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  1. Mao is not a liberal hero, you drooling idiot!
  2. Mao did not make China poor. It was poor before he was born. Those who followed Mao were certainly less brutal than Mao. As for the Chinese in Cambodia, well pretty much every other nationality screwed over Cambodia, and I imagine that Cambodia had its share of warlords as well.
  3. China was a very poor peasant country under the Manchus, and later under the Kuomintang (Nationalist) Party of Chaing Kai-Shek. The Japanese invasion and the Civil War that followed made it poorer still. Your knowledge of history is flawed.
  4. There was this one five-star review: In Congo's Shadow is the inspiring memoir of a Hermes scarf-wearing gold digger who abandons her privileged life in Scotland to form a friendship with an imaginary little Congolese orphan girl named Zimba. While the Hutus and Tutsis wage a bloody war over her collection of Valentino Rock Stud Heels, Linton valiantly struggles to build an imaginary little school for all the underprivileged Zimbas of Africa under the fabled Mukusi tree. It was during this turbulent period that Linton came to the revelation that she must use her unmatched beauty and knack for sipping fine wines while cuddling a chihuahua to let the world know that the amount she sacrifices per year is a lot more than you'd be willing to sacrifice if blah-di-blah-di-blah. Monsoon season came and went, and the self-described "skinny white muzungu with long angel hair" went on to a famed acting career, appearing in multiple Oscar nominated roles in acclaimed blockbuster films such as Cabin Fever and Screwball: The Ted Whitfield Story. More monsoons came and went, and the ultra-glamourous and unspeakably beautiful Linton made the ultimate sacrifice by marrying an unattractive subprime mortgage lending billionaire who was twenty years her senior so that she and her husband could give more to the economy than you or me. In this brilliant and highly articulate chronicle, Linton reminds us that the liberals and working class zimbas of this world with their crude fashion sense should be thankful for the great contributions that the rich and beautiful have made to our economy and should chill out.
  5. Avenatti has the right to run for president, I would think that his changes are very poor.
  6. The Chinese, unlike many people, learn from their mistakes. Mao was great at strategy, but he sucked at economics. The Great Leap Forward was a disaster, as was the Cultural Revolution. But he taught important lessons to the clever people who took over after him. They kept Mao on the money (all denominations of it), and they did not tear down his statues. But they brought back Confucius as a political thinker. Note that capitalism is NOT a political system, but a method for developing economies.
  7. Penis68: how clever!
  8. XavierOnassis

    Trump is the anti christ

    Christianity as we know it today is largely an invention of Paul of Tarsus. It is a fusion of Mythracism, Manicheism, Gnosticism and Judaism. As I recall, Hermes was the Greek God of speed and commerce who in his later years took up designing overpriced women's apparel.
  9. XavierOnassis

    Trump is the anti christ

    In that case, enjoy your cochinita pibil.
  10. That would be likely as painful for you as for her.
  11. NEVER! Wearing pantsuits is not a crime.