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  1. Ever hear of the supremacy clause? The state laws legalizing pot would be quickly deemed unconstitutional as states cannot pass laws that directly contradict federal law. The feds just choose not to press the issue at the moment. But my guess is if anyone in one the states that have "legalized" pot are arrested on federal charges happen to have pot on them, in their vehicle or in their home they will be facing additional federal charges. Oh...and related to not having to enforce federal law? May want to reconsider that. Almost EVERY state (and California certainly does) has their state and local law enforcement officers take an oath that contain the words "do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of X against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States..." So, they either cooperate and enforce federal laws or violate their oath.
  2. See...I knew there had to be an explanation for Alexandria Queso-Chips.
  3. I know that, dimwit. But snowflakes like him always go to "state's rights" when they don't like the law...like sanctuary cities, whacky tabaky, the electoral college, etc.. I was attempting to show it how stupid he sounded in those instances. Apparently it went WAY over your head.
  4. I thought you were a supporter of state's rights?
  5. So it appears demonrat presidential candidates are not opposed to dissing an ally with whom we have a treaty as long as they don't like that ally.
  6. Where did I say it wasn't? IF you served...great, thank you. Do you remember the oath you took? That Constitution you swore to "support and defend" gives me the right to choose my profession and voice my opinion about anyone and anything I choose. If that bothers you...well, then it sucks to be you.
  7. Chose not to take that avenue. Turned 18 as Vietnam was ending (draft ended two years prior) so I went to college. Remember, it is was (and still is) a volunteer military.
  8. Poor snowflake...do you need a puppy?
  9. No it didn't...and they were obsessing over something irrelevant since having a mother who was a US citizen made Barry a "natural born citizen". Now will you admit the "boners" are obsessing over something irrelevant?
  10. Not at all. I was just suggesting that Trump tell the former Senator "Under the law passed while you were in the Senate, my medical records are none of your business. So go F yourself."
  11. What do you have against following the law?
  12. I'm surprised the former Senator has never heard of HIPAA...he was in the Senate when it was passed.
  13. BatteryPowered


    Funny how that works, isn't it? I know several idio...uh, snowflakes...who keep promoting making college free. I always ask them "So, how many students are you currently paying the fees, tuition and books for at the local university?" They always give me a strange look.
  14. Wonder what kind of reaction there would be at CNN and MSNBC if a comic book came out explaining how to report illegal aliens to ICE?