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  1. What rot! Trump uses racism and divisiveness at every opportunity. He attacks Black athletes for peacefully expressing themselves. He never misses an opportunity to badmouth Obama and all hos accomplishments. Trump is a boor and a jerk.
  2. How big of a thinker are you

    Was John Quincy Adams a better choice than Jackson? Was Hayes preferable to Tilden? Surely Juniorbush was not better that Al Gore. I do not see where the Electoral College has been a good thing, ever. Jackson, we know something about, because he was chosen president when he defeated JQ Adams in a second rematch. He was a boon to cotton farmers for sure. One of my ancestors bought a plantation for $1.25 an acre and did quite well. Another was a Choctaw, and surely was not a fan. If Jackson had been elected four years earlier, that would have made a difference, but I am not sure what it would have been. No one does.
  3. How big of a thinker are you

    I always vote. I vote whenever there is an election to vote in, and I write my representatives as well. I am not a she. Xavier is a masculine name. Of course it is not my real name. It is a double meaning, which you can figure out if you say it slowly and pronounce the X as an s. This is called a Liberal Forum, but there are a surprising number of self described "conservatives" here who apparently are trying to be apprentice Limbaughs. A few of them make some sense. Most are trolls, and a few are truly hateful racist bigots.
  4. How big of a thinker are you

    I m glad you have something to love. I am sure as hell more evolved than you. You don't like Trump any more than I do.
  5. How big of a thinker are you

    Again, Trump would not be president if we counted citizens rather that faceless "electors". There will always be a lot of morons. But we refuse to change the system so that majority rules.
  6. How big of a thinker are you

    You are a great blob of negativity. All you do is regurgitate negativity. You could actually give him a chance.
  7. How big of a thinker are you

    I am really far more interested in the present and the future than the past. The founders did not have any real knowledge of democracy. The Greeks had some democratic principles, but no more than 20%of the population of Athens was eligible to vote. The founders did the best they could with what they had. We have more, we allow women to vote, do not have slaves, do not need to travel many days to get together and do not even need to assemble to discuss anything. So we can do better than they did.
  8. How big of a thinker are you

    No one is ignoring you, silly, you have not written anything to ignore.
  9. How big of a thinker are you

    I agree with you that we do actually have the technology to do this. I do not think that it is workable for a single world government, though. Religious, tribal and social differences are too great. The US is about 5% of the world's population. In a world instant democracy, India and China would clearly dominate in voting power, but not in economic power, and that would make it rather unworkable.
  10. How big of a thinker are you

    I am not really impressed with you. The Founding Fathers lived in a far different time.
  11. How big of a thinker are you

    It is not true that the founding fathers despised democracies. There were none to despise that they knew of. Switzerland,as I said, was as democratic as the US, even more so when we consider that it did not allow slavery, but the Iroquios Confederation was more influential to the Founding Fathers.
  12. How big of a thinker are you

    You do not understand that all the word "Republic" means is a system of political rule that does not have as a ruler a hereditary monarch. That is all the word means: res publica means public thing in Latin. The founders of this country did not trust the average person, of course. That is why they did not include universal sufferage.The states had different requirements for who could vote, and in the beginning the individual states thought of themselves as sovereign nations. They banded together mostly for self-defense against the British crown in particular. Most of the people were iliterate or semiliterate farmers and no one thought women had enough sense to participate in government, and most of the women would have agreed with this. Democracy is superior to whatever you think of when you say "republic", however in the times in which we live, because this is no longer thirteen small entities of illiterate and semiliterate farmers clinging to the coast. I am in favor of a democratic, pluralistic, republic with universal sufferage of all its adult population. What was founded in 1782 was probably the best system that could have been organized in that time and place. But it is no longer 1782.
  13. How big of a thinker are you

    There have been very few royal dynasties or empires that did not fall as well. When Adams said this, I think Switzerland was already rather democratic by the standards of the times. It had no king or dictator, and has not had one since. The Greeks were conquered by the Macedonians and then the Romans. Adams was perhaps wise about some things, but about this, "wise" does not describe him.
  14. Tramp is Insane: Do you cons care?

    Trump deliberately fosters disunity and hatred. It is certainly NOT a requirement that he publically declare that the NFL should fire players who kneel during the anthem. That is not remotely the duty of any president. It is clearly race baiting.
  15. Tramp is Insane: Do you cons care?

    Hillary got more votes than Trump. She did not become president because the Constitution of this country is not democratic. She would have been a far better president that the ignoramus Trump.It is also untrue that Bernie won the nomination. I voted for him, but still, Hillary got more votes than Bernie.