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  1. Michaelf is one of the wee little people, all teensy and elfin with the classic Vulcan ears and the pointy red garden gnome hat... How they suffer, the poor wee things! Next thing you know Biden will release Gargamel from Max Detention and sic him on them!
  2. The original Mr Potatohead allowed, nay ENCOURAGED small children to alter the gender of a plastic potato by changing its features. The new version is just a sexless potato, so small children will no longer consider the possibility of switching genders on a whim and just for fun. Obviously, Hasbro was trying to DISCOURAGE wee children from thinking about gender switching. You Trumpazoids have it all bass- ackwards.
  3. Is Mr Potatohead something "decent and good"? There is always E Bay: there are no plans to prevent decent and good sentimentalists from purchasing used Mr Potatoheads on line. Actually, one of you entrepreneurial pseudo "conservatives" could CORNER THE MARKET on "Classic" Mr Potatoheads and make a fortune, as some people did when "liberals" came out with "New Coke". There is no reason to assume that somehow "Liberals" are behind this. It was clearly a business decision by the Hasbro company. Mr Potatohead was never intended to be a role model for children.
  4. There is no constitutional authority for the government to force any citizen to move anywhere. Nor is it possible for any municipality to ban people from living where they choose. Freedom of mobility is part of our constitutional rights. You are pitifully ignorant of our Constitution, Commiegirl.
  5. Amazing! Two Bit Hateful troll has found SOMETHING NEW to hate!
  6. You cannot even try to do that. Communism is not related to transgender issues.
  7. You would need to convince them that you had at least one Jewish grandparent, as I understand it. I have not investigated this, as I have never considered becoming an Israeli. I have all the qualifications to become a Dominican, but have not bothered to apply. You MIGHT be able to convert to Judaism, but that is not easy.
  8. I sure as hell am. 20% of the population of Israel are "Israeli Arabs", because the word "Palestinian" is officially offensive to the Jewish majority. They have 15 of 120 seats in the Knesset, and include the parties known as Hadesh-Ta'al and Ra'am Balad. https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20190416-meet-the-arab-israeli-alliances-new-knesset-members/
  9. Tell me how many such people actually exist. I bet you cannot. I know I cannot, and I have no intention of telling them diddly.
  10. Yet every year there are more of them. Would expelling all White folks cause them all to starve? Not likely.
  11. By ethnicity, Israel is 74.2% Jewish, 20.9% Arab, the rest other. By religion, Israelis are 74.2% Judaism, 17.8% Islam, 2.0% Christian, 1.6% Druze, 4.4% other.All citizens are eligible to vote. People who have evidence of being Jewish can become Israeli citizens immediately, others cannot. Many Israeli Jews are nonpracticing, and some are also atheists. A true ethno state would be one in which all citizens are ethnically identically. No such nations exist .
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