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  1. I don't really see a problem with changing the system, I would love to see it simplified in a way I could do my own taxes. Did old Warren Buffett finally quit fighting them and pay his taxes, at the time he first made that famous quote he had been fighting them for taxes owed for several years.
  2. Yeah I wasn't paying attention to my math or thoughts, I was thinking back to an old argument they made saying the top rate used to be 90%. If you made twice the money I made you should pay twice the tax rate.
  3. That's exactly what he's saying, and he's been complaining about this for years, his argument is that those who make more use more resources. Here's my counter argument to that. If I make $200K per year and am taxed at a rate of 30% I pay $60K in taxes, if you make $400K per year and pay the same 30% rate you pay $80K per year, therefor you are paying more taxes for the extra resources you use. He doesn't see it that way he believes if you made twice the money I made you should pay twice the taxes I paid, that way I would end up with $140K per year after taxes and you would end up with $160K per year.
  4. We already have a graduated income taxation system, it's just capped, now you can argue that you believe the cap should be raised but I think it's crazy how much we're taxed right now. I pay a large amount in federal income taxes, more than many people make per year, I also pay the maximum amount in state income taxes, I've heard people argue that you can deduct the amount you pay in state income taxes from your federal taxes but that amount is taken off of your total income for the year so it really only reduces your federal taxes by a small margin. Then we receive a personal property tax we have to pay each year which is no small amount. On top of those taxes we have a sate sales tax of 9.75% on every dollar spent. Each gallon of gas is taxed at around .23 cents and a gallon of diesel carries an even higher tax, if you own a business and deliver to out of state customers you are subjected to another fuel tax or stamp. I've even heard people complain about the cap on social security payments but there is also a cap on the benefits one gets, another thing is the cap on social security is raised every year, I know this because I am self-employed and to pay double what most people pay, I've paid the cap on SS for many years in a row so I know the total amount is no joke. the cap on SS is around $118,000 now and since I'm self-employed I pay a 15.2% on that amount or around $17K per year. We also have sin taxes in place on things like alcohol and cigarettes. You invest a little money that you've already been taxed on and then you pay another tax if you make a profit on your investment. On almost every single bill you pay there are also all kinds of taxes added. Go to a casino win above $1K you will be taxed at a non recoverable amount of 4% from the state, then be subjected to federal taxes, stay at a hotel and you will be charged a tax on top of a tax for the cost of the room, also know as a resort tax. All I'm saying is we're already taxed for anything and everything and it's still not enough.
  5. Just a little more food for the imagination. All this "we are the world" crap needs to stop. We need to decide if we want to be number one again, the most powerful nation on earth or just another third world country. I'm not just talking about national defense either, I'm talking the country that supplies goods and services to the rest of the world, hell we can't even make widgets anymore, we get them from China, at the rate we're going all our food will come from elsewhere because we don't support and protect American industry. You all better wake up because we're going to wake up one day and be just like all the other countries, nothing special just another third world country. We don't need a damn $15 an hour minimum wage, hell we don't even need to spend time right now discussing minimum wage, what we need are real solutions to bring back good jobs, you can't bring up the bottom by starting at the bottom, that's just stupid.
  6. Where were you, it did work and it can work again with a few tweaks to the system. Like it or not the big money is in the hands of a few, you can't force them to play your game. What you can do is change the way the game is played, that's not to say you change games, you just adjust the rules. The big money will jump in and play because there is still money to made, they just won't enjoy all the advantages of just purely having money. There are real problems with the American economy but they can be fixed, a combination of trickle down along with a dose of adjustments to the way business is done and the current system of taxation will do wonders to all Americans and this country. We can be strong again but not with weak leaders, elect idiots and crooks and you get idiotic ideas and crooked politics.
  7. Well thank you. Obama was no Ali, Ali ran his mouth but he had real talent, he knew how to work the other boxer to his advantage. Obama never figured out to use his power and chose to run his mouth and throw haymakers, always blaming the other guys because none of his punches connected. Look even a con artist like Obama needs to admit that their approach to a fight was wrong, no one said you were the best boxer in the history of the world other than him, he just couldn't back up all his bullshit because he didn't really know how.
