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  1. Putin loves to see US thrown into chaos and internecine squabbles.
  2. We need to recognize that Duck 615 is the best out of 615 tries that this sorry dimwit has tried.
  3. All people who say that this country is not a democracy are rightwing JohnBircher type numbskulls. When you hear anyone say this, do what most people would do when they realize that they confused the Granola with the Meow mix. Spit it out, tell no one and make sure you never pay attention to them again.
  4. It is something a majority of people do not give much thought to, nonetheless.
  5. Food stamps are a thing of years long past.
  6. LIES! He was NOT telling Putin any damn thing about Crimea or seizing the Eastern Ukraine. They were discussing arms treaties. The ones that Trump wants to flush. You are a dolt and a troll and a liar.
  7. As a businessman, he surely would. As a presidential candidate, his showing at the debates was perfectly awful. His prepared speech at the 2016 DNC about what a total dipwad and lying a-hole Trump is, was RIGHT ON! But a debater he is not. If ELECTED president, he would be far better than Trump.
  8. You are a very stupid racist. Most of them probably have longer family histories in this country than a-holes like YOU do.
  9. No, she was not part farmer and has never been a farmer and did not say one word about farming. What she did tell Bloomberg was that he should make his taxes public and release all the women he had non disclosure dis agreements with that they are free to tell the stories, or that he would look just ignorant and dimwitted as Trump.
  10. If they are in India, keep in mind that there is a 12 hour time gap.
  11. This is a worthwhile pursuit. They usually tell me they want to fix my computer, because it is wrecking the Internet. The voices that told me the IRS was about to have me arrested and that my SS account was being looted had robot voices.
  12. No one is pure anything in this country except for perhaps some recent Icelandic immigrants. Go on, tell Texas you are a Black man and apply to take the Texas State Bar Exam.
  13. She was not awarded a law license because she was Native American. She was awarded it because the passed the Texas State Bar Exam. On the first try.
  14. You dimwit, Russia is not Communist, it is an oligarchy. Trump is the guy who will not denounce Russia. Trump's sons claim that the Trumps were "getting all the money we need from Russia". Note that the word "guess" appears in benhur's post. Whenever this word appears in a troll's post, it means that what follows is a major whopper. Sanders is descended from Polish Jews. Jews who migrated from Poland and Russia (Poland was part of Russia until 1917) were not at all fond of "Mother Russia". They mostly spoke Yiddish, not Russian.
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