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  1. You tell me that I am obligated to spend 43 minutes listening to some damn preacher. I have already heard every possible thing that a preacher says to people, or you tell me that I am lying and accusing you and violating rules or something if I refuse. Preachers are not logical or rational, they tell me that I must give up being logical and accept the Bible as God's word when it is obvious that anyone who had the powers they attribute to God would NEVER behave in such a way.
  2. No, he does not. Listen to what he says to them. All he does is act like a poor victim and bitch, bitch, bitch. All Trump wants is money, money and suckups who constantly tell him how great he is. He acts like a seventh grader.\ He does not even understand the concept of face mask.
  3. It is not necessary to do this, The bastard should have been convicted and thrown out. He was clearty guilty as sin.
  4. Why not? Trumpkin is an aggressively ignorant bumpkin that has failed miserably at unifying thios country or doing anything useful.
  5. YOur thinking is defective, this will never happen. Trump is a disaster.
  6. All the really strong ones are Fabian Socialists-- BUMMER!
  7. The reality is that he is a horrid president and an amoral person, He needs to be removed., I rarely watch CNN, I do not have cable,.
  8. sole is no weapon. He is a disruptive parasite.
  9. No, he does not. He makes a fool of himself bullying them. Their questions are mostly smart, his answers are vindictive and idiotic. The fat bastard does not even understand face masks. He says that he does not thik he will wear one. But why wear a mask? No, NOT to keep someone else from infecting YOU, but to prevent YOU from infecting THEM. Many people can have no symptoms and be carriers. Trump never gave this even a minute's thought. Trump cares only about his own fame and fortune. There could never be enough money to be enough to the sumbitch. There is no amount of adulation by others that could ever satisfy him.
  10. Under no circumstances. Trump is still an aggressively ignorant, corrupt incompetent demagogue. I am hoping he suffers a massive coronary infarction.
  11. There is no rational answer to the real question. All you have is a fake question drilled into you with a totally illogical answer along with the question. You are an intellectual lightweight. I have spent weeks listening to preachers.
  12. I am getting pissed about so many great people dying.
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