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  1. It shows how stupid politics in the usa truly is!
  2. Trump relies on low info. voters like you to even get on the news.
  3. Both Carson and Trump are two salt and pepper comic strip characters but amazingly they both share a common feature in their stance on major issues. Both stated that they were not familiar with certain international issues and domestic economic issues .. And how could they be given their lack of involvement in politics .. They both responded that this did not present a problem due to the fact that once in office they would get the best and brightest experts to help deal with these issues and to inform them who was running things in Iran, Syria and in Turkey.. So, why do we have to choose from these two jerks why are the experts they would call on not running for some political office? Why not president. In fact anyone can run for potus ,even a taxi driver and still make the same defense that these two jerks often make. A taxi driver voted in as potus can also get the experts to answer all his questions about foreign policy and economics blah blah blah..
  4. Limbaugh is looking for a deal with Trump if he can get it or anyone else if he can't. Limbaugh's estimate of Cruz as being a true conservative is typical for the El Rushbo effect. This is what the scumbag does right before he throws a candidate under the bus. He praised Rubio and then a few weeks later he threw him under the bus. He first had nice things to say about Scott Walker and then a few weeks later he threw him under the bus and the same will happen with the CRUZ!!
  5. "THE seed has been sown that will grow one day to the glorious rebirth of the National Socialist Movement of a truly united nation" A.H. 1945 ...
  6. what I'm saying is Cruz has the dna of the galicians .. These folks hold political vendettas . Cruz will get even with all who opposed him. He may not execute his opponents as did Gen. Franco. but he will make life hard for them.. It was just an anology.
  7. Every morning I try to listen to a little bit of Ricard Wagner for inspiration. And if I have the time , usually after lunch, I rerun about 15-20 minutes of " Triumph des Willens"
  8. This country needs a constant involvement in conflict and bloody warfare to keep the capitalist economy going. And Trump and his lack of geo political savvy is exactly the stooge the jewish money bags are looking for to implement their diabolical agenda.DO NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP if you want to stay out of war!
  9. IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, ring a bell ?Vietnam maybe yes its business as usual..
  10. Why call it a holocaust : I'm O .K. with the word. The only event that can be called something of a holocaust was the burning down of the Warsaw Ghetto. But in this case you had about 20 thous armed jews fighting to the death ..and so...
  11. It's business as usual in terms of political outcomes. Trump cannot administer or govern;he doesn't have the education or the experience. Running a small business ;and that's all he has, in comparison to the fortune 500 co.s means little. And so the TRUMPSTER will have to enlist the services of others far shrewder than he is and far smarter. That means it will be only a suit of expensive clothes sitting in the OVAL . Trump knows nothing about geo politics and any team of conniving war mongers can easily influence the big jerk to get tough with Putin or china or Iran,you name it! And then the body bags start coming home. And Limbaugh the stinking rotten vulture will once again be grinning ear to ear!
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