  8. If that's what you saw then you missed the entire fight. Let's put this in terms you might understand, I know I understand it very well. I don't have a clue as to if you may ever boxed but none the less this should be easy to understand. Before every fight you have all the chatter, you have the guys in your corner letting you know what the opposing boxer and his corner men are planning to do for the fight. Obama and his corner men let everyone know they were going for the knockout well before the fight. Now you have a few choices as the opposing fighter, you can try and trade punches with this guy that obviously far more powerful than you and chances are you'll get knocked out. You could try to box the guy but that's not a good plan either because he's already said he's going for the KO, he has no plans of a strategic boxing match, he wants to kill you. You best plan to survive and possibly win the match is to cover up, block as much as you and minimize the damage, wait for the guy to tire out and then start to box, that's the best plan. What you saw in the case of the Obama administration was that they planned on throwing KO punches from the start, the Republicans knew this so they covered up. After a long while the Obama administration began to figure out their plan wasn't working and then decided they wanted to make it appear they were ready to box or compromise, but in truth they still were going for the KO. The Republicans knew this and also noticed the Obama administration was tiring and getting frustrated because their plan wasn't working. Both sides were stuck in their strategy, neither side would budge. You really have to look past the headline of Obama puts forth a jobs program and see what's really in the damn plan, it's got all kinds of bullshit in it that really isn't meant to do much of anything but forward their agenda, the Republicans did the same thing. Obama knew the shit he proposed wasn't going to fly and the Republicans know whatever they proposed wasn't going to fly either. Obama in my opinion should rank as one of the worst Presidents ever because he failed at his job, he was never a dictator or a king, he never figured that out. The man was a knockout artist, a street fighter, he should have never been in the ring because he had no real talent other than running his mouth and throwing haymakers. What are the real problems in your mind, do you even really know. For a couple of years now Obama has been pushing the TPP trade agreement, for a long time he wouldn't even utter the words TPP or TAP because he didn't have the balls. The TPP should do wonders for the American economy as it's been called NAFTA on steroids.
  9. They did, he did also, it became a game to both sides. Obama would propose a sack of shit to them and they in turn would throw a sack of shit back at him. You really have to go beyond the surface to understand what and why the situation turned out like it did. The Obama administration came in with the intention to destroy everyone that stood against them at the start, Valarie Jarrett said it best, those that were with us will be rewarded, those that stood against us better watch out. The Obama administration was filled with people that had no intention of working or playing well with others, it was going to be their way or the highway. Put yourself on the side of the opposing team, do they just lay down and let them roll over them or do they fight back?
  10. In part possibly, but not understanding why may is another big part, his agenda at the start. The man was never swimming out to save the economy, he was planning to change anything and everything in drastic ways. Look the guy is smart, I'll give him credit for that, but he doesn't really have a clue, he's never really done anything other than go to college, be a community organizer and write a book, he knows nothing about business and like it or not that's what makes this and every country tick. Elect me president and I could have this country jumping and growing by leaps and bounds within a few years, we just need to change and tweak a few things to bring back real good jobs for Americans. Thankfully their plan was to insure that Obama didn't get his way, this guy didn't want to fix anything, he wanted to change everything. Go back to when he was running for president and dive into what he really wanted, I wanted no part of it.
  11. The man wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire, my guess is the guy can't even swim.
  12. Seems like I remember you giving Obama credit for a few things even though you admit he got nothing passed, the Republicans blocked everything. I'm surprised he's having so much trouble getting the TPP trade agreement thru, that should do wonders for working Americans. I don't pay much attention to manufactured government numbers because they never really tell or reveal the entire picture. I've found the best way to gauge how well the economy or people in general are doing is to just look around and pay attention. We have 14 casinos in this area, I rarely go but I drive by most of them at least once a week, I've seen all 14 packed to the rafters years ago but most of them have been hanging on by a thread for years now. Years ago I thought the roads leading to all the casinos would be paved in gold but now all you see are crumbling roads and closed down businesses, the casinos revenues have been dropping year after year and they are struggling to take in money from players, penny machines seems to be the answer for them, people can still afford to play them. Another thing I use to gauge how well things are going are golf courses, when things were going well the golf courses were packed, well maintained and very healthy. I've seen all the golf courses in this area take a nose dive, they are struggling to keep their doors open due to fewer or less frequent players. The golf courses have dropped the cost of play and cut cost on maintenance in an effort to stay in business. I can now play 18 holes of golf for $10 with a cart, course sucks but it's cheap. Last but not least is to speak to waiters and waitresses about their tips, when things are good people tip them better, things have been bad for years now. The fact is that most people have less disposable income, if it wasn't for less expensive fuel prices I suspect many if not all the things I mentioned would be far worse. Let fuel prices shoot up again and things will get much worse, far worse. Nothing has improved under the Obama administration, truth is things have slowly but surely gotten worse. Feel free to blame it all on Republicans but don't forget when they put together some bullshit numbers about how great things are Obama is the first to take credit.
  13. I'd say that "big business" is comfortable in the fact that Clinton will be on their side. Big business, big banks, wall street and the elites of this country were a little nervous about Bernie but when he gets out of the way they do seem to be pretty comfortable with Clinton, seems odd but predictable to me.
  14. Slippery slope argument, how do you figure, I just injected a little common sense into the idea. Most companies have pay or salary structures based on job values to the employer, how do you address the lowest valued employees without taking the more valued employees into consideration? If you determine that a working age adult void of a high school diploma without social skills and equipped with zero special talents is worth $15 per hour what is a slightly more valuable employee worth? I only ask these questions because I deal with many small companies with maybe as few as 20 employees who do different jobs based on their skill level or experience on the job. Almost every one of these companies have 1 or two employees that perform low skilled non customer based jobs and are paid close to or at the minimum wage level. In all seriousness how do you double the salary of all these low value employees without being fair to the other employees? Labor cost are the biggest expense employers are faced with and effect the price of goods or services sold. no way around it. What you've done with you're comment is run from the facts because you can't answer the question in a logical manner, so typical.

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