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  1. I did not say that Trump is the most corrupt at all time, only that he is corrupt and that we do not know the full extent of hs corruption. Andrew Jackson ordering the Five Civilized Tribes to move to Oklahoma so that the US government could seize their land was certainly evil, but Jackson did not personally profit from it. Indians were regarded rather like wildlife at the time.
  2. Impeaching Biden would put a woman with many stylish pant suits in the White House. The Horror! THE HORROR!
  3. The scope pf Trump's corruption has not yet surfaced. I question that you are any expert on the comparative corruption of 45 presidents. How do you judge corruption? Money takes in bribes? Special favors to corporate of individual interests? Trump leads every president in nepotism for sure.
  4. She took an oath to serve Californians, not to take an unnecessary holiday because some random Trumpuppet dimwit in an obscure forum wants her to do otherwise. I'd say she has the right to resign whenever she wishes. Why would she leave it up to you?
  5. I have no need to do anything. Biden won.Trump lost. There will be no revoting. Biden won, Trump lost.
  6. Do you attend NFL games or buy NFL fan swag? No one knows whether you watching games or not.
  7. It is her decision, not yours. There is no advantage for her to resign now.. Mitch McConnell is a sneaky ratbastard. No Democrat should do anything that might benefit McConnell.
  8. I'd say it makes perfect sense. Sealteam Six was not officially in Pakistan.They entered by unofficial means and left the same way to Afghanistan.They did not want anyone building a shrine to OBL, and of course, they flew him out to a secure seaport, I think Diego Garcia Island and dropperd himin the ocean, where the body would not be recoverable.
  9. It will make no difference to you, the NFL or anyone else if you boycott NFL games.
  10. She is keeping her seat in the Senate in case her vote is required. It is NORMAL for congresspeople to do this.
  11. He said that Trump was immune from prosecution because he was president. This was a cop out. He added that were Trump NOT president, there was sufficient evidence to indict him. You obviously did not read what was made public other than Barr's edited version.
  12. This silly woman is a Q anon believer that not even Trump will touch. She has no kraken. At best she has half a box of stale Cracker-Jax with no prize left in it. CV needs to FACE REALITY. MAGA is dead and gone and Trump is DEAD MEAT!
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