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  1. It ain't no crime when a brother is just trying to better himself. He's just getting what he ought to have if the white man wasn't keeping him down.
  2. Why you hating on Obama? What you mean about Kwanzaa? You sound racist.
  3. Who dis LBJ cracker? Eric Holder gone get on his ass for saying [African-American slur].
  4. Man, what's this doctor appointment you be talking about it? When my johnson got a cold I just go to the hospital.
  5. Obama gonna have to buy me a car if he's gone put gas in it. He ain't bought me no house yet neither. He ain't take me golfing. He ain't bought me no beer. What's he done for the black man?
  6. Right Left what you whiteys marching to? My crib ain't got no 56 inch TV because I couldn't get to Ferguson in time to protest. You think Obama gonna give me one? I still ain't got no hooptie so I gots to take the bus wherever I go. And you crackers are talking about marching left and right. What is wrong with you people?
  7. His only decisions have been where to play golf and when to take another vacation. He ain't helping the brothers.
  8. What's Obama done for blacks? In six years I still be living in the same section 8 apartment, taking the bus everywhere I want to go, and now I be worried about some cracker cop gonna shoot my black ass. What's Obama done?
  9. Politicians are worthless , by their very nature. They don't care about anyone or anything, other than themselves.
  10. Could a politician be stuck in there? Some of them will do anything to avoid answering questions and a sewer pipe reminds them of Congress.
  11. Politicians share a common objective and that is to get reelected or elected to a higher office. Anything that helps them with this is important and everything else is not.
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