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  1. I said nothing of the sort.
  2. How The Romans Created Jesus

    so what? I am not participating in your plan to cause discontent in this country
  3. Society requieres nothing of you, government might. But no one is talking about ayone getting paid for gwgreeing with your nonsence or anyone else's.
  4. sole thinks that refusal to believe this silly drivel is corruption and dishonesty.
  5. Personal dishonesty to sole means disagreeing with his nonsensical babble about eternal separation and how time is immobile.
  6. The voice of decent? Is that the opposite of the voice of indecent? Perhaps you mean the voice of dissent. The reality is, as you can see from comments, that what so-called "conservatives" do in this forum is INSULT Liberals.It is they that reject opinions other than their own.
  7. Evil Vs. Mental Illness

    The KKK sign is gone now, but there are still a whole lot of White supremacists in NC. What you say here is rubbish and quite irrelevant. And "South of the Border" is South of anywhere in North Carolina. That sign was in Lumberton. At least the one on the stretch that connected incomplete parts of I-95, which was the one most conspicuous.
  8. Evil Vs. Mental Illness

    You are a demented fool and incapable of any rational discussion of any topic. Why should anyone bother to read your repetitive, moronic posts or reply to them?
  9. This is called the LIBERAL FORUM. Why are you here? You are not going to cause Liberals to reject Liberalism. You are just another dimwitted rightwing troll. Your presence here serves no purpose.
  10. Call yourself "Endoscopy" and it is likely you will be associated with "pooh pooh".
  11. It would be adequate to simply remove Trump from the Presidency. He probably DOES deserve to be frogmarched out in a perp walk, but that is not possible because of respect for the office and the dolts who voted for him.
  12. Evil Vs. Mental Illness

    You are mentally ill, sole. But you are also gutless. Your gutlessness renders you harmless. But it does not mean you are to be taken seriously. Go play with Chongo.
  13. You have a comic strip mentality. Chester Gould (the author of Dick Tracy) was clearly a lot more of a profit than your beloved Nostradamus. You are demented, and not worth debating.