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  1. Suggesting that people take measures to curtail a pandemic?
  2. Libertarianism sees no obligation of the individual to the society that nurtures all human beings.
  3. Libertarianism is the most selfish political movement that can be conceived.
  4. What would your plan be to end gang warfare in Chicago, Wallco? You'd love to see some stormtroopers and concentration camps, wouldn't you?
  5. There are no statistics available about scores of liberals, conservatives, democrats or republicans., Therefore no comparisons can be made. Mirabeau is an asshole racist segregationist that wants to reinstitute slavery
  6. Your own personal stupid attitudes serve no purpose other than to emphasize your abysmal ignorance
  7. Trump is a possible candidate for president, and his failures are therefore information that the voters have every reason to know about.
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