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  1. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/29/us-saudi-haj-idUSKCN0SN2F020151029 God damn those saudis are crazy. Why in hell that country even exist? I still can't get it why Saudi Arabia is the main American ally in the region. Every single Muslim country is much better than Saudi Arabia. How we can talk about bringing democracy to the Middle East when Saudis do everything possible to destroy the very idea of democracy in the Muslim world??
  2. What do you think about them? Is there at least one you support? I actually found out that there are so many candidates running for president that it's not even funny. All those Jindals and Cruzes... And now I learnt about Lawrence Lessig. Who the hell he is? Why I haven't heard about him anything? Maybe he is the greatest candidate we have this time? Or maybe he is worthless worm just like all the others. I don't really know. We need to talk more about them.
  3. http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2015/10/25/ben-carson-abortion-rape-incest-roe-wade/74585040/ Ben Carson is the only black candidate running for the president this time. I find it amazing how different Obama and Carson are. While Obama was presenting himself is a very liberal person, Carson sticks for ultra-conservatism. I really respect this man and I like a black person being one of the most popular republican candidates. But his agenda won't bring him anywhere. The era of old traditions is over and you either need to stick to progressivism or just be Donald Trump to get fame.
  4. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/oct/22/cybersecurity-cisa-bill-amendment-foreign-nationals What's wrong with them? Jailing foreign residents for committing cyber crimes abroad is something I can't even imagine. That's some totalitarian shit, something on Hitler's level. Do they want to turn America into a fascist country which is controlled by a bunch of completely insane old buffers? I'm sure none of them know anything about the web. Crazy stuff.
  5. Sure it did. But it wasn't that horrible as people think. I always thought that Hitler wanted to exterminate all Jews but it turns out that I was wrong. Netanyahu recently said that was actually the fault of Palestinian Arabs, not Hitler's one. He wanted to resettle all the Jews to the Middle East to the land which is now called Israel. Well I respect Israel as a country and I know many Jews who are very good people. But the history of Israel is pretty shady. Driving the Arabs out of their land and claiming it to be the land of Jews is just wrong and reminds of Nazi policies.
  6. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/arab-areas-of-jerusalem-blocked-off-in-israeli-crackdown/ar-AAfyeqE What will be the end of this new Israeli-Palestinian conflict? I think it will end up with a horrible bloodshed and a big war between Arabs and Jews. Israelis built hundreds of settlements in the West Bank and it's not like they are going to stop doing that. Israel surely has much stronger military than Palestine. Maybe their plan is to drive all Arabs out of the Palestine and make it a legit part of Israel?
  7. Just another liberal bullshit. Trump will be the president, that's it!
  8. They are looking for the proofs which would be strong enough to jail her until the end of her days.
  9. What exactly do you mean by Black Lion Agent?
  10. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/iraq-leans-toward-russia-in-war-on-islamic-state/ar-AAfcUbs Well I don't find it strange that Iraq leans toward Russia in this conflict. Russians entered the war only a few days ago and they already bombed the crap out of the terrorists. I can't understand why it took so much time to realize that we need to make everything possible to stop ISIS. We need to act together with Russians and solve this conflict to prevent ISIS from spreading around.
  11. Should we let some of those refugees come to the US and become American citizens? It seems like it didn't work well in Europe and all those refugees are currently flooding European cities rioting and breaking all possible laws. Should we try to integrate them into our society? We are partly responsible for the events happening in their countries and I think we have to do something to ease the burden on Europe.
  12. Google has gone mad and it asks people to donate them money so they could help to feed illegal Arab immigrants. It seems like they don't quite understand what they are doing. More and more people in the US and outside of it start to hate the idea of accepting those Arabs. Why do we always have to accept everyone who want to get asylum? Why can't they just go to more stable Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia?
  13. Do you believe those communists? Hell no. No one should ever trust to commie. They are proven to be backstabbers and Chinese surely want to destroy America economically. Just imagine, almost all our production is outsourced to China so if their communist government decides to nationalize all factories we are doomed. We need to do something about it before it's too late.
  14. Why are there so many poor people living in America? Why are there so many people who can't find a job no matter what they do? We need to do something to provide them with jobs cause it's just strange that the richest country in the world has so many people living in extreme poverty. I don't think it's that hard to spend a bit less money for the military and provide them with jobs instead of food stamps.

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