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  1. This is like the typical CIA blowback, like Afghanistan, Iran, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Kuwait.
  2. ConservativeWAVE is a sack of sh!t. Trump is guilty of bribery and misuse of his office. He needs to be impeached, convicted, removed, and frog-marched out of the White House and flung into a snowdrift.
  3. I did not get any government pension, because I taught in private colleges. Whatever school you attended failed miserably. My guess is you were expelled or dropped out before finishing high school. you queer loser reptile
  4. Mueller was not paid any more than for his work. And he was no scapegoat.
  5. Most of them were born Americans and they CHOSE to become Israelis. That should answer your question.
  6. Speak for your own dumb self. We want the same deal for medical care you get from the VA, and the same education that you got on the GI Bill for defending us from all those Iraqis.
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