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  1. You are obviously hung up on "percentage of income". You are overlooking that they don't pay the same percentages NOW because they have different types of income...taxed at different rates and under different conditions. Hell, some income is not even taxed. A consumption tax captures almost all types of income. Currently, people paid in cash report a small percentage of it as income...and some report none of it as income. Income from illegal activities isn't taxed. Income from visitors (tourist) isn't taxed in the US.
  2. What you don't seem to be able to grasp is how much money is spent. Let's assume, for the sake of discussion, this "National Sales Tax" is set at 15%. Take your two numbers; Assume, since you didn't mention a percentage spent, the person making $100,000 spends 20% on consumable goods with the rest going to housing, utilities, retirement, etc. Take his $20,000 in spending at 15% and he pays $3,000 is taxes (remember, his federal withholding are now $0) Now the "guy with a billion dollars of income" spends 0.75% of his income on consumer goods...that amounts to $7,500,000 at 15%...or $1,125,000 is taxes.
  3. Depends on how you structure it and what is taxed. For example...make ground meat non-taxed, make prime-rib taxable. Of, make select and choice grade meat non-taxed, prime grade and better taxed. Apparel...shirts costing less than $50 are non-taxable...all others taxable. Shoes costing less than $120 are non-taxable...all others are taxed.
  4. For once in you life...use logic and think big picture. That is ONE landscaping company...there is an estimated 8,300 of them in California. Now add all the city, county and state maintenance departments. Oh...don't forget, anything with a gas engine used by the police and fire fighters (like jaws of life and chainsaws to fight wild fires). The state typically has to resort to rolling brown-outs with the CURRENT demand. This law will dramatically increase demand for electrical power. Care to guess the source of roughly 49% of the electrical power generated in CA? That's right...fossil fuels. Better start on those new power plants and lock in a coal contract NOW because the demand for coal is much higher and prices going up fast. BTW...there is already a global shortage of lithium...this law increases THAT demand.
  5. Did you look at the spec for that mower? On a full charge, it will run 48 minutes. Figure a crew will do 5 yards a day and a landscaping crew will need to carry 15 extra batteries (mower = 5, trimmer = 5, blower = 5) at $199 per battery. That means they will spend $3,600 dollars for mower, trimmer, blower and batteries for every crew. If he has 4 crews (a friend owns a small business...4 crews) that is almost $15k. Then he needs to equip his shop with enough power to charge 60 batteries overnight.
  6. Don't they use chainsaws fighting those wild fires? Just think of how many batteries the fire fighter is going to have to carry.
  7. She did not follow instructions on how to blow into the breathalyzer properly...generating a inadequate reading (common among those who have been drinking and trying to hide it). She also could not execute other field test. Add that she didn't pull off the road, but stopped in the middle of it. Therefore, she was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Body camera was on and video has been available for some time...this is an old story.
  8. No...it wouldn't have been against the law. Gifts given to the President while in office are the property of the United States government. When you go to a Presidential Library and see them on display, they are on loan from the National Archives.
  9. The video DOES NOT say the melting ice is creating volcanoes…it claims it is allowing more eruptions but offers no proof. Your contention is the melting ice is causing volcanic activity…prove underground volcanic activity isn’t melting the ice.
  10. You need to read only part of her name Kamalahaha
  11. Google kama sutra I'm surprised you...of all posters here...didn't pick up on the homage.
  12. He has retained enough of him mental faculties to keep Kamalahaha Sutra from taking over via the 25th.
  13. Guess you never heard of the Constitution. No ex post facto laws.
  14. Since the above comment was in response to hurricanes, I should point out that in the since 1889 there have been 10 hurricanes outside the traditional "season" of June 1 - November 30 (7 before and 3 after). There have also been 4 that started in the traditional season and "held together" into December.
  15. A manufacturer is never held liable for people illegally using their product.
  16. Unlawfully possessing a hand gun. There are already laws on the books. If anything, another example that laws don't stop criminals from breaking the law. I could have guessed his race had I seen the thread before a picture was posted. I officiated basketball games at the school (including tournaments during the school day) and it is...by far..."majority minority". There has been, in the past, a history at this schools...lots of fights, and this appears to be a fight that escalated. That is the reason I scratched the school my last two years of officiating.
  17. Just protecting the Planned Parenthood profit center while they can. Nothing more...
  18. I look at it like a parent who leaved their child in a hot car. That is a crime, and often they are charged when it happens. More often than not...and in most places by a wide margin...the charges are quietly dropped. They will deal with CPS for a long time...but that's a different discussion.
  19. OP specifically asked about a CRIME...a law suit would be a civil matter, not criminal.
  20. I just remember my best friend in high school. Right after we graduated, he was thinking about taking up hunting and went on a trip with some family members. Obviously he didn't own a gun so was going to borrow on from his cousin. That cousin hadn't used the shotgun in a while and not since his brother used it. When they got to the lease, they were unloading everything and that shotgun was dropped...landed across a fallen part of a tree an fired a round (the last one to use it didn't check it...or clean it...before he put it away). The blast hit my friend in the side of the jaw...took out most of his teeth, cost him his hearing in that ear, and a few other injuries. It took several surgeries to repair everything and he grew a beard to hide all the scars. Sometimes...shit happens.
  21. Sounds like a tragic accident to me. If there is no history between them, it would be difficult to convince me this was anything other than an accident.
  22. It's odd to hear that chant coming from the democratic cloakroom.
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