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  1. Watch the video. What are your thoughts? Please keep it civil.
  2. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    Yet again, how many times have I told you, benson and the rest of the leftist morons around here that I have never been associated with the tea party movement. But I guess because you and benson believe it to be true, it must be true.
  3. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    No my sin. I have never own anyone or wanted to.
  4. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    So you created your account 8 hrs ago. Let me guess, Phoenix or benson. My premise is simple. Affirmative action seeks to grant preference based on race and the left support affirmative action. Thus the left support granting preference based on race. It's basic logic.
  5. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    I'm not specifically familiar with Madison's comment, but I have heard many variations on the same point. My favorite is very simple. I think government's redistribution of wealth discourages the voluntary choices of the individual to help those in need. I mean I can easily see how someone could have the mindset, "Since government is already providing SNAP benefits, I don't need to volunteer to help feed the poor". I think when the individual gets used to something being a RESPONSIBILITY of other people, they get used to not trying to take on more responsibility for themselves. In today's society, government has grabbed up obligation after obligation and then require the people to pay for it. As a result, the people who have no choice in that taxation are less likely to volunteer to invest their time and wealth into doing what government has already promised to do with the wealth they stolen in the name of taxation.
  6. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    Actions do equal beliefs. Which is why the left are racist. Their actions support the idea that preference should be given based on race.
  7. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    I don't have much of an opinion on the national parks. I know a lot of libertarians advocate auctioning off or selling federally owned land. I have no problem with doing that. However, I think parks can be maintained through voluntaryism. My take on humanity is that humanity is an oxymoron and their habits are paradoxical and contradictory. On one hand the individual can commit the cruelest of cruities. But on the other hand they can be selfless and trade their own life to protect others. I know for a fact that we cannot legislate or rule people to become good people. But, goodness, kindness and charity can be promoted and taught. However, ultimately, whether we are talking about a statist society or a purely self-governed society, it is the individual who makes the choice to harm others or help others. Government likes to think of itself as this protector of justice for the weak, old and disabled and to some extent they are. leftists really like to think of government in that way. But government is also the greatest mass murderers and destroyers of private property that has ever existed. The reason why is because government is made up of the very entity that makes of the people. Government is made up of individuals and individuals can do horrible things or good things. But when individuals are given authority over others by the force of a gun, then suddenly the irresponsible nature of the individual has a far greater reach. It's not that I have faith in the individual. But that I don't have faith in the individual to rule over me or anyone other than themselves.
  8. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    That's not what I said. I said people would by in large volunteer to pay for the constitutionally authorized functions of government. But when it comes to paying taxes to pay for the arts, pay for handouts to people who refuse to work or pay for people who work as a baby manufacturer's to live on welfare, people wouldn't volunteer to pay taxes for those things. The same is true when it comes to foreign aid. The truth is, federal spending would be vastly more under-control if taxation was voluntary and not forced. Because when the people can choose to pay taxes based on the merit of what government chooses to spend those tax dollars on, the government would make far more wiser choices than they do now under a FORCED taxation system.
  9. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    Absolutely serious. Yes, I understand that is a radical notion for a statist society to stomach.
  10. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    Let me put it this way, we all as individuals should have the choice to opt out from any form of taxation and then not receive the benefits of that taxation. Of course the vast majority of the people would VOLUNTEER to pay taxes to fund constitutionally authorized functions of government, like defense, roads and postal service.
  11. Leftist Racism Summed Up

  12. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    Ignoring it again. I don't have to be a mindreader when a person's actions scream loudly. Affirmative action literally seeks to use race and gender as a mechanism of preference. That is RACISM... and the left by in large support. I bet you support affirmative action, don't you.
  13. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    I don't owe anyone for the idiocy other people endured. If someone specific was wronged in a specific way, then there are courts of arbitration(aka civil courts) that can be used to receive specific compensation based on that specific wrong. But I cannot sue because one of my ancestors was punched in the face and had his wallet stolen. Basically, no one alive today was a LEGAL slave in the US and very few people alive today experienced true racism like lynchings. Some have experienced pay discrimination based on race and if you show me a specific example with specific details I will condemn it right alongside of you. However, it is already illegal and there are already legal means to be compensated for being wronged. But affirmative action literally seeks to used race and gender as a mechanism of preference. That is RACISM... and the left by in large support it.
  14. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    Notice how you ignored the points I made and then stated a falsehood that I have debunked many times. I am not a Trump fan and I did not vote for him. I have told you that many times but you are too stupid to comprehend that there is more than two choices, more than two sides and more than right and left. You are as retarded as benson and that is the truth. Try actually addressing the topic that the left believe black people are less capable than white people. Try that for a change. Try intellectual honesty.
  15. Leftist Racism Summed Up

    "I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." -Martin Luther King, Jr Too bad the left won't embrace the person and not the identity. But then again, identity politics has worked so well for them in the past. However, that strategy is starting to collapse as their racism is slowly becoming exposed.