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  1. The number of really sick racists here has me leaving the forum. I've only been posting for a few weeks and I've tried to ignore these people. But to see this racism carried even after the shootings in Charleston, I will not give these inhumans an audience. You people that are these racists, it isn't the rest of humanity that is sick, it isn't your state or your city, it isn't another race. Its you.
  2. Not that I agree with you but what do you think a global government would do so differently than any other currently?
  3. This is just the continuation of the coming avalanche of reality for the people who deny Global Warming. The Koch brothers can only cover up reality for so long before it crushes them. And that day is approaching.
  4. Blu the progressives, liberals, democrats have to smarten up and loudly oppose this. And as you note, whenever the "well both sides do blah blah, the response has to be no they don't" and then go into the details. Democrats regularly appear on all of the talking head shows on Fox but Republicans don't show up for questions on shows like Rachel Maddow, specifically because she is an expert at finding the truth about something and that isn't what they are interested in. Democrats and progressives, whether politicians or commentators, should do turnabout and not agree to appear on any of those shows. And they need to continually have segments that show, 'here is Fox, or Limbaugh, or Hannity lying, and here is the truth. I know they do some of this but it needs to be a regular thing. The right-wing echo chamber says the same lie over and over. This is one of the main tricks they use to make the lie seem like truth. Progressives better start fighting back directly. The Republicans are extremely busy taking over state houses and gerrymandering districts and passing anti-voting laws at an alarming pace. The old saying, 'the only thing needed for evil people to win is for good people to do nothing'.
  5. Uh oh. I generally only stop on Faux Nuuz for a minute or two every other day but I happened to catch the last ten minutes or so of Trump's Q and A with the crowd at his rally. Faux had a live twit poll going on whether "Trump has a chance at the White House". In the ten minutes I watched it went from 50-50 to 70%-30% in favor of yes. And he did sound much more credible today. The Republicans now have a HUUUUUGE problem with him because he WILL connect with the conservative base. He says out-loud what many conservatives want to say but wouldn't dare. And again as an independent I do find it refreshing to have something different from the same tired old rhetoric you get from Bush et al. Its a new world Republicans. If he's a clown he's going to be asking... WHY SO SERIOUS!?
  6. I think this is ridiculous as well. Shakespeare is the greatest writer in human history. Enough with this 'offend' someone stuff, its too far.
  7. The NAACP has no problem with her, she isn't stealing anyone's money or committing crimes. Why exactly can't everyone just leave this poor woman alone. Who cares what she thinks she is. Conservatives think Bush Jr. is smart. Crazy as shite yes, but what are you going to do, they live in their own fantasy world as well. Leave her alone.
  8. There is something more sinister going on in America since Fox News came on the scene. The far right corporatists have spent billions constructing an echo machine that puts out a lie as truth, then that lie gets echoed over and over and is propped up as truth and many people can't see the big picture. In their mind it goes something like, "well all of these institutions can't be wrong or can't be lying. When in fact they are. - The Birther Movement - President Obama saying 'you didn't build that", referring to infrastructure like roads and bridges that all businesses use to be sucessfull, but which was characterized and then taken out of context by the echo machine and presented as the president saying "you didn't build that business". It was an outright lie but it is still circulating in conservative media as truth. - Death Squads - Obama is a socialist - There are many others... None of these things have any truth to them but they are presented as hard fact and discussed and ranted about by Fox, Limbaugh, and every other outlet of the echo chamber, and after these lies have rattled around in the echo chamber, out to the gullible people it is aimed at, and comes back to the echo chamber, it soon becomes dogma that is accepted reality. This is very serious business in a democracy when you have a nationwide organised construction designed specifically to tell lies and then to prop up those lies as absolute fact on an ongoing process. And part of this process is to demonise any opposition voice that cracks the lie open and exposes it for what it is. This moneyed construction has built a bubble around millions of people and it is so effective it cannot be penetrated even by facts that these people can see with their own eyes. This is the stuff you see from the worst tyrants in history. The only difference in America is it is only affective on say 30% of the population. But it is DAMN effective on them. And no there isn't an equal construction on the left. Fox News outright lies. MSNBC does not, even though they more present a progressive viewpoint. So I agree it would be great if the liars were held accountable and they could not merely say "well the other side is just as bad". It isn't, not by a million miles.
  9. I think Trump is a clown candidate, but he does make some lucid points even though they come from a daffy duck brain. I think it is refreshing to have ANYONE that just speaks their mind rather than do all the milk-toast-pandering-and-obviously-fake campaign speeches. I wouldn't have thought he would have a chance to win the Republican nomination but after Palin there is nowhere Republicans won't go. So if he does well in the debates he will have a chance. He's going to have a few effects overall. - He's going to bulldoze the Republican field and call out all the phoney weak pandering that they will all attempt to put out there, AND he'll do it to their faces live on televison during the debates. I wouldn't miss this for a klondike bar. - He's going to get at least some of the other candidates to have to take definitive stands on things they would rather not commit on like immigration. Good for him. - He's going to make everyone else look like sane moderates. This is the unfortunate side-effect of him running because some of the others are batshit crazy like Hackabee. Trump is going to play the same role mAnn Coulter plays in conservative media. The part of the far far right whackjob loon who makes all the other rightwing loons look moderate and mainstream. - All that will take place now and until the election in the Republican party will only help Hillary Clinton. In any case it will be interesting and I honestly do think it is a good thing for politics. Someone needs to throw a rabid weazel into the establishment den of mice and make them scatter in all directions.
  10. How much could use of that crappy song be. A few thousand dollars? EH, Trump ain't worried 'bout it, capiche. Trust him, he'll put up a wall like you never seen before, and Neil Young will pay for it, OH!
  11. Hey Trump is in the race, you should be happy. (and stop thinking about splooge)
  12. Interesting site, there seems to be a whole wing in the 'War Crimes' area dedicated to George W Bush and his cronies. http://www.globalresearch.ca/theme/crimes-against-humanity
  13. If you didn't see the Daily Show yesterday after Trump announced go find it on Youtube. That is some funny shite. Trump HAS to be in the first Republican debate. Trump is loose in Republican land and this is what its going to look like:

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