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  1. 'Tis on this day that I chooses to inform ye of the origins of the Jolly Roger. ARRR! http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2011/09/origins-of-the-jolly-roger/
  2. If I lived in Hawaii, I would investigate her further before voting for/against her. I have read that she was a Buddhist. Apparently someone has judged her to be one. I don't see she has much of a chance in getting the Democratic nomination.
  3. As it was in the beginning, it now and ever shall be, Pasta, Ramen, Ramen! Arr!and don;tcha be forgettin' what day this be, either!Arrr!
  4. Arrr! This be National Talk like Pirate Day, Me Mateys! Let your timbers be shivvered, ARRRR!\
  5. Calling this victimization is like calling being forced to get a driver's license victimization. Dumb! You hardly need this thing to defend yourself.
  6. What was the usual type of government in 1787? Monarchy. There was talk of making George Washington a king. Followed by talk of how he had no son to succeed him.
  7. When Trump constantly claims that the media is posting ony "fake news"that is gaslighting. All this "lame stream media" blather is gaslighting.
  8. If you feed the kids lunch at school, they are not eating it at home, so that is not "double dipping".. The advantages of feeding children at school are very well documented.
  9. I would think that perhaps Pakistan would be worse, if you lived in the fundamentalist part of it. Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Somalia and Niger are pretty awful due to war, fanaticism and famine. Bali9 is in Indonesia, and it is a rather pleasant place,I have heard. Laws are not uniformly enforced in Indonesia.
  10. Children do not learn when they are hungry. dimwit. A majority of the children in NYC public schools are in poverty of nearly so. Chocolate milk is as nutritious as regular milk.
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