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  1. Back to a postal worker issue. Not everyone has internet access. What stops one person for voting for everyone in the family? I steal your pin and use it to vote, then you try to access the site with a pin that has been used. Do you not get to vote? How do they know someone voted in your place if I use your pin on a computer at the library?
  2. And widespread fraud. What’s to stop some over zealous postal carrier from trashing ballots from a highly conservative part of a battleground state?
  3. That would be up to the states...and the laws need to be passed and signed before early voting begins in the general election. Congress has no authority tell the states what type of ballots they must allow.
  4. Might want to check that. If the median age (according to the Census Bureau) is 38.2, I don't see how the average age can be twice that...unless you know of a lot of people who are secretly living to be older than 150. Now...the average LIFE EXPECTANCY in the US is 78.7.
  5. My company produces an essential product, so we are excluded from the restrictions. For me, it's the same "get up, go to work" routine. Both my children, and my son-in-law, work in essential businesses as well. We do know of a few who work in the hospitality industry who are out of work and one who works for a university (but she can work from anywhere so she is still getting paid). Complying with the restrictions, for us, is easy. Wife works from home (for now) and I stop at the grocery store as needed during the daily commute. We rarely go out to eat, so that is not really a change. We have had some musicals cancelled (we have season tickets) and it looks like our basketball season tickets are useless this season...but those are very much first world problems.
  6. So you're changing your tune. Now it's their choice. If someone simply has a high school education, is it discrimination when they are not hired to work as a CPA, attorney, RN, banking officer, stock broker, Certified Financial Planner, etc. If people don't want to make less than $15 an hour, they need to improve their education level and skills so they are qualified for positions that pay more. Life is about the choices you make and dealing with the consequences of those decisions.
  7. So? You said they are being FORCED to work for slave wages. Link to them being FORCED to do so.
  8. The plus side to many parents being forced to home school is that many of these new "teachers" (aka parents) are going to learn that, when it comes to their child not excelling, the problem probably doesn't rest with the teacher. Our "baby" is 31...we lucked out.
  9. Really? Provide a link to that EXACT thing happening. Remember...you said the workers are forced to work for starvation wages.
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