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  1. The arrival of Venezuelans at the border does not mean that we have open borders. There is a right of people to apply for asylum, guaranteed by the UN Charter.
  2. OF COURSE I DENY THIS. The Trumpists are the ones that want to destroy our democracy. They support White supremacy and inequality. They refuse to recognize their defeat in the 2020 elections. There are no open borders.
  3. DeSantis says that voting is a privilege, not a right. A large majority of Floridians voted to give ex-felons the right to vote. Gov. Christ agreed, and many voted, then Rick Scott took that right away, saying that they had to pay fines and court costs. DeSantis is a piece of shit with the voice of an angry hen.
  4. Regardless of the legal issues, it was incredibly stupid for Israel to permit these evictions. Netanyahu seems to be the one who decided to change the status quo.
  5. That is simplistic. The Jews bought land in Palestine from the owners, who were mostly absentee Ottoman landlords. The British and the French took advantage of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire after WWI. The French took Syria and Lebanon, the British took Iraq, Jordan and Palestine, and had protectorates over what is now the UAE, Oman, and Yemen. The British dominated Egypt, which has held Gaza since the times when the Ottomans ruled Egypt. The British agreed to divide Palestine into a Jewish State and an Arab state as a result of a vote in the UN. There are
  6. No wise American president would publicly confront the leaders of either Israel or Palestine. The US has many ways or applying leverage to prevent disaster. Neither the Israelis nor the Palestinians can actually defeat the other side in any permanent way. The Jews will not leave the area, and cannot exterminate or deport the Palestinians. Violence in Palisrael can only increase the hatred between the sides. There is no possibility that this situation could have a military solution.
  7. Who has blocked an ambulance? No one. Go ahead and run over some protesters, you tired turd, and see what happens. Whenever i see anyone blocking traffic, I avoid them. I always avoid confrontations and have never had problems.
  8. Not all pipelines are equal. The Keystone pipeline was not sending oil for consumption in the US. It was to be used for pumping Tar Sands oil, which is heavy and requires a lot more pressure, even more in winter through very cold areas.
  9. The leader of Hamas has NO following in the US, and nothing he posts effects anyone outside of Israel. Trump provoked chaos in our country for years, and eventually an actual rebellion before Twitter cut him off.
  10. MORON! I don't want to shoot anyone or kick in any doors. Go back to your hobby of fisting ostriches, you are a bad joke.
  11. Get serious! If God was all that fond of the Jews, He would have made sure that Herr Adolf would have become a famous painter and stayed out of politics.
  12. I visit with her regularly. We have been on very good terms forever.
  13. My colleague and officemate was Jewish, and her son was an ad company exec in Salt Lake. His surname was Ross and he was blond, and looked more German than Jewish.
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