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  1. Honestly, I'm surprised they went. If I were him, I would have stayed away and when asked why "Because I knew small minded people would make a scene and her family doesn't need or deserve that right now."
  2. My question; Mr. Vice-president, were you born this stupid or is it the results of working in Demonrat politics most of your life?
  3. I don't think many will disagree with that. However, just because someone died doesn't mean a crime was committed.
  4. First...nobody broke into their home. The officers were executing a search warrant signed by a judge. Breaking into a home is a crime, serving a search warrant is not. Second...There are conflicting accounts on if the officers announced themselves. He claims he did not hear them announce. That makes perfect sense as he was probably asleep. He fired because he felt his home was being invaded by criminals. Apparently the Grand Jury agreed and he was not charged. Third...under Kentucky law, when he fired at the officers (and his attorney's statement that it was a war
  5. A friend who is retired from Dallas PD, and served the last 5 years on a joint task force with ATF, said the only "protection" they wore while serving warrants in Dallas was their vest. I believe the officer that was wounded was struck in the leg...cannot remember if I heard that on radio or TV.
  6. Who, among the authorities, has said it wasn't self defense? The Grand Jury did not indict him either.
  7. According to Joe "Stink Finger" Biden...this is an extremely deadly virus. He said 200 million people have died.
  8. But there is a heartbeat. Funny...if fossilized water was found on Mars it would be hailed as a "sign of life". On Earth (in the US) a heartbeat isn't a "sign of life".
  9. I know of eight who caught the Wuhan Virus...not well, but know them...rarely around them now. To a person they are "germaphobes"...constantly washing their hands, using hand sanitizers, don't shake hands, wipe down everything around them, etc. They took every precaution recommended and stayed in their safe space as much as possible. We, on the other hand, have simply gone on with our life and only wear a mask when forced to wear one. They get the Kung Flu...we don't. They probably weakened their immune systems.
  10. Fortunately for Judge Barrett, her appointment will simply move it from 5-4 to 6-3...doesn't change the balance of power.
  11. The vast majority of people being influenced by "social media propaganda" are idiot liberals.
  12. The Constitution and subsequent laws say what the say. They don't say what you think they intended to say.
  13. The Senate fulfilled their Constitutional duty in 2016. They are NOT required to hold hearings. By refusing to take up the nomination of Garland, they were obviously not consenting. The consent part of Article II, Section 2 does not have to be an actual vote.
  14. Ironic isn't it. Liberals consistently scream "money isn't speech" and are usually ready to imprison Koch for spending millions and millions to help conservative candidate. Yet, Bloomberg "has the right to spend his money as he wishes...". Doesn't that also apply to Koch and other conservatives?
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