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  1. Mueller knows that. Leftwinger knows that. I know that. There are lilely several varieties of lesser primates that know that. But benhur does not seem to know that. Trump clearly was engaged in obstructing the legal process by firing Comey and telling him to "go easy" on Flynn, not to mention asking the Russians to reveal Hillary's e-mails, publicly.
  2. XavierOnassis


    Grammar does not DO anything. To suggest that it does anything is like suggesting that a phone book, a dictionary or a table of contents does something. Grammar is a description of word order and the different ways in which words have different forms and how they are used to convey meaning.
  3. Louisiana has vast oil and gas deposits and a huge number of refining and transportation industries. But it is corrupt to the core. Mississippi is poor because it is mostly agricultural and most of the agriculture belongs to large companies. The main cities that benefit from Mississippi are Memphis and New Orleans, which are not in Mississippi. I lived in Washington State in the 1960's and attended Cheney State and Gray Harbor Community College and taught in small public schools. The state was well run, the people are friendly, and the only thing I did not like was the weather on the coast, where is drizzled from mid-October to the end of May, all day, all night. I got used to the weather, and I really liked the clams.
  4. XavierOnassis


    There is no such thing as "one track grammar". Grammar is simply a description of the syntax of a language, nothing more. You have no clue what the words "transcend", "noun, adjective, adverb." actually mean.
  5. And somehow, you are okay with that. I am against our country being furgled by Vladimir Putin. Trump was not tricky, he was simply enlisted by Putin to bring chaos to the US and its alliances with Europe and Japan.
  6. XavierOnassis


    You also like the word "imploding" don't you? You have nary a clue of what it means. My reality is real, yours is only a maze of unintelligible word salad. I am not trying to stop anything. I am just pointing out that you make no sense, and the more you blather, the less sense you make. You should skulk away and hide under some bush and have another "Intellectual Armageddon".
  7. Trump is far more stupid than Tricky Dicky. Tricky Dick understood trickery. Trump is not tricky, he is just a bloated ego spewing lies and misinformation.
  8. People have a right to have tattoos. But I think that some tattoos are far dumber than others. Small butterfly ona boob, acceptable. Large red and balck swastika on neck, much less so. MS 13 SALVATRUCHO on face, perhaps the worst of all. My uncle had a Marine Eagle, Ball and Anchor on his shoulder. When asked about it, he only said, "I was drunk and had some bad friends".
  9. XavierOnassis


    Dumb picture, stupid words.