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  1. If she had done so, Mitch would have refused to schedule hearings again. You have to know this.
  2. Yeah, Ginsberg was responsible for Venezuela. Hillary should have won. There would be more Americans alive if she had done so.
  3. She got a lot accomplished between 2008 and now. Not that you would actually KNOW.
  4. It makes no difference to me, Both of them post the same annoying crap.
  5. They noticed that you did not take them with you and had no use for them.
  6. You don't have to do or say anything, moron. You have the right to remain silent. Two Bit Hateful White Troll, aka singlewide peckerwood should exercise that right far more often.
  7. When the jumped on him, he was alive. When the cop finally took his knee off his neck he was dead. So they sure as hell DID kill him. He told them he could not breathe. That was obviously the case.
  8. They the goddamned cops, of course. They were the killers.
  9. There needs to be a trial. Breonna did not have a gun and she was shot more than her boyfriend. The cop obviosly went apeshit and he was only charged with perforating drywall. They are refusing to have a trial because they know that killing people in their own homes is something no racially mixed jury would allow to go unpunished. The people of Louisville have no reason to support their police as any sort of protectors. These sumbitches are no better than drug gangsters. And the DA is allowing the cops to get away with this without even a trial.
  10. TIAA-CREF is certainly a great company to consider. Rates are not set by law, they can charge whatever they wish.
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