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  1. Words have meanings: de·fame /dəˈfām/ 1 damage the good reputation of (someone); slander or libel. slan·der /ˈslandər/ verb 1 make false and damaging statements about (someone). Calling a biological male a male is NOT a false statement and telling the truth about someone cannot “damage their good reputation”.
  2. But this sitting President was investigated and not indicted (remember, there are no sealed indictments). In fact, he is still being investigated. Poor widdle SNOWFLAKE.
  3. In my opinion...they are unconstitutional (and I don't own a gun...never have).
  4. I will bet you everything you own there will be no liberal President in any part of 2020 (unless you consider Trump a liberal).
  5. What is really scary...Anastacia Queso-Chips is 50 times more mature and intelligent that the liberal loon of NHB...leftwinger.
  6. You mean the people who swore to uphold the laws and Constitution of the State and the Constitution of the US? Again, what makes you think they are going to be on YOUR side?
  7. This. Liberals seem to think the "citizen" is doomed to lose. If they try anything without amending the Constitution or repealing the 2nd Amendment, what makes them think the military is going to be on THEIR side? They took an oath to uphold the Constitution and they do not have to obey an illegal order.
  8. The six words in this thread title describe the start to virtually every demonrat presidential campaign; "Well, it begins with an idiot deciding to run for the demonrat nomination..."
  9. No they don't. People choose to get enraged when people close to them on the roads drive slower than they choose to drive. Only one person on the planet can have any impact on your emotional state...and that is YOU. Quit making your life all about you and you will find you are much happier.
  10. Doesn't matter if it does. The DA has a history of letting liberals walk for those types of things.
  11. So the people of NC are too stupid to know that the legislature can override a veto of the Governor? Did they pull a stunt? Yes. Were the demonrats stupid? Hell yes. SUCKS FOR THEM! Closest option to "Carolina Blue"
  12. Oklahoma State and their athletics just took a financial hit.
  13. No, it doesn't. It was the will of the people that republicans control both chambers of the legislature.
  14. So...demonrats fell for an age old political trick, which is apparently allowed under the NC Constitution. Yet, it's the republican's fault demonrats are stupid. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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