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  1. A neighborhood watch, also called a crime watch, is an organized group of civilians devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood. Just in case you are too stupid to understand, a defense team is allowed to call any and all relevant witnesses they feel will help their client. I really don't give a shit who employs those witnesses. Tell me, if President Obama would have testified, would that have made someone in the trial Vice-president? Prove it! .
  2. If you keep spinning like that, you’re going to hurt yourself. Neighborhood Watch is not law enforcement. You may not like that...but it’s still true. SUCKS FOR YOU!
  3. Not my hallucinations, dumbass. Apparently you lie so often you can't remember you lie for even an hour.
  4. So you admit you lied earlier. Got it! It's a shame they couldn't accept justice. But then, they weren't really interested in justice...just revenge.
  5. Really? Police department budgets are basically broken down into a few categories: Patrol - actual officers on the street, responding to calls and enforcing traffic laws. Do we really want fewer officers on the street? Do we really think crime will go DOWN when there are fewer officers to respond? Fines related to citations issued by city police officers is revenue for the city and goes to ALL city functions. Do they raise taxes to offset the loss? Investigation - these would be the detectives/officers who take over after an arrest. We already, in many cities, see complaints about the percentage of cases that are cleared (taken to the point of a plea/trial). Do we want FEWER cases cleared? Special Units - Typically this is narcotics, vice, sex crimes, etc. Do we really want to cut the effort to investigate rape and child abuse? Admin - Some departments may be top heavy, but this is almost always a small percentage of the total budget. Maintenance - Building maintenance, vehicle maintenance, utilities, etc. Can't really cut here...and not a lot of impact in what could be cut. Support - clerical, dispatch and 9-1-1 usually fall into this area. Are we saying we need fewer 9-1-1 operators? Now, keep in mind...almost all police departments are unionized. Any effort to reduce officers in any method other than natural attrition will be fought tooth and nail...in the press. How many politicians do you know want to be seen as "pro crime", because that is the way it will be spun.
  6. Bullshit. Black Lives Matter began with the use of it as a hash tag on social media after the acquittal of George Zimmerman. FYI...Zimmerman was NOT a cop. Justice ran it's course as Zimmerman was charged, tried and acquitted by a jury. The movement did gain national recognition after the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. However, a local, state and federal investigation (which was conducted by a DOJ under the leadership of a black man who reported to a half-black President) into the shooting all found the officer in the Brown case was justified in shooting Brown as Brown had assaulted and attempted to take the officers weapon. Just more liberal lies to justify blacks defending criminals. IMO...lives matter. If you add a color you are simply showing the world you're a racist.
  7. Some are doing just that... https://time.com/5860172/minneapolis-city-council-eliminate-police-george-floyd/
  8. This whole "defund the police" thing is another catchy hash tag for liberal idiots to spout. If you need proof, just pull up the budget of a police department (most major cities have them online) and ask them to tell you specifically what areas they want to cut and by how much. The can't (or won't) do it. When you make them actually think about the shit they spout, almost all of it is just that...bullshit.
  9. FYI... California Democrat Nancy Pelosi starts each and every morning with a quick trip to her daily hair appointment at the Four Seasons Salon, George. Pelosi’s hair stylist dished to HOH about her routine trips, which occur five days a week and consist of blow-drying and styling. Occasional splurges include color, highlights and a trim. https://www.rollcall.com/2011/12/14/heard-on-the-hill-nancy-pelosis-salon-a-cut-above/ I mean...if Piglosi doesn't have to comb her own hair, why should someone as attractive and stylish as Melania have to do such a menial task?
  10. Same with the New Orleans Saints. What about the Atlanta Braves? What about the New England Patriots? Didn't most of those people have slaves? Milwaukee Brewers? Offensive to people with a drinking problem? Probably hundreds of college names as well. But here's a thought...be an adult and get over yourself.
  11. Great idea...pass a law that requires citizens to give police as little information as possible related to suspicious people. Operator: 9-1-1-, what is your emergency? Caller: There is a suspicious person snooping around my property Operator: Can you give me a description? Caller: Judging from their size, I would guess they are a male. Operator: Can you give me a better description? Caller: No, I didn't go check them out...that's what we pay the police to do. So officer(s) are dispatched on a suspicious person call and know basically nothing. Not the approximate size, no physical characteristics, nothing about the clothing, etc. If I'm a caller, even if I know those things, I'm not saying a damn things and risk some idiot suing the shit out of me.
  12. If you follow the link, it deals almost exclusively with state authority and the rights of businesses and employers to require a mask. I agree that a business/employer has that right as there is no Constitutional right to go into any business or work for a specific company. However, as the link states, at the federal level Congress only has that power when it comes to federal facilities. if any government entity tries to force (and enforce) mandates wearing at all time there will be a lawsuit. I firmly believe, unless they can show 100% effectiveness in stopping the spread and absolutely no physical side effects, such a mandate will be struck down. Think if it this way, can the government require wearing bright pink shirts with a large orange star because it makes you more visible and reduces the number of cases of people being struck by cars?
  13. So...they demand banks serve black people as they do whites and then immediately demand special (better) treatment of black customers (people) that is not offered to non-black customers. The thing should have been titled A Hypocritical Manifesto.
  14. Well, since Congress doesn’t have the authority to require citizens to wear specific items on their body...at the national level it’s moot. In Texas, the governor’s order might be challenged as it only applies to counties with at least 20 confirmed cases. Some consider it an equal protection issue. Several cities have said they won’t enforce it. My wife has a condition that makes it very difficult to breathe with one on and the “recycled” air worsens her condition. Therefore we basically have to stay home.
  15. Except in the very rare cases of a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest, the woman CHOSE to have sex. If you don’t want a child and can’t afford to support it...don’t let some deadbeat schmuck fuck you without protection. I can agree with this one...let’s cut all types of support/aid to everyone in this country illegally and spend it on veterans. Every POTUS for decades has been for the embassy in Jerusalem. Only Trump has the balls to do it. Unions still exist and form...just another of your liberal lies.

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