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  1. To dispose of people that would kill you for your beliefs if given the chance would be a bad thing?
  2. I don't want any American subjected to those which are demonic and would either kill or tax you for not parroting their narrative.
  3. I believe that Zimmerman attempted a citizen's arrest and physically attempted to detain Trayvon. Which led to the altercation. I am a Republican, and I am glad that Zimmerman took an butt beating first. Stand your ground is FAR from a bad law. *****The tragedy is that most Americans are NOT intelligent enough to understand that it should only apply where people are not out looking for a fight - to include those that have an erection to "get their guy." In essence, "stand (your) ground" implies that you are not out looking for a fight.
  4. "Tis only not a debate because those "americans" which are bright enough actually understand the original post and are unable to intelligently take on said content. As much as seventy percent of America is next-to-worthless - sorry for NOT feeling all that patriotic as of late.
  5. It would to everyone - hence it wouldn't truly be "unfair" or designated to target any one group. Prudence dictates that a free people know whether or not their neighbors are the collective enemy of freedom.
  6. A nation cannot crumble where it is not a nation. America should be a land where Atheists, Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists and all others should be able live and create businesses without fear of retribution. How many steps removed are those into excessive taxation from radical Islam. Not many - I can damn well assure you of that.
  7. Simple, all Americans should be forced to take a lie detector test. Whomever is found to be down with attempted forced conversion, or wanting people of dissimilar faiths killed or vehemently taxed should receive retinal scans and a one way ticket out of the United States - this would also apply to atheists that wished death upon Christians.
  8. Sorry, well not really, but I cannot help but wonder what percentage of hard core, ninety-nine percenters would be willing to first target the CEO of the selfie stick, or any other founder within the selfie industry. Can you say "duplicitous?" I knew you could, and I am so proud of you. CEO's within the selfie industry most likely make a lot of money. Why not start with them? Didn't think so. Stop pretending as if humans haven't ingenuity. Some people are worthless - really.
  9. That pesky Lerner Worm is pervasive. Come to find out, it may be an arsonist as well – ergo, reverend Al Sharpton’s, would-be-pertinent, tax files. Any federal government, excuse me internal revenue “service,” that would solely hunt down truly conservative business owners, promulgates State Sponsored Religion. In essence, the LEFT, or Democrats have unequivocally stated, “You must serve Jesus as we define him, or suffer our court-wrought, wrath.” Can you say “slippery slope?” I know that I am going to love this site, but please visit http://dl2840.weebly.com as well, but please remember to continue visiting this site on a very regular basis.
  10. With the incarceration of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, “stateside,” freedom of speech is a ghastly image of its once robust self. How dare anyone residing in America use an alias to create a film. Why that's almost as dangerous as "workplace violence" on a U.S. Army base, or unsuspecting police having hatchets wielded at them. I am being facetious of course. What’s next, burning books that paint Hitler in a negative light? Wish ye may, wish ye might, but sheer evil shunneth your vain delight, for which we’ve a word – delusional. Schizophrenia is referring to THE INTERVIEW as satire while being okay with the treatment of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Awaken out of your slumber. Soon it might be too late. (This entire post is a link to debate this issue further. Thanks to the administrators at liberalforum.org for allowing healthy debate.
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