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  1. "Truth" is subjective. If you look up the definition of "true" (since "truth" refers to things that are true), you see it is "in accordance with fact or reality". Since I don't subscribe to WaPo, I am going off memory, but I believe the "teacher" was responding to a question about dead people voting in MI...while he was attempting to teach his students to election process. In my opinion, he isn't a very smart "educator" because he should have answered that question with something similar to "I don't know if that is accurate because I have not examined the votes cast or read everything relat
  2. What people do with their money is none of your business. If you think giving to the fund is stupid, don’t give.
  3. Think you may have heard wrong... https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2020/11/26/politics/supreme-court-religious-restrictions-ruling-covid/index.html Now...it is CNN, so they could be wrong.
  4. Rules his restrictions on size of religious services violates the Free Exercise provision of the 1st Amendment.
  5. Henny Penny, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Lucy wish you a Happy Thanksgiving...Turkey Lurkey says ”Go to Hell!”
  6. Hopefully you aren’t so stupid you think Flynn will be struggling to survive. I can see a book deal covering how the Obama-lama-ding-dong’s DOJ tried to railroad him to prison and sabotage an elected President. Then making huge sums on the speaking circuit.
  7. So? Every SNOWFLAKE will cry in incessantly no matter what is said and happens. Those who support Flynn don’t give a fuck accepting a pardon is an admission. The rest (like me) don’t give a fuck either way.
  8. All they have to do is find one wedding in the city that was not fined, then sue the hell out of NYC and Mayor Hitler.
  9. That have to change the tax code first. Debt forgiveness is taxable ordinary income to the person that owed the debt. Might be hard getting that change pass a republican Senate.
  10. Hey dumbass, every company wants to sell their products for the highest possible prices, keep competitors down as much as legally possible and maximize profits. That’s the purpose of a business.
  11. Well, considering there is no Executive Branch department (other than energy) that would allow him to change regulations, he will have (Constitutionally) no ability to create restrictions and no authority to enforce a damn thing, it’s a valid question. What authority will he have? My company has to meet emissions guidelines. But they are set by an existing department. If he tries to add something on his own, companies can just tell him to go fuck himself.
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