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  1. Every day we have a lot of communications with different people, some of them are not necessary, but some of them are very important for us, especially when we talk about our business or privacy. It will cause big problem or lose if our conversation is exposed by someone. We don't want our conversations to be recorded by a recorder. But how to protect us from being recorded by someone? An audio jammer is all we need. Audio jammer is a kind of high-tech anti-surveillance devices that could protect yourself from being spied by wireless spy camera, it could be also used to block listening devices from tapping into your phone calls or spoken conversations by scrambling signals. Audio jammer, with its reliable performance,is a surefire way to ensure that any conversation you're hoping to keep private stays private. As technology developing, we have many multi-functionl jammers now, some audio jammer may combine with wifi jammer and bluetooth jammer. We are living in a network era. Wifi and bluetooth have become necessary things in our lives, they create great convenience for people who need to use them to send information and files. WiFi and Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology that support exchanging data within short distances from the fixed and mobile devices by using the 2.4G frequency band commonly. Because Wifi can connect several systems to one connection, it is Cheaper device for short distance use like company or family lan. However there are also many problems during the using the WiFi and Bluetooth. We must find our ways to solve the problems to protect us, the key is wifi jammer, also called wifi blocker. The most obviously aspect is that it is very possible that your privacy of high secret documents will be attacked by the hacker as being used as the wireless internet they have poor ability to working against the hackers. And on the other hand as both the WiFi and Bluetooth owns the ability to tracking your location and the working principal which is similar to the mobile phone tower location triangulation. So other can know your location easily, which is not for both peoples life and work. In this case the wifi jammer can play an important role in helping to remove the potential danger. As now people pay more attention to both the safety and the privacy both in work and daily life and always want to find a good way to prevent their privacy from being attacked or given out. So remove the potential dangers that the WiFi and Bluetooth may bring you is of great importance. To meet such kind of requirements the WiFi/Bluetooth signal jammer is the best choice and people can choose the one base on their situations. To meet the needs of people both the portable WiFi/Bluetooth jammer and tabletop WiFi/Bluetooth blocker have been invented and people can select the suitable ones.
  2. We use mobile phones every day and everywhere. But there are really some places that mobile phones are not welcome. Are you tired of being disturbed by mobile phone noisy? Like in restaurant, library, concert, conference room or other places like gas station or hospital? Now I am sure you also know that mobile phone will bring us trouble in some situations. How to solve the problem? A mobile phone jammer will help. Belows are two of our ultimate mobile phone jammers. First is the 120W Waterproof mobile Phone Jammer. It is the most advanced jammer products in the market, which is designed with built-in ALC automatic protection circuit and cooling fan. It can efficiently block the signals of CDMA (869-894MHz), GSM (869-894MHz), DCS (869-894MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz) and PCS (1930-1990MHz). Depending on the signal strengthen in the given area; this jamming range of this high power jammer can reach up to 200m at most. It is the ultimate security assurance that can be applied in all important locations as well as public places. It is the necessity of special locations, such as military areas, prisons and government buildings, as well as gas stations, oil depots, liquefied gas stations and other flammable areas. Besides, this mobile phone blocker is also appears in hospitals, conference rooms, concert halls, cinemas, schools, library, examination room, etc. The second one is another ultra advanced cell phone jammer- 70W High Power Cell Phone Jammer for 4G WiMax with Omni- directional Antenna. It has the ability of jamming all kinds of cell phone signals. Equipped with an AC adapter, it can work continuously with a total output power of 70W. Besides, its built-in cooling fan enables it to have the good heat dissipation. With Omni-directional Antenna, it can jam the signal from all directions. Its jamming range can reach 1000 meters. But we have to mention that this one can block the 4G WiMax instead of the 4G LTE signal. To make it more convenient to operate, the output power of the mobile phone signal jammer is adjustable and all the TX frequencies cover downlink only. More information is available in our our website. Jammerkit is a professional leading supplier offers the best cell phone jammers online sales. We start to sell jammers in 2005, and set up our online sales shop in 2009.
  3. We live in a modern world, time is very important for us. To save time, we always need better communications, that is why we invented cell phone. We could talk to our friends and our family at any time with a cell phone with us. It really us a lot. And almost every one has a cell phone now. But in many public places, abuse of cell phones will cause problems. For example, when you are watching a concert, when you are praying in a church, when you are enjoying a good movie in cinema, do you want any cell phone rings around you? Now how to get back silence from cell phone noisy? Cell phone jammer will be the best choice. Here is a very good cell phone jammer: 6 Antennas World Wide Usage WIFi / GPS / Cell Phone Jammer, model number is S808030. This 6 Antennas World Wide Usage WI-Fi / GPS / Cell Phone Jammer could effectively block wifi, GPS and cell phone signals. It can be easily installed and operate. Portable high-capacity built-in lithium batteries with electricity can be used for long hours. Depending on the strength signal in given area, the working range of this cell phone blocker can reach up to 20 meters. Isolating Signal Bandwidth as below: - GSM: 869-894 MHz - CDMA: 925-960MHz - DCS/PHS: 1805-1990MHz - 3G: 2110-2170MHz - WiFi: 2400-2500MHz - GPS: 1555-1595 MHz It can be applied at meeting room, conference room, museum, gallery, theatre, concert hall, church, temple, restaurant, classroom, training center, factory, bank, train, bus, etc. For some locations of special purpose such as hospital, gas station, etc., please do field test first to make sure no interference happened to the normal operation of their equipment and instrument. If you want to know more information about the cell phone signal jammer, you are welcome to come to our website. Since 2005, we produce and sell all kinds of jammers to worldwide customrs. Our products includes cell phone jammer, GPS jammer, UHF/VHF jammer, bluetooth jammer, Wifi ammer, RF jammer, wireless video jammers and so on.
