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  1. I have told ZERO lies, you Fascist dolt MacArthur's plan was to drop seven or eight nuclear bombs, beginning another war,making parts of China and North Korea uninhabitable. The first response of your A-hole rightwingers was to run MacArthur for president. on the GOP ticket.Then they discovered that his plan was to reconquer China for Chiang Kai-Shek and they chose Eisenhower instead.He was a much poorer choice than Stevenson,but he was at least not a warmongerlike MacArthur. Korea was conquered by Japan after T. Roosevelt said,"Japan should have Korea". When Japan surrendered, there was a Communist partisan faction, supported by the USSR and members of the Japanese puppet government, supported by the US. Both sides then began to send commandos across the border to assassinate the leaders of the other side. Both sides were brutal dictatorships. The US could and should have stopped these attacks by diplomacy, but this was not even attempted. So we got a war.
  2. I admit to having some pretty good sauerkraut. Kimchee can also be pretty good.
  3. He lives in a State of confusion. I don't think he will tell you. Obsessed people tend to see conspirators under every bed.
  4. How was she permitted to steak Trump's joke?
  5. You are correct. He could have served until 1948, but he died in the first year of his fourth term. He failed to select a fellow Fabian conspirator. Apparently Harry Truman was not a Fabian. So sorry! I apologize I just was not thinking.
  6. How am I preventing anyone from learning about Fabian Socialism? By telling them that you are a bore? Lookit: if the Fabians had a plan to turn the US into a Communist state, and they controlled FDR, who held power for SIXTEEN (16) years, how is it that we do not already have a Communist state?
  7. Trump, Buzz Aldrin, and a Russian cosmonaut are drinking at a bar. They get pretty rowdy after a while and start discussing the space program. Russian cosmonaut says “We were first to put man in space.” Buzz Aldrin says “Ah, that's nothing! We were the first to put men on the moon.” Trump says “You guys are total losers. Nobody does space travel better than me. In fact I'm going to send astronauts to land on the sun. And they're going in the most magnificent, luxurious, fabulous space ship that money can buy. It's going to have TRUMP in bright gold letter written on it. The rest of the world is laughing at us now but when we put men on the sun we'll make our enemies afraid and make America great again. It's gonna be yuuuuge!” “Mr. President,” the two men exclaimed, “you can't land astronauts on the sun! It's too hot!” Trump: “No, you idiots, we're gonna send them at night.” I did not write this, but is is funny.
  8. I am not a communist. But you are a crackpot! Far more significant than you or the Fabians is the work of Professor Josiah Stinkley Carberry. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josiah_S._Carberry
  9. FDR was elected FOUR TERMS as president. If he did not turn the US into a Fabian Socialist state in 16 years, I suggest that it cannot be done. John Maynard Keynes was personally a financial genius. He traded on Wall Street and made millions. You are just a crackpot, and not even a very amusing one. My only political act will perhaps be to make a modest contribution to the Democratic candidate, and to vote for whomever they run against Trump. I am hardly any sort of threat.
  10. If there are no witnesses allowed, the public will see the Senate trial as bogus... and rightfully so. And Trump will lose.
  11. It is indeed easy to cook. Making it delicious, however, is not.
  12. "Truthers" are people who think that 9-11 was staged by the government. I donl't believe this. Hence, I am not a "truther".
  13. I IGNORE you? Numbers exist in the Land of Digits. What exists in this atmosphere is a mere reflection. No one's body is "spontaneous reproduced". I suppose that you could spontaneously reproduce yourself in some public place, like siting in Abe Lincoln's lap at the Lincoln Memorial, or dangling like s booger from Jefferson's nose at Mt Rushmore, just to prove to us that you have this ability. That should get you on everyone's fave Nightly News.
  14. In short, Sanders wants to sell Americans on something that covers everyone for everything but not explain how that is possible. That, frankly, is no different that President Trump promising in 2016 that he had a fabulous health-care plan to replace the Affordable Care Act but was not going to share what it was. Trump had absolutely NO PLAN when he said he had a better one than Obamacare. He did not have sh it, and everyone with a brain knew it. Bernie has a rather vague plan and he dos seem to have thought about it. NO president in the history of the nation has ever passed any legislation as complex as healthcare as they first described it. I do think that Bernie is sincere and persistent, and the odds of him passing something are far better than Trump passing anything at all. What will eventually be passed is a compromise of some sort.
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