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  1. How do you know it was loose? It looks like a finished structure, And I am not Cuban, idiot.
  2. He hit his head so hard that he broke a chunk off the structure in the front yard. They charged him with a bunch of offenses.
  3. The Defense Department ordered Dow chemical to alter the formula for napalm (jellied gasoline) so that it would stick to skin better, and Dow did as asked. The Chinese are more polite to their Uighirs than the US Army was to the Vietnamese and perhaps the Afghanis as well.
  4. Black men look suspicious to White people, unless they are perhaps wearing a suit. Most of the Civil Rights leaders wore suits and ties.
  5. If guerrilla wars could be won by bombing the shit out of everything, we would have won in Vietnam and Afghanistan as well.
  6. Capitalism is not racist, but it is not anti-racist, either. The basis of capitalism is that a corporation is founded and one or more investors contribute to develop a business in which the liability of the investor is limited to the total amount of funds invested. On occasion, investors have been all of one ethnic group, or products intended for one group of people. Like apartment buildings in which Jews or Blacks have been excluded by restrictive covenants. I fail to see why the Navy should not assign readings about how to not be a racist. Sailors are adults. Racial Equa
  7. I have no idea about what he did in the Army. He just said "chairborne". He can read and write, and that is not something one can assume about recruits. I would say that basic literacy is needed for any sort of clerking job.
  8. This kid was not threatening the cop in any way. He was just ignoring him, trying to make a phone call, so someone would come outside and tell the cop he knew the people in the house. There was NO REASON to tase him the first time, and surely not the second.
  9. As I understand it, Kingaroo was with the 68th Chairborne. The US has never been good at running other people's countries. We were in the Philippines for nearly 50 years and they keep electing strongman goons like Marcos and Durtete. We were most successful at turning Japan into a democracy, but there were only children, very old men and women. South Korea became a democracy after six tries, in 1987. We suck at Muslim countries: Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan. I hear that Guam has nothing but happy campers.
  10. No one can compel anyone to serve anything they wish. If you like coquilles St.-Jacques, then serve that.
  11. Trump is fat slob in a baggy suit that impresses only morons like you. singlewide.
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