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  1. I believe that I should be able to keep every cent of money that I earn. No income tax, sales tax, no alcohol tax, no gas tax,etc., until you hit a certain income level.
  2. Pandering is just lying. If you're left, stay left. If you're right, stay right. Don't lie to the American voters to finesse yourself into office. This pandering to the electorate should be as criminal an act as lying to the IRS or FBI....no matter what your political stripe.
  3. I simply won't believe that President Obama would want Americans in Benghazi to die. I suspect the CIA was behind this and screwed up. But they'll never say.
  4. I think that psychological torture may even be worse than physical...the after effects could last a lifetime. I don't believe in any torture.
  5. I think that most Dems know that the CIA spied on Feinstein and that she has had it in for them for years. Many Dems think the release of this report was a bad idea, but they backed her because she and some of them were thought to be "leakers" on Capitol Hill and they discovered the spying through other sources. Kerry has probably lost no friends at all....maybe just Feinstein?
  6. Use a little water. If the plastic is really cheap, alcohol may ruin the finish. Always try a little water and ebow grease before resorting to alcohol.
  7. Torture is terrible and goes against the fabric of a compassionate nation. But as a liberal, I disagree with Diane Feinstein when she says that revealing this report, and the possible additional loss of life as a result of its release, is the price we must pay for our past CIA sins. I disagree....I don't want to see ANY unnecesary loss of life.
  8. In the purest sense, thinking from a self-centered view, Obamacare is a financial disaster for familes at the middle to lower end of earnings. It will/has hurt the middle class a lot. But from an overall sense, the redistritbution of "health wealth" will allow the "least" among us to have some coverage. Yes...some benefits will be taken from the wealthy to cover the poor, but there is nothing wrong with evening the playing field.
  9. Unfortunately, humans are the problem...not guns. They are inanimate objects and in and of itself, guns are harmless. But since we can't control the criminals and prevent them from using them since the Constitution allows the bearing of arms, we need to place extreme restrictions on that bearing of arms. Gun enthusiasts may not like it, but where I used to live (Chicago), there is slaughter going on in the streets. And it's not stopping. It's getting to a point where members of every black family in the US know someone or... knows someone who knows someone who lost their lives to violence somewhere in the country. This slaughter must be stopped!
  10. It was a mistake. We should mind our own business and leave Africa to the Africans.... Lives were lost uneccesarily and nothing was accomplished. The CIA was up to no good...they lied and people died.
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