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  1. A background check will not stop someone hell bent on killing others. Do you honestly think all those punks on the south side of Chicago passed (or care about) your precious background checks?
  2. Amtrak is a quasi-public corporation. It is NOT a non-profit. FYI...a "non-profit" can, and often do, make a profit. That is how they build targeted reserves...they are not allowed to distribute their profits
  3. Believe it or not, Don Lemon of CNN agrees with you.
  4. Look at what she said carefully. The President thinks outdated reforms should be put in place. If the reforms are outdated...meaning obsolete...why the fuck would we want them put in place? She is an idiot and, apparently, works for an idiot.
  5. You may have a point on training...in some areas. Now, tell me what salary...you can give me a $5k range...is required in your area to get "the best and brightest" to work in law enforcement?
  6. It’s legal...but won’t happen. Manchin says he will not vote to eliminate the filibuster and Scummer doesn’t have 60 votes in the Senate.
  7. That’s not what the Constitution says they must do. You not liking it or wanting to admit it doesn’t change the Constitution.
  8. Saying they must provide consent implies it is automatic. The Constitution clearly states “with the consent”. And even if you don’t like it, not holding hearing clearly means they do not give their consent.
  9. Who asked if we should keep up with Europe?
  10. Changing the subject I see. A sure sign you're defeated.
  11. It is against the law to ask someone's religious affiliation(s) when considering them for a position of employment. It is also against the law to deny someone a position based on their religious beliefs. Why do liberals love quotas?
  12. Following that logic, we should ban all motor vehicles, vending machines, baseball bats, fertilizer, sticks, rocks, hands, belts, knives, etc.
  13. Are you saying there should be a religious test to determine who is qualified to sit on the federal bench? You do realize that is illegal, don't you?
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