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  1. Lack of planning on your part is not my problem. FYI...in Texas, you can by alcohol on Sunday after 12:00 (noon). What you cannot seem to understand is that passing a law that agrees with the tenets of a religion is not the same as establishing a state religion. Only a complete idiot would think it's the same thing. I guess that explains why you think the way you do on the topic. EVERY state allows some form of gambling. Very few laws have been passed that would ban abortions. That is just a scare tactic used by liberals. States have the right to regulate businesses in their states.
  2. Explain how a law forces you to change your beliefs. FYI...beliefs are completely different from compliance.
  3. No unless it conflicts with federal law. Besides, Missouri is a CF.
  4. Then how did they pull it off? Give a reasonable alternative scenario. How did they travel more than 1,500 miles, over a period longer than two months, with no support system to help with the essentials of survival. Remember, virtually every picture of the group or broadcast by those covering their trip, can be examined and there are no huge backpacks, support trucks, virtually nobody carrying tents/tarps. If someone didn't help them, how did they manage?
  5. Serious question...If Fox News is such a horribly unreliable network, a partisan shill for republicans and constantly telling lies, why do so many liberals watch it?
  6. Look at the photos of the "caravan" taken from a distance to get a feel for the size. Now, with the size of that group in mind, how much do you think if cost someone (person, group of people or organization) to provide food, water, shelter, sanitation (including disposal of trash and waste) and medical care over a period longer than 60 days? If they made the trek faster than that, you can add the cost of transportation. Keep in mind, they did this during extended periods where this mass of people were basically in the middle of nowhere. Even if they just helped them clean every three days, they had the expense of setting up a "camp" and then moving it about 70 miles for the next "visitation". I'm thinking the total cost was just a tad more than $20. Someone spend a HUGE sum of money helping them get here. Again, what is the difference between me covering the expense of you making a trip and me giving you money so you can pay the expense of making a trip? It's a simple question and you proport to being somewhat intelligent...provide an answer.
  7. I said I had no evidence they actually received money. But can you HONESTLY look at the pictures, think about them traveling over 1,500 miles with virtually no supplies of water (or filtration equipment), soap to clean with (body and clothes), toilet paper, food, shelter to sleep in, etc. and think nobody assisted them (at a significant cost)? Yet they still did it, with small children, and very few had any disease or injury. Please...think for yourself every once in a while.
  8. I know that. It could be logically argued that if someone is covering the cost of you doing something, you are being paid. Me covering your expenses is the same as me giving you money so you can pay your expenses.
  9. I don't have evidence that the individuals were paid (though I would not be surprised if some were). The photographic evidence says someone helped them along the way. The shortest possible distance from Guatemala to the US (as the crow flies, so to speak) is just over 1,500 miles. A healthy person can reasonably expect to walk 25 miles per day...so lets give them that as a daily average. That means it take A MINIMUM of 60 days to make the trek. Notice anything? They walked over 1,500 miles over a two month period and NOBODY has even a medium sized backpack...many men are carrying absolutely nothing. Yet their clothes are clean...heck, they aren't even sweaty. Nobody has a water bottle visible in any picture and it doesn't look like many are "skin and bones" from having little to eat for two months. Think about it. They have traveled for two months and nobody is carrying paper (for cleaning after taking a dump), without somebody supplying logistical support and did it without clean/filtered water...which means they had to drink from streams/ponds/lakes unless they were going through a town...they managed to keep their body clean without bathing facilities and soap. That is a HUGE accomplishment considering they were obviously walking during the day and sleeping without shelter. They kept up a nice pace considering all the kids in the group. Somebody was helping them. If you don't believe that there is no hope for you intellectually.
  10. From my experience...someone resorts to calling the "other side" a racist when they have lost the argument or cannot defend their position with hard data. It is an accusation for which there is no defense because anything you say will be held up by them as evidence of your racism. Stated in fewer words...it is a tool of the ill prepared and uniformed.
  11. Apparently the organization/group that helped them make the journey didn't prepare them well for the long process they would face after entering the country illegally.
  12. Psst...there is a HUGE difference between 60 years of experience and one year of experience 60 times. He falls in the later group.
  13. On that, we can agree. Any time your opponent is committing political suicide you should not stop them.
  14. "No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." EXACTLY what (specifically) is being done to violate this?
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