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  1. If they are talking about assistance from the federal government...that would be irrelevant. Possession of cannabis is still a federal crime. If the federal government ever decides to enforce the supremacy clause all those state laws would be void.
  2. FYI...you refer to it as semantics but look at the thread title' "FACT: ILLEGAL ALIENS COMMIT CRIMES AT A MUCH HIGHER RATE THAN AMERICAN CITIZENS DO!" Hard to say 100% is not "a much higher rate". It's not my fault you went off subject.
  3. Unlawful entry can be a felony that is punishable with jail time...followed by deportation. If it is just a misdemeanor...the punishment is deportation and a ban from re-entry (length of ban varies) Unlawful presence is a misdemeanor and is punishable by deportation and a ban from re-entry (length of ban varies). BTW...just because something is a misdemeanor doens't mean it isn't a criminal act. For example, petty theft (theft of less than $400 in value for most states) is a misdemeanor...as are discharging a gun in a city, simple assault and possession of cannabis. All USUALLY result in just a fine but, depending on the number of offenses, can also result in a short sentence in a city or county jail.
  4. I didn't say it was a CRIMINAL offense. I said it was a crime. FYI; crime /krīm/ noun noun: crime; plural noun: crimes an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law. A crime can be a criminal or civil offense. Speeding is a crime...punishable (almost exclusively) by a fine. You didn't answer the question. What is the punishment for unlawful presence and/or unlawful entry?
  5. BatteryPowered


    That is a really easy law to beat. Many "wealthy" districts let the parents/residents establish "booster clubs" or "foundations". Rather than give money to the district...which may result in state funds being taken back and "shared"...they make purchases for the district and give them the items. When our son was in high school, the band booster club purchased $47k worth of marching percussion equipment and gave it to the high school because targeted monetary gifts were not allowed.
  6. Read the post and understand. I said they were guilty of unlawful presence...and might also be guilty of unlawful entry. The US Immigration law is codified. Violating any of them is a crime. You may not like that...but you not liking it doesn't make it untrue. By the way...do you know what the penalty is for both unlawful presence and unlawful entry?
  7. BatteryPowered

    Are you moist

    I here a lot of guys say that tattoos turn them off. Bet if this young thing said "Let me do you till you scream" they would have a heart attack.
  8. 100% of illegal aliens are guilty of a crime...unlawful presence. That is true regardless of their incarceration status.
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    Said in pictures rather than words;
  10. BatteryPowered

    For all you music savants

    I posted Zager and Evan (In The Year 2525) was the answer 35 minutes ago (as of the time of this post)...a full 16 minutes BEFORE you suggested that might be the answer.
  11. BatteryPowered

    For all you music savants

    Actually...it is Zager and Evans. And yes, that is what I said.
  12. Big f'ing deal. There is a difference between incarceration rates and the subject of this thread. Every single illegal alien...regardless of their nation of origin...is guilty of a crime. FYI...a crime is an illegal act. Every illegal alien is committing the crime of unlawful presence...100% of them. Many, if not most, of them also committed the crime of unlawful entry.
  13. BatteryPowered

    For all you music savants

    Yep. Basically, it is really hard to disappear after a #1 hit.
  14. BatteryPowered

    For all you music savants

    My first guess was Johnny Preston with Running Bear. I knew the man (worked with him) and didn't know he two other top 15 hits. Oddly, Running Bear was going to be recorded by The Big Bopper after he finished his tour...but that all changed with the plane crash.
  15. BatteryPowered

    For all you music savants

    Ok...the answer; Zager and Evans with In The Year 2525 The song was recorded in 1964 but was not released until 1968. They did crack the Kent Music Report (barely), an Australian chart, but never charted another hit on any Billboard chart. The Texas connection is that it was recorded in Odessa, Texas. Nobody knows why it was recorded there as neither were originally from Texas and Odessa has never been know as a hotbed of music.