  4. When we go to a new place, we always need a GPS device in our cars. GPS device helps us a lot in many ways. The GPS tracking devices have been invented to help people in positioning and automobile navigation. But a good thing always has bad side also. By using a small GPS device, a bad guy is easy to know your location if he install one in your car. As more and more GPS devices have been used in our lives, many people find that they expose to the danger of GPS tracking devices. This causes big trouble to us. How to keep us away of the danger of GPS tracking device? The best way is to use a GPS jammer. GPS jammers are designed to jam GPS navigation, tracking and data logging systems. GPS jammers can be used for car, truck, vehicle, house, or elsewhere concerned about being traced. Before we choose a GPS jammer, there are something we should know. First, GPS jammers are aiming to stop the GPS devices from tracking the your position and they have no influence on cell phone. You dont need to worry that whether your cell phones can normally work in your car, where a GPS jammer has already been installed. Second, the price of GPS jammers varies from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. A general portable one may cost you only tens of dollars while a professional military high power remote control GPS blocker can cost you more than two thousand of dollars. You should choose a proper GPS jammer according to your personal requirements. Besides, there are a variety of GPS jammers, including portable GPS jammers, full band GPS jammers, high capacity GPS jammers, remote control GPS jammers and so on. These types of GPS jammers are specially designed for all kind of purpose of application. After years of developing, we have become a leading GPS signal jammer supplier offering a wide range of GPS jammers and other jammers. You are welcome to come to our website to find more information. We provide the best jammers in most reasonable price.
  5. The new movie Fast & Furious 7 is coming. If you like the Fast & Furious, you may also like driving. Think of it, drive to a new place, meet strange peoples, try the food you never eat before, isn't it an excited thing? We all agreet that driving to a new place that you have never been to is a great experience. But it may also waste your time to find the road when you drive to a new city, in that situation, you will need GPS device. The GPS device is really helpful especially when we are in a strange city. However, GPS device also could be danger. Do you know that it could expose your location very easily? Bad guys could easily follow your whereabouts by the GPS device. If you don't believe this, there are many stories in the movies. Now the next question is, what to do to protect us not to be tracked down? The key comes to a kind of device called GPS jammer. The GPS jammer could block GPS signal in a certain range, all GPS devices in that range will have NO SIGNAL. To know more about the GPS jammer, we could check an example first. Below is a simple intruction of a good jammer: The 3W Portable Phone Jammer and LOJACK and GPS Jammer, model number S805036. This jammer device owns high output power, it could effectively block the bands of cellphone, GPS, LOJACK and 3G. The jamming range of this jammer can up to 20m at most---depending on the strength in the given area . And it wont produce high temperature when it is working benefiting form the cooling fan inside. It could be used in car directly with the car charger. This GPS blocker can be used in many places such as the restaurant, temple, meeting rooms, concert, conference rooms, bus and so on. It could give us enough protection once we turn it on. No one could track down our locations in its protection. And it is easy to use, just turn it on to make it work, turn it off to stop it. It is a multi function jammers. Besides of the GPS signal, it could also block the normal cell phone signal, Lojack signal and 3G phone signal. Just a jammer could meet different require. Please visit our website to learn more about the GPS signal jammer. Our company is a leading supplier of jammer products and we started to sell all kinds of jammers to worldwide customrs since 10 years ago. You could find a lot of articles about jammers, and you could find many jammers products here.
