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  1. Think there are a lot of cancellations now? Wait until they start firing people. Airlines are already having huge problems filling openings in maintenance, ground workers, flight attendants, pilots, desk agents, etc. There was a story locally this morning about Delta having a pilot shortage and not getting applications.
  2. That's an easy sell. They understand liberals play with the lives of people they don't like if it helps their agenda.
  3. So I assume a Congressional investigation will be starting next week into this Big Lie. After all, everyone knows the demonrats in DC aren't hypocrites.
  4. Those areas were not states that were part of the union. That was easy. NEXT!
  5. If you mean "swear" as in under the penalty of perjury, no they don't. An employer can question the claim and try to fight it...but very few want that hassle. The law DOES NOT say a person must belong to a religion that prohibits vaccinations. In fact, if an employer had 5 employees that belong to the exact same church, only one of them can legitimately and legally claim the exemption since on of the criteria is a "strongly help religious, moral or ethical belief" and not everyone has the same religious moral or ethical beliefs. While it is recommended that employees document their basis...it is not required.
  6. No…that was the FBI. You know, the famous investigation group that is part of the Biden DOJ.
  7. Sans complete immunity...from Congress and Attorney General, IN WRITING...the answer to EVERY question is a statement exercising my 5th amendment rights. After the above immunity is in place and in possession of my attorney...the answer to virtually every question is "I'm sorry sir/madam, I really can't remember."
  8. People can thank social media for the non-stop coverage of Gabby. She was a "star" there with more than a million followers on Instagram. She was "documenting" their trip. When she disappeared, many among that million kept it "high profile". And when crime invades a wealthy neighborhood, it usually impacts someone who is relatively high profile and serious crime is not common in those neighborhoods...at least relative to the level of serious crime in "the hood". It's the old "man bites dog" thing.
  9. Then that one time payment better be HUGE...like high 9 figures...or you just took the incentive out of future R&D.
  10. Not always. Non profits use their profits to create endowment funds for "mission" growth/expansion, to mitigate insurance needs, set-up operational endowments to cover periods with gifts and fund-raising results are down, etc.
  11. I was responding to the "nobody cares" part of the comment. If you are too stupid to comprehend that...well, its a you problem, not a me problem.
  12. Your words, not mine. I was responding to a specific comment. I guess you are just too stupid to understand that.
  13. Actually...there are only two legislative bodies. Buydumb owns the legislative branch and the executive branch. Everything else appears to be spot on. 😁
  14. You don't have to watch a loved one die to feel their loss. I didn't watch either of my parents die...don't see how watching it happen could lessen the pain. FYI...not everyone who dies in a nursing home or assisted living facility dies alone. My daughter is the administrator of a nursing home...she has watched far too many people die (even before COVID), some were even holding her hand. Only one person died alone...but the cause of death was a heart attack in the middle of the night.
  15. But the choice was made to have sex. I understand you don't want to admit it but, sans a criminal act, getting pregnant is the result of a choice being made. As much as you want to, you cannot change fact.
  16. slideman is one of many hear who don't understand that the government cannot send any money to anyone that they first do not confiscate from someone else.
  17. Why wouldn't they. They are the ones who allegedly broke the law...nobody else.
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