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  1. I bet Trump will assign some flunky to read Mueller';s report and to edit it down to twelve words. Sumbitch does not read. This won't be over until the press analyzes it and searches some leads that will be most revealing.
  2. XavierOnassis

    Collectivism vs Individualism

    No one is able to recognize life self contained to simultaneously living as spontaneously separated in biological order of maintaining the numbers of your species now. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^This is drivel and makes zero sense.^^^^^
  3. Trump is corrupt as Hell. He lies, he cheats, he steals. Eventually most Americans will realize what a horrible A-hole he is.
  4. That is nonsense. The Democrats are coming around to understand that Zionism is antidemocratic. Not all Israelis are Jews, not all Jews are Zionists.
  5. It involved the US promising to pay billions to Israel to buy off the settlers and the US agreeing to give massive amounts of aid to Egypt to never attack Israel again. You appear to lack googling skills. This took me .05 seconds to find. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egypt–Israel_Peace_Treaty
  6. If Texas were added to Coahuila, yeah, then this might be similar.
  7. I have no idea what the hell you mean by "their time being alive cannot exceed the moment here" that is meaningless gibberish. Nothing you claim is in plain sight is even visible. I deny that you make sense... because you do not.
  8. It is idiotic to expel these young people after we have paid to educate them for years.
  9. XavierOnassis

    So let's talk mass shootings.

    You could get a kick out of setting a record with this as well. You have a juvenile mind
  10. Even if this were true, it would not negate how it makes Fox better. Your reasoning is juvenile and faulty. You take great delight in writing NI99ER, knowing it is offensive. Have you ever wondered why you want to put down people you have never met and will never meet?
  11. Yeah, the Constitution is full of references about where penises can be taken. There are HUNDREDS of references to vaginas, penises and even testicles and ovaries in the US Constitution. HUNDREDS!!!
  12. when the legal hurdles are passed, the final 3.6 Billion will be available to FINISH it !!!! You silly fool, $3.6 billion will IN NO WAY complete the Wall that Trump claimed he was going to build. There are hundreds of property owners' who do not wish to sell their land. Trump will be pushing up daisies before anything like what Trump promised will be completed.
  13. And what is that, sole? How far are your kinetic results self-evidently spaced apart?
  14. The creation of the United Nations was to end the evil of conquest and colonization. International law is against both the Russian annexation of Crimea and the Israeli annexation of the Golan. The era of empires has ended.