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  1. Neither have I. It is not a teaching of Islam, but it was apparently a custom of some people who became Muslims.
  2. I am confidant that Trump will make an ass of himself. But there are the Russians and others who want to furgle with the vote what has me concerned. Plus, there arefar to many dummies that somehow admire Trumps ashollery.
  3. The Middle East had the custom of older men marrying MUCH YOUNGER women. As in Old Joseph marrying much younger Mary in her mid-teens. Since the purpose of women is to reproduce, they they need to get started as early as possible. You plant your seeds after the first rain, you diddle the girls as soon as God tells them via a period, that they are ready. But then there is the problem of older guys getting ED. By then the woman would have learned that sex feels good, and women get the best feelings in their mid-30's. So to make sure than ALL the sons are actually the old guys and not of the stableboy, the cook, or the butler, they simply make a custom of making sex NOT fun for the women. And you put the older women in charge of it. I certainly do not agree with it, but that is how it happened and that is why FGM exists. From the farmer's perspective, why should the farmer care about how a furrow feels when he drops in the seeds?
  4. This was a switch that started with the Dixiecrats, involved the Segregationist Gov. of Alabama, George Wallace and was completed in most of the South by 1988.
  5. You are FIRST on everyone's list of numbskull peckerwoods, Two Bit Hateful White Troll. Dumbduck, being a waterfowl, was ineligible, and 123 was investigating angels.
  6. Time to get all your guns, Jimbo and go avenge these outrages. If they try to stop you, explain that you are an agent of the Fabian Society.
  7. They stopped slaughtering Indians between the so-called "Battle of Wounded Knee" in 1890 and the time that Indians became citizens officially in June of 1924. The luckiest Indians are in Washington State and even luckier still those in Alaska.
  8. Tim is historically illiterate, as is his hero, Ted Cruz. A large percentage of the people of Eastern Oklahoma are descendants of the Five Civilized Tribes. Oklahoma was very lawless in 1907. One of my relatives was a member of a gang that raided the Territorial Capital of Oklahoma in Guthrie and stole all the records, which they took with them to Oklahoma City shortly before statehood.
  9. Eastern Oklahoma was granted to the Five Civilized Tribes (Creek/Muskogee, Cherokee, Seminole, Choctaw, Chickasaw) after Andrew Jackson, in violation of the Supreme Court, stole their lands and had the Army drive them along the Trail of Tears to Oklahoma. When the oil boom came in the 1920's, it was a boon for the Indians and then a curse, as a lot of them were murdered for their oil, land and money.
  10. The problem in the RSA is the lack of adequate rural police. It is wrong to suggest that all Black South Africans are home invaders or whatever. It would be a very good idea for White farmers to strive to maintain good relations with the local police.
  11. There are those that think a male Karen is a Kyle. Kyles also imbibe excessive amounts of energy drinks, punch holes in drywall and smell strongly of Axe. Perhaps they are also Melvins or perhaps Dwaynes.
  12. It is modern packaging without adequate garbage disposal. No one is actually disposing of plastic waste properly, as there is no proper way, All we do is bury it, throw it into the river or the ocean or dump in some Third World country like Egypt.

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