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  1. Read the executive orders. None of you have. None of you will. Good job assholes
  2. Way to ignore everything. What do you mean "now"? I smoke good. Unlike you, you smoke bullBad word.
  3. As i puff on some nice Skywalker hash i can't help but think... We're already under Martial Law They can spy on every single thing we do Cameras everyplace Indefinate detention is law Propaganda aimed at us is now ok under the law We're constantly under a State of Emergency The country has been classified as a battleground We've been sectioned off by FEMA Regions The Executive Orders on the books allow government to take control of everything All because there isn't a DHS agent on every corner and Camp FEMA hasn't opened yet doesn't mean we arent under total surveillance. So as my giant bowl of hash comes to an end i guess my point is that we're in giant trouble and we're already under Martial Law We just dont realize it yet
  4. You know what? I'm sick of people dissing Americans and America like we aren't the fucking shit still Fat and lazy? We whoop that ass in the Olympics though don't we? Stupid and ignorant? We got to the moon and Mars 1st didn't we? So fuck you haters that take it to far and fuck that high horse your sorry ass rode in on 'Merica Fuck Yea
  5. lolYea, prices will go up on foreign shit But so will wages More will have jobs and disposable income due to higher wages You would rather keep everyone poor so all they can afford is cheap foreign shit from Walmart Sacrifice Americans for your precious globalism Your jealousy tax has been and will continue to be rejected by pretty much everyone
  6. Single payer would be fine as long as the constitution isn't violated
  7. I think Putin would beat the shit outta trump in a fight
  8. Not sure what these leftiss want to do about Russia Blockade? Sanctions? We already have NATO surrounding Russia with missiles Bomb them?
  9. native

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    Crazy part is that none of it matters until we start following the Constitution
  10. native

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    Oh noooo He is a womanizer The womanizer killed the tpp JFK was a womanizer I don't give a fuck
  11. native

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    We do have a potus problem We have had that problem for decades Trump could be impeached right now over these wars and the domestic spying That shit has been normalized and its not ok But in comparison trump has hurt us the least so far Its only been months so its early He has done some good by raising some tariffs, cutting some UN funding, taking churches from under the thumb of government, killed the tpp and killed that Paris treaty That's more good than any POTUS in decades But he is still violating the Constitution and I would support impeachment over the issues I raised
  12. native

    Liberalism Versus Conservatism

    "safety" over freedom?
  13. So, to be clear Its ok to tell other board members that their kids should be raped? For future reference
  14. Lol lol Did I just see somebody say the Russia claim is 100% legit? Lol lol
  15. native

    Trump IMPEACHMENT Watch

    Blah blah blah Phoenix with another irrelevant post Good job you stupid fuck Anyways... So you people are now crying for what? The return of the O.G. orange man? You want boner back in office? What is your people's deal? Trump is much better than the usual neocons the GOP shoves down their voters throats