  6. What kind of trouble we have now? The first trouble is, we can not live without our cell phones. No matter where we go, we always carry our cell phones now. Now it comes the problem: the unnecessary use of cell phone bring people a lot of disturbances in many public places where a quiet environment is needed. We need to find a solution for it. To keep us away of cell phone noisy trouble, we develop cell phone jammer. And the cell phone jammers are widely used by worldwide users now. And he second quesion is, how to choose a good and suitable cell phone jammer? You are welcome to come to out website to select a reliable Portable Cell Phone Jammer. Here we have lots of information about cell phone jammers, and we offer a wide range of cell Phone Jammers. Below we are some details of our latest Portable Cell Phone Jammers in our website, hope it could help you in the future. First, we will start from simple jammer--our Mini Portable Cell Phone Jammers. It is a simple and powerful cell phone blocker. This palm-sized cell phone jammer is very small that it can be carried on easily. Their compact sizes enable them to be put into your pocket or hand bag. Equipped with built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery, they can be used for a long time. What's more, they also equipped with car power adapter, so they can be used and recharged in cars. They are incredibly easy to operate, all you need to do is switch the on/off button, and then they will immediately start blocking CDMA, GSM, DCS and 3G signals nearby. But we need to mention that their working range is limited. Second, it comes our super star--the 6 Antenna Handheld Portable Cell Phone Jammers for Wi-Fi/GPS. This is a newly-designed 6 antenna portable jammer device. The highlight is that it has a wide jamming frequency ranges. For example, it has the ability of blocking the signals of CDMA (850-894MHz), GSM (930-960MHz), DCS/PHS (1805-1990MHz), 3G (2110-2170MHz), Wi-Fi (2400-2500MH) and GPS (1500-1600 MHz), which makes it the most advanced Portable Cell Phone Jammers among all the jamming products. Finally, we want to show you our 6 Antenna Wi-Fi/GPS/Cell Phone Jammer. It can effectively block Wi-Fi, GPS and cell phone signals. This powerful cell phone signal jammer can be easily installed and operated. It is also a universal type that can be used all over the world. No matter which country you are in, you can apply it at meeting room, conference room, museum, gallery, theatre, concert hall, church, temple, restaurant, classroom, training center, factory, bank, train, bus, etc. Above cell phone jammers are only small part of our products. We have hundreds of products here, includine all kinds of jammers, blockers, signal detector in our shop. You are welcome to visit our website at any time. Our company is a leading supplier of all kind of jammers with many years of experience. We have served hundreds of customers all over the world, you will find a good jammer here. If there is any question, you are welcome to write email to us, or just leave a message in our website, we will reply you in a day.
  7. The use of mobile phones has caused much trouble, it create noisy in many places that need to keep silent. Is there any chance to keep us away of mobile phone noisy in a comfirtable way? A mobile phone jammer could help us. Mobile phone jammer--called mobile phone jammer also, could effectively block mobile phone signal in a given area, disable all mobile phones in that area. It won't hurt any mobile phone, all mobile phones will resume working again once you turn it off. How to choose a suitable mobile phone jammer? You could find some some suggestions below. The first thing you should consider is your requirement. In our shop, there are many kinds of mobile phone jammers, like small mobile phone blocker, professiona mobile phone jammer. If you want to block mobile phones signal in a room, a small mobile phone jammer is enough. If you want to use it a bigger place, you will need a professional mobile phone jammer. Second, where you want to use it. If you want to carry it and use in different places, a portable mobile phone jammer will be good. If you want to use it in a certain place, you will need a desktop mobile phone jammer. Third, what functions you need. Most of jammers are multi-functional jammers. Some of them combine mobile phone jammer and GPS jammer together, some of them combine mobile phone jammer to wifi jammer. You should consider your situation and choose the right function. Next, the law. In some countries, the jammer is not allowed. That means, you can not buy or sell or use jammer in those countries. Before buying the jammer, you need to check if it is legal or not. At last, how much you want to pay. Different jammers have different price. The prices of mobile phone jammers range from tens of dollars to thousands of dollars. You should select the suitalbe mobile phone jammers according to your own budget. If you need mobile phone signal jammer to keep your own place in silent, please come to us to pick out your jammer here. For a long time we make and sell all kind of jammers, which makes us a reliable jammers supplier.
  8. Know it or not, but the true is, Video and audio devices are very puplar in our lives now. If you look around, you will find that we are surrounded by that kind of electronic devices. The Wireless Audio and Video device could record all words we have said. Think of it, when people are talking something that is important for their privacy, or something that refers to the highly secret business with their partner, he will be taken into great trouble once the information are exposed. Because of that, we need to find a way to protect us. Yes, we find it, the wireless video jammer and wireless audio jammer. They could protect our privacy both in daily life and work. To protect us and to get rid of that kinds of problems, we develop the audio jammer and video jammer. First, lets take a look at waht is wireless video jammer. The wireless video jammer has the ability to block the signals of wireless video, thus prevent if from recording downs the video when someone is doing something. And the working principal of the video jammer is also the same as it can cut off the signals of the video recorders and the wireless cameras as well. Then the wireless will lose its function once the wireless video jammer is used. And usually the Wireless Video Jammer and Wireless Audio Jammer own power jamming distance, of which some can even up to 20 meters. For the businessman and the people who want to protect the privacy,the Wireless Jammer and video blocker is a wise and excellent choice. Normally this kind of audio jammer and video jammer will be combined with wifi jammer , GPS jammer or other kind of jammers. So in such kind of condition you have no need to worry that your secret will be stolen by others who use the wireless camera audio and so on and have the aiming and also as this wireless audio jammer can cut off the signal of the WiFi at the same time so that for the network this audio camera jammer is also a good choice as well. That is to say if you use this wireless audio camera jammer you also have no need to worry that you will be disturbed by the wireless network outside and gain one more security at the same time. Above is just a brief instruction, we have more information in our website. If you want to know more about the wireless video jammer and audio jammer and wifi blocker, you are welcome to come to our website. Also, we have hundreds of jammer products for your selection, you culd definitely find the suitable one here.

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