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  1. Imagine being married to someone this aggressively ignorant, stupid and annoying.
  2. He understood how to organize people around a common goal. Note that he generally refrains from using fear, bigotry and hatred. That is a plus.
  3. i already did this. Seek, and ye shall find.
  4. The Czech Republic, Austria, for sure. Poland, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria are somewhat less developed.
  5. Fanatical Trumpists are no more than 25% of the population. Carlson is no real threat to me. He is basically entertainment, not incitement to most of his viewers.
  6. Who doesn't like Taco Tuesday, mariachis, low riders, R=
  7. Why? Do you consider yourself incompetent to be a governor because of your gender? What would you expect this LT. governor to do, then?
  8. So you live in four states, then? "Here" to you is four different states? Are you really such a coward that you refuse to tell us where you live? Even dumbduck is braver than that.
  9. The opposite of this case would be four Black cops subjugating a large Schwartzeneggar =size dude, with three cuffing him and holding him down and one with his black knee on super-ofay's white throat. What would be the fate of Black bizarro Chauvin in court? I would say not pleasant.; Not at all .
  10. It is free country, and no one can be purged based on his beliefs. Plus you do not even LIVE here.
  11. I think that it is impractical, impossible, racist and stupid. Suppose we choose Wyoming, and evict all non-White citizens. Does the Constitution allow this? No, it does not. You cannot deprive any citizen of property without due process. And forcing a citizen to move to replace him with a White citizen based only on the race is unconstitutional. So, this would need a constitutional amendment. Lots of luck getting one passed. It is not a way to "preserve the Caucasian race", and that is not a goal of this country, anyway. If you want to live in such a place, look into moving
  12. If you cannot see that what Tucker Carlson does is racist dogwhistling, then you ARE a racist.
  13. I suggest a pogo stick. You could buy earplugs and then become a fan of Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture. Or Gene Krupa's Drum Solos.
  14. It is illegal to boil lobsters alive in Switzerland and New Zealand, apparently. I still think enforcement would be impossible. Eventually, I think we will develop ways to grow meat without growing the animal. Just replicating large or perhaps small chunks of veal, beef, lamb, pork, lobster or whatever with no shells, bones or brains.
  15. How could anyone enforce such a law? Would they station a Lobstercop in every restaurant? Would you have to sign a pledge not to boil a lobster you purchased?> If anyone passed such a law and tried to enforce it, I am sure I would have seen it in the news. Humans are cruel to pretty much anything alive that is made of meat.
  16. Viruses are not the property of anyone. There is no BidenVirus, TrumpVirus, KungFlu, Xivirus or China virus. These are terms used by truly stupid people. It seems likely that it will be possible to create a virus that largely affects people based on whether they have one genetic trait or perhaps a combination of them. At this point it seems that China has the distinct advantage, since is has shown that it has the ability to prevent the widespread infection of its population and the US and other countries do not. At such a point, the MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) of
  17. Let us imagine that some wizard waves his Magic Wand over you, and <*POOF!*> you are now the Governor of Michigan. What do you do?
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