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  1. We already didn't keep it ("A Republic"). I don't buy at all that Trump "won." Yes, he was installed in office, but not by the will of the people. We are not being represented now, neither in the executive branch, nor the legislative branch, nor the Judicial branch nor the fourth estate (the media). In my opinion, it doesn't matter how many people we get to vote against the crooks, it can never be enough because they can flip the switch and convert votes to their side in the so called ballot counting machines. Unless we somehow install fair open and honest elections, the criminals
  2. I found the Trump election so unbelievable that I don't believe it. With the unconstitutional gerrymandering, voter suppression by finding someone with a similar name and voiding your right to vote, with the ballot boxes that can flip votes as easily as flipping a switch, with the court system willing to rule only for Republicans (2000 election when the USSC voided the election and appointed bush, in Trump's case, when the Judge ruled that the ballots in Wisconsin cannot be counted even though it had been previously ruled that if another candidate filed and paid the 3 Million dollars they woul
  3. I have my points of view based upon my experiences and perceptions. Some of them are correct as far as they go, others are simply wrong. None of my knowledge is complete. It is my responsibility to reach out and try to find which ones are wrong and correct them, and I suspect others have that responsibility as well. I often find that we are both correct, from differing points of view. In particular I believe that many points of view converging upon an opinion has a greater chance of being correct than an individual's isolated point of view. That is why I first try to discover what is the prob
  4. We are supposed to have areas of disagreement. That is what happens when two people think. I didn't really offer an alternative. I wish I had one. I don't believe we have honest elections, so we don't really know who wins. I am not convinced we have an adequate system for selecting candidates. I am not sure I like the concept of political parties, but I can change my mind about anything if I am given what I consider sufficient information to change. What I would like is protests about not having honest elections and not let the GOP take away the fire complaining about
  5. Yes, those great fortunes are being used to protect that wealth, and in the process it is destroying our nation. The laws are being subverted to accommodate only the rich at the expense of everyone else. This includes the laws pertaining to voting. I believe so many roadblocks have been placed to prevent voting, that even when the rich can only muster 30% of the voters on their side, they still win. Fake media, rigged election boxes, voter suppression, gerrymandering are just few of the tools they use to prevent the people from electing candidates who will support the people in opposition to
  6. So I have seen that some consider our vote to be an important tool to stop the various problems confronting our society. I wish I had that optimism. Between gerrymandering, voter suppression, rigged election boxes, fraud and outright lies from various media sources, the electoral college which places more weight on votes from rural locations, methods for selecting candidates that often have little to do with democracy I have no faith in any election. I don't buy that "Trump won" the presidential election. When the Green party paid $3,000,000 to have the votes counted in Wisconsin, and the GOP
  7. Another issue with the Republican tax plan is that it removes money from circulation. Giving tons of money to rich people, to put in their Swiss bank accounts takes money out of circulation causing less economic activity, and can dramatically harm the economy. When the economy goes down, big companies can weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side, while small businesses go under because their customers no longer can afford to be customers.
  8. Thank you for your post. I have heard the opposite many times. I have been told many times to vote for the democrat who doesn't care about the plutocracy, instead compromises with the GOP on social issues. Yes the social issues are important, but the over riding factor is the plutocracy. Unless that is stopped we won't have anything else.
  9. It looks to me like the judiciary is already gone. They have no respect for the rule of law. They will rule for the GOP no matter what the issue, even if it directly contradicts their previous rulings for the GOP. I have no confidence in our judicial system. Even if you found an honest judge somewhere, the GOP supreme court could simply over rule any lower court.
  10. From my view, a compromise would be deciding what is a good investment in education, some arguing for more investment, others arguing for less; but instead we get the media telling us the compromise is between shutting down all public schools and shutting down public schools in poor regions. The compromise always seems to be between the far right, and the extreme far right. From my point of view, that is not a compromise, but a capitulation. It looks like the middle is between the fascists and the Nazis.
  11. I would suggest that being reasonably compensated for the work we do is one issue, while doing things of value is something else. Being a teacher, helping people to learn and better themselves is an honorable vocation, however to be a teacher in today's America often means going without the necessities of life. Being a nurse, engineer, plumber, electrician, garbage collector are all honorable professions regardless of what they get paid. So my argument is that it is your choice of what profession to take, and how you personally contribute to society. With that being said, there is
  12. Whether or not you argue for nukes or not doesn't matter. The point is the 2nd can be construed to mean it. The 2nd is open to many varied interpretations; it is not clear in what it means. I agree with having an open honest discussion of the issue, with lots of parties involved. Now the discussion seems to revolve around what the NRA wants and what they push in terms of propaganda. The right characterizes the left as wanting to remove all guns from all people, which of course is nonsense. They claim the constitution says they can have any weapon they want, and when I ask where, they claim
  13. My point of applying the second amendment to both nukes and thought was to show that the second amendment needs some adjustment. Making nukes legal is just as abhorrent as making thought illegal. There must be some reasoned application. The second amendment in my opinion is not clear in its meaning and does not provide adequate guidance on what should be allowed and what should not.
  14. I have no personal experience with the Canadian Health care system, however, there are big delays in the US system as well. My wife had to wait almost a year for knee surgery, after it was decided to have the surgery. Primary lymphedema is often not treated in the US, while in Germany it is treated as an in patient at the hospital. My point was that with a more efficient system, we could do more with the doctors we have compared to now.
  15. ?? Why would we need more doctors? With single payer, health care is more efficient, and people get preventive care reducing the overall load. People see doctors in clinics rather than at emergency rooms. People see doctors before they are critical. People obtain medicine preventing many symptoms rather than going to the emergency room. When the rich are allowed to control the flow of money they keep it for themselves. With scientific innovation, the rich become richer true enough, but as the past 30 years has shown, society may not be better off, with falling standards of living, more
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