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  1. Look! It's awful! These savages go on destroying historical values http://butthis.com/news/islamic-state-blows-up-columns-with-captives-tied-up-in-palmyra-activists
  2. http://butthis.com/news/our-new-late-night-wars-how-hillary-bernie-and-the-donald-are-battling-it-out-for-bedtime-tv-dominance-and-whos-winning-so-far What will you choice be?
  3. Yes, he has. It's a pity that he hasn't succeeded with NRA
  4. I know what the Black Lion Agent Is. Curious? Write me private.
  5. Sanders won't do this, because he won't be chosen, I bet
  6. The Black Lion Agent is the only possible answer!
  7. Care to explain why he was wrong? To my mind the quote provided in the OP is reflective of American realities.
  8. http://www.politicalforum.com/showthread.php?t=411436&p=1065066264#post1065066264 Karl Marx is not my idol. At this point of human history none of his socialist ideas is working. On the other hand, his understanding of capitalism and its ingrained contradictions was ahead of his time. What if America is really transforming into a capital-owned quasi-state with a group of moneybags controlling our lives? Money wins elections, now it is official: http://letsfreecongress.org/ This country is not a democracy anymore: http://scholar.princeton.edu/sites/default/files/mgilens/files/gilens_and_page_2014_-testing_theories_of_american_politics.doc.pdf If Karl Marx was right, what should be done in order to preserve free market economy and at the same time separate big business from the government?
  9. http://www.cnn.com/2015/05/29/us/mohammed-cartoon-contest/index.html Here is one small detail that demonstrates a tremendous difference between conservatives and liberals. While the former advocate hatred and intolerance, the latter preach peace and call for mutual respect. What was the answer to "F--- Islam" T-shirt? "Love Thy Neighbor". nothing else. Nobody is going to kill us Christians until we start killing anybody by ourselves. Minorities often feel endangered and ostracized by American majority and therefore turn to anti-American activities. Show them everyone has a chance on American soil and the problem is gone.
  10. There is one thing I don't understand about liberal policies. Why is it necessary to support certain degrees of citizens with the help of affirmative action? To my mind it is out of tune with the most important liberal dogma, which is equality. Minorities are as good as we are in terms of their potential. The only thing to do is to untap this potential. We don't want minorities to rely heavily on the state. We want to support them and give them a chance in the future to become self-sustainable. From this point of view gifts from the government are not only useless but also highly dangerous.
  11. There are two positions regarding climate change. We all know what they are. You either believe in it or not. The question is different though. Liberals blame conservatives for denying scientific truth. According to Democrats, Republicans fawn corporations and therefore provide them with favorable conditions, restricting environmental legislation in the US. What do Republicans want? Money. But what is liberals' motivation for climate change acceptance according to conservatives? To my mind there are no reasons for liberals to make up climate change phenomenon. Liberal politicians are not getting anything from clean energy and climate change initiatives. Why would they do this?
  12. Probably because she is a student union officer at Goldsmiths, huh?
  13. http://www.buzzfeed.com/krishrach/london-student-union-racism-row Liberalism can be about almost everything but it will never be about hatred and prejudice. Liberalism is about clever people who understand we are all different and therefore deserve respect. There are things nobody is able to control. Skin color and gender is one of them. Blaming white males for being themselves is actually the same as blaming women for their ingrained weakness. Doesn't she understand that? Why is it still happening in American universities? Why do our students have to fall victims to vicious ideas that have nothing to do with liberalism?
  14. Is it possible to promote true Christian values - compassion, tolerance and love - with the help of Christian fundamentalists? The answer is clear. Conservatives monopolized Christianity and use it as an instrument in political debates, while in reality it is supposed to be the most intimate and private part of our lives. The same applies to Islamophobia in this country. how these people are supposed to believe us and integrate into American society when they face bigotry and ignorance on daily basis? Religion as a political movement is outdated, yet there is plenty of space for religion as a spiritual practice and from this point of view there is no difference between Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.
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