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  1. It appears to me we are going to support Trump. Unless we push for open fair and honest elections we will get Trump. The democrats appear to not care that Putin put Trump in office.
  2. All the evidence is there, readily available. The question is will it be covered up, ignored, or ruled mute by the courts. I have no confidence in the supposed checks and balances. They have proven repeatedly they have no power. Look at the long list of horrific crimes by Nixon covered up. At least Nixon resigned. Then we had Reagan with a longer list, yet not even a whimper of an investigation. Then bush pushed his crimes in our faces, obvious criminality without any consideration of any kind of legal action. Now we have Trump, with no checks and balances at all. What do you think he is going to do? Collude with the Russians? How about if we have the guy who covered up 9/11 act to cover up Russia selecting our politicians. I keep wondering why we never hear the question: "Why do the Russians work so hard to give up republican politicians?"
  3. I don't want to wait a couple of years to correct the voting frauds. If we wait a couple of years, more criminals will be in office and we will have done nothing to correct the situation.
  4. Again, Unless we have open fair and honest elections Democrats who will support the people and not just the moneyed class cannot win. When Russia/Republicans/rich own the ballot boxes and they can be counted any way they want, democracy has no chance Fix the boxes first, then talk about who you want for president.
  5. It is my opinion that any democrat could win if we somehow assure we have a fair, open and honest election. Unless that happens Trump can't lose. The ballot counting boxes are fixed, and there are enough of them to guarantee Trump the victory, just like they gave him the victory last time.
  6. I would much rather have healthier people and more money in my pocket. That is why I want single payer. Removing the billions going to insurance company CEOs would go a long way in health care. So getting rid of the insurance companies is a big reduction in how much I have to pay. The question becomes what are you going to do with all that extra money once you are healthier?
  7. Hey, maybe you are correct. Let's sell off all the highways and let individuals make every road a toll road. That way we could fight communism every time we drive to the store to get groceries. And just think how much cheaper the roads would be. I just hope the government in its wisdom gives me some of those highways.
  8. Maybe that is why Trump can't produce a valid birth certificate. No wonder he is not qualified to be president.
  9. So that was the problem with Reagan. He was a socialist.
  10. When is Trump going to produce a valid birth certificate that shows he is a US citizen. There is supposed to be one on line, but that one says "Void" right on it. I want Trump to produce a birth certificate that meets the standards Trump set for Obama's certificate. It can't say Void on its face.
  11. I don't believe there is any competition in the plan. There is too much collusion among the insurance providers to consider that there might be competition. Each corporation has a duty to try to increase profits. With single payer, the insurance companies and all the profit they improperly remove from our pockets won't have to occur. Further, with a single payer, they could foster competition among the health care providers.
  12. ??? Don Dump is doing exactly the same as Reagan. They strive to take all the money from those who work and give it to the very very rich. For Dumpy, it is himself. Why didn't you ask that question when the GOP was pushing all those deals?
  13. I was born in the 40s. Nixon should have been sent to prison for treason, negotiating with the Viet Cong, giving them help and aid during the Vietnam war. Reagan should have been in prison for his negotiating with Iran to give them aid, and telling them to keep the US hostages till after he was elected for a better deal. To say nothing of directing the CIA to sell illegal drugs to American school children to fund his Iran Contra weapons exchange. Then you have bush, the worst by far. Carter was the best president we have had since he was president. How quickly you forget the wars, the depression bush caused, the destruction of the middle class just so you can blame Obama. The funny part is there is much to blame Obama for, you just don't know what those things are.
  14. It is important to maintain Reagan's status as a God. Who ever heard of a comedy about God? We can't even pretend that Reagan was less than Omnipotent. Who cares if Reagan committed treason against the United States. If he did, it made us a better nation. If it lead to bush and 9/11 so what? If it destroyed the middle class, those people were losers anyway. It's only the rich that matter. Remember Reagan made Greed fashionable.
  15. Obama the worst?? Obama is bad, but how quickly you forgot bush and Reagan. It would take quite some doing to be worst than either of those monsters.
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