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  1. Correction: ONE COLUMNIST recommended this. "They" don't say this all that often. It was not such a good idea in this specific case.
  2. Biden tries to unite the country. Trump was dedicated to promote division at every opportunity . Fox "news" is a propaganda arm for the ultra right.
  3. Yeah. stuff Trudeau did a generation ago is deeply related to his handling the Covid situation. NOT! All this means is Chongo found another stupid meme.
  4. All of this is true, and none of it is due to Bidens performance. I see no reason to not stay invested in the market. At the end of the month, I may or may not exchange some funds or ETFs for others.
  5. This is true. And he claimed that Biden, who has acted very consistently since he took office was responsible. But he was also responsible for the boom in the market since he took office. Skans fancies himself to be some sort of genius.
  6. Dumbduck exhibits his views based on his detailed analysis of hearsay and gossip .
  7. Not necessarily, it would look more like Europeans economies years ago.' The market rises and falls based on expectations about the future. People invest in the hope that what they own will pay dividends, appreciate in value based on future expectations, or both. The daily rise and fall is influenced by day traders, who are speculators and gamblers.
  8. Dumping means selling some essential product for less than it costs to produce. This usually involves irregularities in the currency exchange rate. Trump said that trade deals were easy to negotiate, but the fact is, he was unable to cut a deal and chose to punish American consumers by raising tariffs instead. He also asked why we had nuclear weapons and failed to use them. Trump is mentally unstable and says and does dumb things based on his sociopathic mentality and his abysmal ignorance of economics and many other fields.
  9. No American can be punished for expressing any opinion, whether it be serious or in jest. That is in the Constitution. All West Point could do is expel him. This is not the first time someone has done something like this in order to get released from the military. And, no, he could not have "simply resigned", You are ignorant and know nothing about the service academies.
  10. Baseball statistics are not of any real interest to me, but it would do me no harm to know them. We are limited by time to putting forth the effort to learn, so we choose to study what we think will be of the most use to us.
  11. The worst Covid can do is kill you, It does not dismember anyone.
  12. This is obviously what he wanted to happen. He is almost certainly not a Communist. He simply wanted out.
  13. There are no boundaries to knowledge. All knowledge is superior to all ignorance.
  14. You asked about Tajikistan, didn't you? Why ask the question if you do not want an answer?
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