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  1. The price of resources rise as they become more scarce. Wealth among the top 10% is very close to static.
  2. Louisiana should be a very prosperous state. But the Big Oil industry and its affiliates scoop up all the money and leaves toxic waste in its wake. Louisiana owes a lot to Mississippi and Arkansas, so it doesn't have to be 50th.
  3. Trump is NOT doing a good job because Lincoln was a Republican. That makes zero sense. EVERYBODY pretty much knew that Lincoln was a Republican. Not Trump, though.
  4. NO, it will not. It will not even be made illegal everywhere in the US, but there is ZERO CHANCE that it will ever become impossible to get and abortion in this country.
  5. Typical defense lawyer nonsense. If you have your knee on someone's neck and they say 20 times that they cannot breathe, is there anything that makes sense to do other that REMOVE YOUR FUCKING KNEE FROM HIS NECK?
  6. Actually it is Rae Dawn Chong. Tommy Chong's daughter, of Cheech and Chong. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001044/
  7. Let's say those that have the top 10% of the wealth of the country. The top 10% own 72.99% of the wealth of this country. That is how I would define it. https://incomenwealth.com/distribution.html?series=us-shwealj992
  8. There is no discussion possible, because it is a JOKE. It is a British organization that ran out of steam ages ago. I hardly think that it was much of a force at preventing Maggie Thatcher from screwing up the UK in the 1980's.
  9. Impeachment pens will be of great value no matter what. Because Trump is a controversial asshole.
  10. You cannot and will not. Roger Stone has been a repulsive conniving little dipshit his entire life. By pardoning this little shit, Trump is saying, do not cross me, even if they arrest you for refusing to reveal my corruption and crimes, I will pardon you. If covid is as safe as Trump says, then nasty little Stone is safe. Or there is always solitary confinement.
  11. That is simply untrue. You are an ignorant jerk.
  12. Trump is WRONG, because the survival rate is lower than one in 100. And every one of those who dies from Covid knows that Trump is WRONG, and many realize that the sumbitch delayed shutting down the country at the proper time, so he could go a-golfing 1200 miles away at their expense and continuing to profit from Trump hotels and resorts. Orange man is horrible. and the sumbitch is GOING DOWN!
  13. A genius because he devised a way of getting FREE publicity for his cause on primetime TV without harming anyone. For every one of you imbecilic asshole rightwing trolls, there are several people who stop and think about hos Black people are inordinately singles out by cops to be pulled over. You morons are unaware that you are not typical, you are a freak show, an assortment of rightwing Rush wannabees that come to a LIBERAL forum to defend the stupidity, selfishness and hatefulness of the right wing. And bitch all you want, you have NOT defeated Kaepernick. Au contraire, he has defeated YOU, and will continue to do so.
  14. There seem to be bank records of money paid to the Taliban by Russians. The Russians would of course be doing this in secret. It is, after all espionage. Why has Trump said nothing to Putin? Putin wants chaos in our country. He is far smarter than Trump and realizes that a country led by an imbecile that is convinced of his own genius is easily duped.
  15. You are too fucking ignorant to understand what I support. You are a dullard, dimwitted and have the charisma of a wet sweatsock.
  16. Trump himself is evil, incompetent, aggressively ignorant and corrupt. He tweets dumb shit daily. Most of what he says are lies. He obviously cares about nothing but his fame and fortune.
  17. Trump said, "Israel is our greatest ally." I say. " What has Israel ever done except beg us for money and make enemies among the people of the Middle East?" Trump said, "We much support our militarily wholeheartedly. And I say, "So why are you allowing the Taliban a bounty on the soldiers that they kill?" I say, "Why have we named military bases after men who took up arms against our country in defense of slavery?" Trump says, "The brave Confederates are part of our history." I say. "So is the Klan, so are the White Supermacists who support you."
  18. Your greed and sense of White supremacy convinced you of this long ago.

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