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  1. You are a dick-sucking racist kluxer stooge, as has been pointed out by many others.
  2. XavierOnassis

    So what is a starter Nancy?

    Duh, they go back to CONGRESS, which can override a presidential veto with a 2/3rds majority of both the House and the Senate. You could have googled this. https://www.wisegeek.com/how-does-congress-override-a-presidential-veto.htm
  3. XavierOnassis

    Trump normalizing disruption.

    You do not ever KNOW 'BIGJIVE CYBER".
  4. What the Hell are "agenda people"? Are they similar to the "Crab people"?
  5. The IRS does not have anything to do with the Secret Service. The IRS is under the Secretary of the Treasury, NOT the other way around. You have it bass-ackwards. And YOU know NOTHING about anyone's tax forms except your own and any president's except Trump's.
  6. AND why Liberals are NOT really Americans !! You dimwitted A-hole, anyone born here or who has become a citizen is really an American.
  7. At no moment have I ever wanted US troops in the Middle East!
  8. If people are banned from ANY political movement that participates in elections, or free speech, then we are not a free country and we have no free speech, A-Hole!
  9. XavierOnassis

    I won the triple crown once

    Did you win the Triple Crown as a jockey or as a horse?
  10. I am not cool with anyone stoning anyone for any reason: it is barbaric. Homosexuals have the right to practice their variety of sex on the same way heterosexuals do. Adultery is based on the idea that all humans have the duty to be monogamous no matter what. The reality is that only a small minority of humans are actually satisfied with monogamy. I am all for people choosing their sex partners as they wish without interference from any government.
  11. No one was hurt. No one even touched anyone else. This was simply a story that the TV stations ran because it LOOKED like a conflict. So the elderly native American and the Catholic kid did not agree. So what.
  12. R Kelly is a misogynist A-hole who diddles teenage girls.