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  1. Nazi statue toppled by patriots in NC

    Are you so effing dumb that you cannot spell SPEECH? or even use a spellchecker?
  2. Nazi statue toppled by patriots in NC

    They don't do that any more. Now they are coming for your stupid statues.
  3. Nazi statue toppled by patriots in NC

    Taking down a statue is not like taking down an actual person. It is a way of saying, "this is something that our community no longer honors". The Nazis used slave labor of Poles, Jews and others based on the belief that they were inferior. The South was allowed to pretend it WON the Civil War. Blacks were arrested and put on a chain gang for vagrancy if they were not working, ans the only work was as a sharecropper who got paid in script money that was worthless except on Marse Henry's Plantation. They put up these statues with tax dollars. Perhaps the Rebel soldiers were brave. Well, so was Adolf Hitler: that is how he got the Iron Cross. But they fought for slavery.
  4. 1123 is a mentally challenged evil racist. He belongs inh the Isles of Iggy. Dipshit!
  5. You sure post a lot of songs. They take up a lot of space.
  6. Oooooooooh yes I do! It will happen. I am retired, and therefore my Medicare is either paid for by what I have already put in, or your taxes will play for it. In addition to the $112 a month I am already paying. As I calculate it, I am quite healthy and what I have paid in is less than the cost of what I receive. But I cannot be bankrupted by medical bills, because of Medicare.
  7. Your instinctive brain is defective. Logic cannot be exponential.
  8. There are NO coincidences.....

    So you change the topic, because I sure as hell did not.
  9. Trump is the worst president in US history.

    Old Fake News.
  10. Trump is the worst president in US history.

    There were hotels and rooming houses in the 1790's. And Washington did not rent out rooms. Washington did not have meetings at Mar a Lago. Washington did not charge rent to the secret service to stay in his resorts and hotels. Trump does this.
  11. Trump is the worst president in US history.

    Washington could pretty much get away with anything, because he was Washington. He ran a plantation, not a hotel where he rented out rooms to diplomats and business men who curried his favor.
  12. There are NO coincidences.....

    I am saying that the person who wrote this bunch of garbage is a liar, and you are his accomplice.
  13. We Are Numb to Being Called "Racists" by Leftists... So what? so you are numb racists. You did not explain, you accused. Every developed nation on this planet has universal healthcare. The Netherlands, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan, France the UK are not run by Nazis. The health of the people is the health of the nation. That is bloody obvious. We allow hospitals to refuse to divulge their prices and Pharma companies to itemize the true cost of the development of medicine. Healthcare in the US is a huge ripoff.
  14. Logic does not work exponentially, no matter how much you like the word. Something is logical or it is not. It cannot be logic squared or logic cubed. You make no sense at all, sole. What the Hell are "self evident results"? Results of what?