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  1. back up your statements or don't make them. how am i being daft?
  2. i literally don't understand your points in this reply. 1. "What's my point???" really??? 2. Colleges include Trade Schools 3. "Everyone should go to college?? ummm... no. who the hell said that??? can you read my post before replying? otherwise you're wasting peoples time (no offence).
  3. LOL - how are these dumb questions? forget about # 7...
  4. nice doc about 9/11 questions that are STILL not answered. from 2013. http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/september-11-new-pearl-harbor/ (no conspiracy crap in this one. just really really good questions.)
  5. yes - a mere 3% different the other way... space-time solved. and they would look at us as we look at chimps: cute for the first 5 minutes, but eventually tired of the poop flinging...
  6. 1. if space-time is infinite, then it would be impossible for there not to be life out there. 2. given the expanse of the known universe, it is very unlikely that there isn't life out there. if there were a BILLION planets that have life (109), that would be a very small number that have life. there are more stars in the known universe than there are "grains of sand on the earth". Grains of sand on earth: 1019 Stars in the Universe: 1022 3. however, what are the odds of 2 civilizations actually reaching each other? humans have been on earth for about 2'000'000 years (2 million, or 106). our civilization is only about 200'000 years old (2 x 105). we've been "interacting" with space for only about 100 years (102) if time is 14'000'000'000 years old (14 billion or 14 x 109). and space is 14 billion light years "long", the chances of 2 civilizations existing in the same space-time is astronomical: maybe 14x102401 : 1 (give or take) the odds of winning the lottery is only 14 x 106 4. (and most important IMO) if there were "intelligent aliens" on earth, they have overcome space-time limitations and none of this matters anyway. not only do i believe in space aliens, but i think they are currently on earth. there is WAY too many good, reliable accounts of UFO's. (but maybe this is just my wishful thinking.)
  7. 80% of new income goes to the top 1%. income of the 99% has reduced. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/28/upshot/gains-from-economic-recovery-still-limited-to-top-one-percent.html?abt=0002&abg=1&utm_content=buffera2fbe&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer&_r=2 the rich get richer, and poor have gotten poorer.
  8. like i said: i totally agree he needs to publicize his tax increases so they can be criticized accordingly. but NOBODY is answering that question right now (maybe except Libertarians because for them it's easy). it's not a "socialist conspiracy" LOL. it's a huge question and is not deserving of a simple answer.
  9. Universal health care: not socialism LOL. but nice catch phrase. fox news? this is where smart people critically analyse the catch phrase. this is where you repeat the catch phrase.
  10. i agree. and we will be left with the status quo of politics, and the 85 families will own 60% of the wealth in a few decades. and all of us will NOT BENEFIT AN OUNCE - we will maintain the status quo.
  11. Universal health care and education is NOT Socialism. you need to read about Socialism before you can talk about Socialism LOL. (but you raise a very good point: Bernie needs a plan to counter stupidity.)
  12. i totally agree he needs to publicize he tax increases so they can be criticized accordingly. but NOBODY is answering that question right now (maybe except Libertarians because for them it's easy). it's not a "socialist conspiracy" LOL. it's a huge question and is not deserving of a simple answer. stop stealing my lines you religious freak. none of this pertains to you if you think "GOD is the ONLY Law" LOL. you are waaaaaayyyy too far gone.

No holds barred chat

  • Hey kfools.. does this help? 

  • By Vegas

    Liberals are going to hell.

  • grgle

  • Where’s at @slideman?

  • Hola

  • I know this one, this new chat thing. I've seen it called the "shoutbox" among other things in my past. Very hard to hide from the chat box. The question is asked, there's no time to go search what other folks think, this is real time. Only seconds should be between chat box replies. This one is made for me. In the chat box one has to be quick on their feet with stuff at the ready. This chat box is the worst nightmare of anyone trying to deal with ol' teach. 

  • By pmurT

    hey @teacher that sounds like too much work for me LOL I need that useless thing called *time* in order to authenticate facts and truths which get posted by deceitful Dems

  • What does the red number refer to? currently, on my screen it says 2


  • Where does it say 2?

  • So. In the chat....if you tag a member the text afterwards should be a private message. 

  • How do? I'm teacher. If I'm online and the powers that be can figure out how to make it immediately apparent to me that whatever I've said here has been replied to I'm gonna show up right quick and kick some teeth in. It's the chat box, all this is new and scary. I know this gig. This starts now. 

  • Hey kfools, did you lose your securtiy cert? On my browser it is saying your site is not secure?

  • Mine too. I'm looking into it.

  • Mine too. 

  • I thought it was my location.. 

  • Just gave to renew the security cert. No big deal I'll do it tonight

  • OK thanks


  • Happy Anniversary, America... on your Civil Union.

  • All lives matter.

  • Double post deleted.

  • By teacher

    Scroll the other way for a while and you'll see me saying that these days the chat box ain't gonna work as one has to be quick on one's feet. The question is posed, there ain't no stinkin time for ya'll to refer to your betters for the answer, ya'll don't understand these things, this political debate, ya'll don't have the answer at hand, ya'll haven't thought this through, ya'll ain't ready for the next question I'll ask,  ya'll can't handle the pace that a bloke such as I can bring it in the chat box, ya'll can't handle this format.


    This one is made for me. 

  • By teacher

    Being offended does not make one correct. 

  • By teacher

    Some few days before the next election Mr. Fools is gonna pin my horse thread. it's gonna be horrible, I shall endevour every day to bring some some fresh. 


    I still own this cat box.

  • By teacher

    "I'm coming to you for ask a quick favor."

  • By teacher

    "Anyone that places a color in front of their name is racist." That one is not mine, got it from another member. 

  • Where’s all the hot bitches? 

  • By teacher

    Kidding me? 

  • By nuckin futz

    How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

  • By nuckin futz

    How do I get rid of this chatroom box?

  • By nuckin futz

    Get me out of Chatbox!

  • By jefftec

    The chatbox stays expanded and is a nuisance blocking screen images. What setting is there to control/collapse chatbox?

  • By kfools

    Just click the no holds barred to collapse it.

  • By XavierOnassis

    diddle dee dee

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