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  1. None of this makes any sense. No on e has been airbrushed, ever.
  2. Gay store owner kicks out Christians

    They were booted for EXPRESSING their beliefs, which involved badmouthing the beliefs of others.
  3. Three million more people voted against Trump than for him. Do not confuse the wacko Electoral College with actual public opinion. I think he is a tactless, ignorant egomaniac who thinks he is the Biggest Swinging Dick of them all.
  4. Gay store owner kicks out Christians

    They were telling other customers that they were going to Hell or something like that.
  5. You are nothing but a standard issue rightwing troll of the sort that infests this forum regularly. You are here only to put people down that do not agree with your warped anti-gay, forced birther, pretending to be Limbaugh. You are not any good at pretending to be Black. Calling me "bitch" does not make it, sorry. Just as a casting director knows who not to cast, I recognize the character of those who post. Alas! you cannot shut me up. You cannot shut anyone on an internet forum up. Surely you have figured that out by now.
  6. I don't actually care. It will make no real difference to her popularity, I don't think.
  7. Gay store owner kicks out Christians

    You certainly can establkish a private club and exclude anyone you wish in Florida. Mostly, these are bars and restaurants. The most famous in this country is probably the Augusta Golf Club. Fraternities, sororities, gold clubs, country clubs, political institutions like the Cato Institute and such are private membership organizations. You cannot sue Skull and Bones and force them to let you in.
  8. "Transgenderism" Is a choice

    This phony Black guy here is only here to spout rightwing crap and be a pest. I am convinced paying attention to him is a waste of time.
  9. Alll business models seek to expand the market share. So perfection is creating a monopoly. A wise company will stop short of creating a monopoly.
  10. The money was not donated for Hillary to look the other way when Weinstein diddled aspiring starlets. It would be fine it she returned it or donated it to charity.But I do not see where she is obliged to do so.
  11. It is obvious that peddling legal opioids would make drug companies rich. Addiction is not equally distributed: some people are easily turned into addicts others are not. It is probably predictable what percentage will become addicted, and itm is always greater than zero.
  12. Gay store owner kicks out Christians

    Business are private entities on private land. It is no different than your home. That is untrue. In your home, you can make all the rules and refuse entry to anyone for any reason or no reason. A business serves the public and has an obligation to serve ALL the public fairly. If a business wants to call itself a "private club" and restrict membership, it can do that. This case was different, because the 'Christians' were not behaving as customers are expected to behave: they were proselytizing. The left beloved once you open a business the owners don't have many rights because it is next to a public road. I strongly disagree with that. The businessbiwner paid taxes for that road as well. I will always side with liberty rather than government intrusion, unless someone is being harmed but not selling a cake is harming anyone.
  13. Even Juniorbush knows what a divisive prick Trump is.
  14. I find it impossible to believe that Rep. Wilson and the widow got together to create the script that revealed the tactless scoundrel that is. Yeah, because I point out that you are a phony lying about being what you are not, is somehow racist. You have the right to say any drivel that you wish. And I have the right to point out that it is drivel.
  15. General Kelly destroyed the media today..OMG

    Kelly as a career Marine, has a different way of looking at the death of a soldier: yeah, sure they all knew the job was dangerous when they took it. But that is not the proper thing to say to a grieving pregnant widow. She hears this as a statement that her husband cared more for the country than for her and her family. Marines are noted for bravery. They tend to suck at compassion.