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  1. In the most recent testing of the top 22 industrialized countries in English (this use of language) USA 16th place, Math tied for last and in computer science again tied for last... this is an absolute disgrace Old Mack its not that bad if you have your gun and you don't stop for the lights.
  2. Chicago has the highest paid teacher in America and the students score the lowest, across the board, on standardize testing and not by just a little
  3. oh and Philly LOL i seen a documentary just the other night on Philly ... the schools are over run by the gangs they average 1 assault every day on a teacher ... its so bad they don't even send the student to the principle any more...... thy just rock on.... philly has been run by liberals/democrats/progressives what ever thy want to call themselves for generations...... WHY DO YOU THINK THIS HAPPENS IN LEFT LED CITIES/STATES
  4. Chicago is next with that great progressive leader thy have .... the city is ready to go BK and how about detroit run by liberals for over 50 years 60 square miles of empty buildings ... mmmmm we need some of that obama change and hope actually we need a lot of change and we need to start in the white house that night give us some hope
  5. I have lived all my life in America and until clinton and now obama i never had a medical problem my insurance didn't take care of...... and today, over previous years, my insurance has more than doubled and my deductible is $6000 ..... can you honestly say that we are better off now than we were 10 years ago...hell no
  6. NO taxation without representation. Since only the rich are represented only the rich should pay taxes.... that is just stupid.. there is plenty, maybe too much, representation of the poor, women, children, oh and we cant forget the illegals. illegals get more representation than they get deportation ... I think we should try a little more of the latter when i was a kid all you herd was how great medical care was in the US people came from all over the world for care in America every time we elect a democrat all of a sudden our health care system is junk.... why is that...as if I don't know
  7. LOL I sure agree with that a little learning is a dangerous thing and that why we have so many shootings and killings because, in our public school kids are getting too little learning
  8. bowie should have a gun then he could slowdown and let the guy catch him. I could not run so I would do on to him what he thinks he is going to do to me the guy is an unusual color for this kind of thing seems like i'm having a problem getting that last post right. maybe it was the color remark
  9. why do I have to have someone approve my posts i don't speak spanish and always felt like i was not meican enough in a mexican group....are you trying to see if i'm liberal enough? I find that rather insulting
  10. I thought this wass a chat room its getting pretty boring in here Wow you guys keep your room its too boring for me
  11. do you agree that the gov. should provide a living wage??
  12. what if the guy that is refusing to go away is just a bill collector everybody has a right to free speech, but it has to be looked at case by case yes
  13. maybe if we educated kids in our public schools there might not be so much shooting people have a right to own guns if you don't agree change the law Ronald Reagan could have been killed by a gun if he was wold we put the gun in jail or the man its not the gun its the man who approves the posts
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