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  1. Read the executive orders. None of you have. None of you will. Good job assholes
  2. Way to ignore everything. What do you mean "now"? I smoke good. Unlike you, you smoke bullBad word.
  3. As i puff on some nice Skywalker hash i can't help but think... We're already under Martial Law They can spy on every single thing we do Cameras everyplace Indefinate detention is law Propaganda aimed at us is now ok under the law We're constantly under a State of Emergency The country has been classified as a battleground We've been sectioned off by FEMA Regions The Executive Orders on the books allow government to take control of everything All because there isn't a DHS agent on every corner and Camp FEMA hasn't opened yet doesn't mean we arent under total surveillance. So as my giant bowl of hash comes to an end i guess my point is that we're in giant trouble and we're already under Martial Law We just dont realize it yet
  4. The return of the muthaphukkin threeper Puffin' on that ocean grown reefer Not Brutus the Barber but still putting globalists in a sleeper Mind flashes like a muthaphukkin street sweeper The loyalist sprayer Its that hard body, karate, killuminati type player Bringing the 3% up from the underground Women be like "oh my God" when we come around Black market shyt, movin' pounds These wild muthaphukkas dont know the meaning of stand down We just want liberty sex and weed Wont stop until Our nation is finally free
  5. Now did you listen to him or get that in sound bites off a different website? I dont know why you would discount that anyways Government pulls alot of false flags I suggest you listen in full context You can't really diss if you dont listen
  6. This is an odd thing i think about sometimes Totally hypothetical Lets say the Mexican States that border America secede from Mexico They just dont want to be a part of Mexico anymore They pull it off Now an independent nation or they each become individual nations Either way Now these independent nations or independent nation wants to join the Union Do we allow that? If yes, would be split them up if they formed a single nation? Keep them as one? If they were independent nations do we merge them or keep single? If we dont allow this, why not? Or is it yes with other conditions? What say you guys?
  7. People call infowars fake because they are usually months ahead of other news outlets. Time and time again infowars is vindicated so its a false claim
  8. War of ideologies, threepers on the front lines killin' shyt The off brands can't believe whats goin' on Empty the clip and reload before the last round hit Patriots aint playin', guzzlin' napalm, doppin' D.U. bombs Drag your mind to the chopping block with us Make you bump lines of white phosphorus Pathetic is how they come across to us
  9. By the way rap is not crap Unrefined swine Only some of it is
  10. Its not a property issue. Its a noise complaint. Best thing to do is just go ask them to give it a rest. If they refuse, hope they like hip hop cuz thats what they'll be hearing over The King of Reseda, Mr. Tom Petty. If they complain, ill just put on the most obscene ignorant rapper i can think of....
  11. Right and ultimately i blame the people for allowing collectivism to infiltrate and pervert our once capitalist system to a collectivist system. Politicians and corporate boards only get away with what We let them get away with. I don't blame American Capitalism or capitalism in general for our fascism here
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