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  1. You're taking it in the ass tomorrow. Love, Butch
  2. Oh fuck off already. You post this twaddle and complain about another's narcissism? Jesus thank God you people are going extinct.
  3. I posted enough with enough that you can remember that you can point out? LOL what the fuck are you saying?
  4. You hate me like poison. Hahaha! I didn't know I aroused such passion in you. So I'm not impressed by your ramblings like some others are. Big deal. Don't be so emotionally fragile. Jesus
  5. You made a month old sok a mod? Jesus the admin role is truly cursed.
  6. You ain't gettin it back. The Pats will win it all. I might consider leasing it back to you if the money is right.
  7. I ordered this thread removed. What's taking so long?
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