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  1. Its the shit I'd die for Cry for Ride for Its the shit even with death around the corner I'd still come outside for Patriots makin' moves at night Avoid the ghetto bird lights DHS tryin' to have us locked in The nation turned into the pen Americans are the inmates Nothing but wards of the State They cut the People no slack One had enough so he picks up his gat Storm Troopers comin' to lay him on his back Kickin' in the front door with big black boots He ain't going' to camp FEMA so he starts to shoot Hits one in the mouth then hits the back door, straight bones out Heart pounding through his chest He's hearin' shots as he jumps his neighbors fence But he's had enough, so bring the body bag homie fuck some handcuffs Waitin' for these muthaphukkas to come Says a prayer while he's reloading his gun Shots ring out, he's bleedin' Freedom or death is what he's screamin' Hollow tips flyin', they hit him They gonna get him Fuck it, he's taking 3 with him
  2. I'm pretty sick and tired of the Constitution being disregarded and disrespected Both "sides" do it Sometimes they agree and attack our founding document together A lot of the time they come together to attack those who actually do support and call to strictly follow the Constitution Sometimes they take different angles and do it in different ways, but they still do it The craziest part is when you people call to violate the Constitution, you still think your opinion is valid You're opinions are not valid You're opinions are 100% irrelevant Its kinda cute that you people think that your unconstitutional theories, ideologies, ideas or opinions are valid Of course you are welcome to your disgusting opinions Its just that in America, they mean absolutely nothing and should be mocked I mean you gotta be stupid or an authoritarian to even suggest violating the constitution I'm not sure which "side" is worse One side just openly hates the Constitution Openly calls to violate it The other side pretends to defend the constitution as they violate it up one side and down the other Both make me sick in different ways Both are an embarrassment to the country Both are an embarrassment to their family name Both are an embarrassment to humanity in general How can you people rationalize destroying the individual liberty that the Constitution, if followed, protects perfectly You can't Your unconstitutional opinions, ideologies, ideas and theories are all irrelevant You people really are a cancer to the country If you don't want the Constitution strictly followed... Then FUCK YOU Fuck everything you stand for Fuck everything you hold dear or love 'Merica Yea, its like that Sincerely, Big Native One 3% A.P.M. S.C.M. T.A.P.
  3. Dude, I can barely get in here I have no idea how I'm even posting this Shit just freezes and drops off Its all good though
  4. Let's get this shit started like this The GOP ain't shit The Democrats ain't shit Just take a sickle and slit your wrists You zombies all over the system's dick Funny style punks, in need of a mental pistol whip Patriots waitin' for the money changers to slip Come through, flip, tip and rip shit Catch wreck if they wanna flex Full of hate and muthaphukkin disrespect No 3 level chess but tyrants about to get checked They as useless as a dick that cant get erect Hunted by those with Jedi status Already told you, wanna learn to skywalk? Come get at us Freedom fighters comin' up from behind ya, the mighty muthaphukkin A.P.'s Its all about liberty, sex and weed We won't stop until America is free Tyrants hangin' from a light post, swayin' in the American breeze
  5. Im hearin' people say the Sovereign Side is on the down slide Makin' me laugh till I cry while I'm gettin' high The Constitution still ignored like a fat stripper People still in denial, no paddles, floatin' in the middle of the river But im rollin' up another Swisher Your handsome neighborhood threeper Comin' to clean up tyranny on American blocks like a muthaphukkin street sweeper Good old fashioned American traitor hunt Big Native One in the front, with supreme wisdom, puffin' on a blunt Patriots by my side, fuckin' up shit, bullet proof helmets and vests, the muthaphukkin 3 percent Off brands try to wreck shit but they still haven't made a dent House slaves hung out to dry, muthaphukkas are panicked Beat 'em with that shit you use to frame the attic Lookin' for loyalists in the valley of the shadow of death Its still A.P.M. until that final muthaphukkin breath What goes around comes around Millions of modern day John Browns Freedom is ringing, I can feel the sound These punks want us all dead Catch us slippin', put a few in our head Sworn enemies Tryin' to do us like they did the Kennedy's They wanna make that shit routine But when the People rise up they fleeing the scene Gouge out thier 3rd eye So We comin' from the blind side Traitors can't even see an A.P. Disappear like Houdini Represent them colors that never run Won't deny Her when staring down the barrel of a DHS gun 1776 will repeat When it does, watch Patriots boogie in the streets
  6. A.P.M. bitch, so what the fuck is up? Ride on you tyrants cuz we got big fuckin' nutz Never bow to a master Unlike you loyalist bastards Hit the herb faster than a meth smokin' pastor The whiskey swigger Globalist ditch digger Mental hair trigger put one in your liver Get your bitch wetter than a river
  7. I was not for the Iraq war I'm no fake antiwar head like the fake libs and counterfeit conservatives You shouldn't jump to conclusions We haven't declared war since ww2 All of this shit is illegal and are impeachable offenses bare minimum So you can spin it like I'm biased all day But you're dead wrong How about you? Are you for any of these wars? Were you supporting Obama during his war expansion? What about willy? You obviously didn't support dubya Great Me neither He should have been impeached and his dad should have been impeached too So now what? You wanna keep projecting or did you want to actually talk about the issue?
  8. This is great He ran on this Arming these people is illegal Sorry fake libs I know you're bloodthirsty and enjoy arming jihadis This must hurt I enjoy the war hawk style spin too Don't think people don't see you leftist war hawks Spin it how you want but this little scam of arming jihadis may be coming to an end Find a new reason to wage your unconstitutional wars
  9. As I visit Mary Jane on this beautiful Southern California morning I can't help but think... People always say that the United States "is" The United States IS going to host the Olympics The United States IS involved in Syria The United States IS negotiating a trade deal The United States "is"? Its supposed to be the United States "are" By saying the United States "is" you are basically saying we are a country with a centralized government We are supposed to be 50 little countries under the umbrella of the Federal Constitution So the proper way is this... The United State ARE going to host the Olympics The United States ARE involved in Syria The United States ARE negotiating a trade deal So as my 3rd bowl of Skywalker goes from packed to ash I guess my point is this... Changing that one little 3 letter word to that little 2 letter word has changed the definition of America in the eyes of many people That shit is a trip to me
  10. Many things are wrong with the Syria invasion But if we're going globetrotting over dictators and evil government then when are we going into China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia or Qatar?
  11. The new set up has censored me My stupid phone doesn't like the set up and it takes awhile to do anything on this site now I will not be silenced!! Sincerely, The stoned Patriot Big Native One
  12. No contact with Russians!!! Who cares if the g20 sat Putin with flotus Noooooooo Lol Cmon man
  13. Explain This To Me...

    Yea, I'm not sure the feds can constitutionally step in I could be wrong due to it being a federal election But off top of my head I don't think states have to give that info up