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  1. Awww, and whats the difficult "context" that you like to hide behind now?
  2. Presumably, the answer you are looking for is "no"??? Ok, in that case, what makes the jews so special that they should get their land back from 2000 years ago, genius?
  3. Oh look what we have here. Two nutters from Club Israel, that cannot agree on basic shit. Yet lashing out at the op's opinion.
  4. Isreal was directly supporting the syrian "rebels" and the actual isis in the field with medical aid.
  5. Finish whistling before you know who comes and says your persecuting her
  6. ...... borrrrring But yes, less bickering and being down in the dumps...
  7. Stockman, who wrote the article did. And you posted the article, so I was asking you. John Maynard Keynes was a leftist "progressive". Are you saying the right also subscribed to progressive thinking?
  8. Fair share has no definition. Fair share = socialist voodoo. Prices would not fall by any voodoo equation. Prices would decline because companies no longer bear the cost of taxation.... is all that can be said.
  9. That would be no fair, I destroy you all by myself, even when I'm half asleep. Besides, I want to see how patient Parrot is I dont "have to" tell you nuttin But yes I will finish that... some day
  10. Was Alan Greenspan a keynesian central banker? Yes or no? If no he isn't, there goes your claim that central bankers are keynsian. If yes, then its time you came to grips with the fact that this keynesian represented the "libertarian right" for half a century. So which is it?
  11. Newbie parrot vs geriatric chooser! yay yay! fight fight! This should be gooooooood
  12. Yes geriatrics stuck in past... poor nutters The reds are coming to get you!
  13. "May be" and "may not be"..... mean the same thing. This obviously comes as news to you Youre welcome! You counted them. Amazing. No part. That's not been my argument here. The part where it's called a Persecution Continuum. That part. But enough of this. Waste of time, clearly.

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