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  1. Tupac as a poet! All these crackers don't know how much american society depends on the rap and hip hop industries. Without the black man supporting the NFL NBA rap and hip hop this country would fall into another depression. Your welcome white america.
  2. The only way to being stopping black crime is to stop all the racist arrests of my brotha and sistas. Every arrest of a black is by its very nature a racist arrest. The crimes that have been commuted against the black man be the infearior white man are so great that they never be paid back. One way to start trying to make up for dem crimes is to be stopping the perasacution of blacks by da police young black men are full of rage over slavery and rightfully so and they be expressing dat rage by stealing from YT. The knock out game is not a crime it is an expression of protest against slavery and racisim them boys just be expressing they 1st amendment rights.
  3. Yo as long as they ain't being black children it bes OK. Obama knows what he be doing he don't be needing you're advice.
  4. I be voting for a woman only one if she be being a BLACK woman. I think it be safe to say after the overwelming success of my man barak Obama's presidency the rest of our presidents should be blacks.
  5. Obama be da best prezident ever! My ebt went up, I be getting more rent help and they pays for all my meds!
  6. Befor the government be spending money on bringing imagints hear we gots to settle the issue of reparations to the desendance of african slaves. I should be getting my check befor they be getting there's.
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