. Worse even that My Mother the Car and Dancing With the Stars.
  6. At what time has the fate of the Kurds ever been placed in my hands?
  7. One of my favorite character actors, best remembered for ST=DS9. Rest in Peace. All these years I thought he was French Canadian, but he was born in NY. His father was Swiss.
  8. Impeaching Trump has nothing to do with Nambla.(Not Nambia, perhaps you have confused it with Namibia, formerly known as Southwest Africa/ Deutsch-Südwestafrika ). Claiming that opposition has anything to do with homosexuality is juvenile and stupid.
  9. I am for defeating Trump. Trump was not elected by the voters. He was selected by faceless fools in the Electoral College. I am for Trump being rejected by both the voters AND the faceless electors.
  10. Barr is an incompetent, lying clown. Trump is a threat to the democracy of our country. "Conservative" Voice is not any sort of Conservative. and all he does is make a fool of his mentally defective self time after time. He is a mere twit.
  11. I will also campaign for the Democratic candidate, as I did for Obama.
  12. As I said, I will vote for whatever candidate the Democrats select to oppose Trump.
  13. NO. I am IN NO WAY on any spot. As I said, I have zero power to do anything with the Kurds. I have no power to do anything about the Uigars, the Chechens, the Chugash, the Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia, or the Rohinga. I would prefer that my government use diplomatic channels to prevent abuse of all these people, but I also realize that my opinion has only the teensiest of importance. There are several groups of Kurds. They speak different mutually unintelligible languages of the same group as Persian. They differ politically and culturally. I favor kicking Trump in the butt until he actually DOES HIS JOB and READS THE FACTS about conflicts around the world and fully staffs the Diplomatic Corps with qualified, intelligent and competent diplomats. Trump is functionally and aggressively ILLITERATE.
  14. Show us what YOU look like. You do not seem to take a lot of pride in your comportment when you constantly bitch about how women should never wear pant suits and should show us their nude videops and their boobs.
  15. The Kurds have NOT been fighting for thousands of years. There are dozens of nationalities in the Middle East, but that is no justification for anything. dumbduck is dumber than a sackful of rocks. What will WE do about the Kurds? NOTHING! The only thing was can do is to write senators, representatives or the president, who will ignore us. We can vote for officials, but Kurds are of far less importance that the healthcare, housing, and welfare of the American people/ Syria is Israel's worst enemy, and they are Russia's best ally in the Middle East. There is nothing that the US can or will do to make any sort of ally of Syria.
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