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  1. Hillary simply miscalculated where to campaign, and did not get help from Putin. Trump is the worst president in my entire lifetime.
  2. Put Trump in a nursing home. In the section with those with dementia.
  3. They did not initiate or cause the coup. You need to read up on this, your ignorance is appalling.
  4. He is trying very hard to concentrate political power under the presidency. That is NOT the opposite.
  5. Being as this planet is hundreds of millions of years old, and humans have not existed during most of this time, sure. It is clear that human activity has put more CO2 into the atmosphere, and clear that CO2 has this effect. Drilling wells and releasing gas into the atmosphere is another human activity, as is raising cattle, which also contribute to greenhouse gases.
  6. Yeah, according to you, they should wait for them to starve to death, or for them to be left as orphans when the gangs kill their parents.
  7. That is the point. He is unfit to be president. He is a guttersnipe. This country does not deserve to be ruled by a guttersnipe. He is not a statesman, he is loudmouthed braggart and megalomaniac whose predominant emotion is hatred.
  8. Woodrow Wilson clearly did this in DC. Mostly segregation was a regional thing, limited to states where slavery had existed.
  9. Mussolini and Hitler ignored the Constitutions of their countries. Both of them had more power over their countries that Trump has over the US. We are fortunate that the Constitution prevents Trump from assuming the power needed to take over the country. When he is gone, you will see what he has stolen while in office.
  10. Trump never had anything to do with Miss America. He was called a racist over his rental policy and was fined for it by the City of New York. His entire "Obama wasn't born here" birtherist crap was also racist. Robert Byrd consistently got a majority of the votes of Black people when he ran for senator from the 1960's until he died. He apologized a zillion times for having anything to do with the Klan. Hugo Black died in 1971, 48 years ago. He voted to integrate the public schools in 1954. Thurgood Marshall asked to be administered his oath when inducted to the Supreme Court. Hugo Black abandoned the Klan before running for office.\ This is just tired old rightwing crap. No one but idiots takes it seriously in any way. Trump is FRESH racist crap, on the other hand. It is absurd for a president to tell elected members of Congress to "go back where they came from." Trump uses racism to gain support of his mentally challenged base.
  11. Make that NO ADDITIONALL cost to the taxpayer. We are spending a huge amount on immigration now. And this will continue until the problem ceases to exist. What Trump proposes will not eliminate the problem, it will increase the number of people trying to enter illegal without asking for asylum. Trump does not actually give a sh!t. He is using this to get imbeciles like you to support him. Trump cares about only two things: (1)Making Trump wealthier. (2)Making Trump more popular.
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