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  1. The fake news is on Fox and comes from Trump's lame spokes-twits.
  2. That is stupid right wing BULLSH!Tm and you are a fool to believe it. Hell, you don't even understand it, you pathetic hicktown yokel! You have no facts. Nothing but lame crap.
  3. XavierOnassis

    How Clueless is Melania Trump?

    When she married Trump, she was a six foot tall model near to her expiration date. She was way past the age when girls in her town were married. I'd say marrying Trump was one of her beer choices.
  4. Of course he knew. The Nazis claimed that the camp were all like Theresienstadt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theresienstadt_concentration_camp
  5. XavierOnassis

    How Clueless is Melania Trump?

    I tend to doubt that Melania ever cooked. But she surely does not cook now.
  6. I tend to think that Arbeit macht frei was used because the death camps were officially work camps. I don't think that his was because Hitler's sense of humor. PunyTex is an ignoramus and a racist.
  7. India certainly has more sunshine than China most of year. It needs less energy for heat than China. Needs are different, resources are different. It is not really a competition. They are both wise to promote renewable energy.
  8. "I really don't care, do you?" is the slogan. We are not supposed to assume it means anything. Why would ANY first lady even own such a thing?
  9. XavierOnassis


    Yeah, and the entire cast of 'THe Young and the Restless" needs you to be their counselor. But the Betazoids beat you to it, didn't they? They have the ability to sense sadness and anxiety from orbit.
  10. Bigsky seems to be a member of a Christian Identity cult that thinks that White Europeans, especially British ones, are the Lost Tribes of Israel and were chosen to rule the planet. http://www.nizkor.org/hweb/orgs/american/christian-identity/religion-white-racists.html
  11. What American Muslims were responsible for 9/11? I think the correct answer is "none". Measures have been taken to be a lot more careful with issuing study visas. Note that most of the 9/11 perps were Saudis, and that Trump has not been restricting Saudis as he has Muslims from other places. When young Saudis could not hack it in school, they were given jobs with the Muslim Morals Police, and often sent abroad as missionaries to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bosnia, Indonesia, where they spread the idea of jihad in places that were previously moderate. Since you are so obsessive about this, you should learn about this quaint institution: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Committee_for_the_Promotion_of_Virtue_and_the_Prevention_of_Vice_(Saudi_Arabia) aka the Saudi Morals Police.